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Released on 23 March 2019 (Mac and Linux only)
Released on 25 April 2019 (Windows and Linux)

Basic Controls
WASD Move player left and right
S: Walk forward
D: Run
Left Arrow and Right Arrow Move player left and right
Space: Change direction of Left/Right
G: Jump
A: Fire/Upgrade weapon
H: Open Navigation Menu
Arrow Keys control moves, etc. (not for jumping)
Page Up/Page Down quickly access levels/actions
R: Reload Current Weapons/Armor/Clothing

System Rules and Guidelines:
Players must be in-game at the same time for multiplayer (up to 8 players)
Suspension of the game can occur if players hit the right margin of the screen, or run into the left margin of the screen

Possible Multiplayer Modes (Hosted /Free Hosted etc):

Local vs AI (playable separately)
Local vs Local (playable separately)
Up to 6 players can be in the game, though only 3 can see each other (not including AI), but they can still interact (shoot at eachother etc) with everyone on screen at once

Advanced Controls:
Hold down [MUSIC ON] on the player character to play your Music throughout the game
Press L+M+R to quickly use or swap out all of your weapons
Ctrl+M to access all your available inventory
Hold mouse button over a weapons element and it will “disable” that weapon until it’s pressed again
Hold mouse button over an object and it will show all of its attributes in the game, to help you use/design them and decide what you want it to do.

Code Documentation and Tutorials:

Other features and bugs/issues:

Once you’ve made a level, there are no further settings you can change for the level, only for the objects/characters.
The game does not have any sound yet but will at release

I’ll try to add all the things I can think of soon, but if you have any requests for any levels/mods/objects/actions, etc. That would help a lot I believe.


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Currently, the game doesn


Lord Of The Click Features Key:

  • A beautifully illustrated haunted house and various monsters to terrorize it’s visitors in an all new Ultra-themepark Horror setting
  • High quality pre-generated characters for your game
  • New Easy to Use game setting Editor which can be accessed from Main Menu or Character Menu
  • Multiple game modes that can be played very quickly and every campaign can be set to a certain level of difficulty
  • Endless possibilities for adventure!
  • Tons of loot and challenges to overcome
  • Hundreds of quests and items to obtain
  • Bookmarks for easy navigation in the game
  • Great soundtrack!
  • A collection of original monster voices to add to the atmosphere
  • The definitive SRD
  • Playable in Savage Worlds and other fantasy games
  • Support for a variety of mobile devices such as Android, iOS and Windows.
  • _________________”You can’t have everything, where would you put it?” -Steven Wright
    a) “Dungeon master’s chest”
    b) “Keg”
    c) “Builders waste. Blacksmith’s waste. Maid’s waste. Guard’s waste. Thief’s waste.” – Gary Gygax


    1. Improved Character Roll Template including paying players.
    2. “Playtest” character sheet.
    3. Color Chart for the setting.
    4. Hair and Beard options for the race.
    5. Pregen playlists for settings currently in the playlist.
    6. Forced SKS Conversion for Martin’s Pre-Gen Player.
    7. Martin’s Pre-Gen Player.
    8. Confirmed Bugs
    9. Plan for current playtest
    10. Fix the language on “What makes me Haraam to Play” as per my own words.
    11. Tranlates the entire Monster Manual into English for the new game.
    12. A comprehensive recap of game mechanics and how each rule affects the game and/or each player.
    13. Additional Items for the game.
    14. Totally overhauled Character Roll Template.
    15. 52 new Monster Races.
    16. New Magical Items.
    17. Playtest the Monster Act Files and Fight


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    What’s new in Lord Of The Click:

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