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Deep below the Volcano of Phaestus lies the Hades Dungeon.
Despite being at the bottom of the volcano, it is only minutes away from the Surface by swift Drop-Ship. The Dungeon Theme is a fast-paced, make-or-break, snowball-style battle between your faction’s units and their antagonists’ units.
Unit Powers in the Overworld include:

Building constructions such as walls, towers and harbours

“Castrate” enemies so that they cannot fight back

“Projectile: Yes” units can shoot missiles at enemy units

“Cloning” units to gain more

“Accelerate” units to run faster

Faction track events such as turrets, projectiles and other buffs/debuffs

Events like Bravery and Toughness boost

Future Plans for War for the Overworld – Heart of Gold Expansion:
The Heart of Gold project began with the release of the original War for the Overworld base game in early 2018. In this standalone expansion for players of the base game we offered a smattering of new units, spells and gameplay enhancements to the Underworld. We have continued with this project by making significant improvements and reworking a number of core gameplay systems.
As part of our continued development of the game we will eventually release a second standalone expansion for War for the Overworld – Heart of Gold. This is currently scheduled for release in Q3 2020.
Please note that the War for the Overworld base game is not required to play Heart of Gold.

Features – War for the Overworld – Heart of Gold:

Four new Campaign levels

New starting units, troops, spells and upgrades

New Dungeon Theme with complete customization – new wall, tile, skin and worker skins

Added custom, hand-crafted Factions Deck

New system for deploying player-controlled units – supporting simultaneous local and network play

Improved Health Points system – no more instant death

Improved unit difficulty balancing – a refactored unit combat system with more challenge

Significant system tweaks to speed up gameplay and reduce lag

Much improved AI which makes use of Titans and Artefacts properly

Easter egg for all players

War for the Overworld – Heart of Gold is free to players who own the base game. Click here to find out more!
Additional information regarding all expansions – and updates to the base game will be announced on the official website and social media in due course.


Glamor Amp; Girls Soundtrack Features Key:

  • Extreme driver: I am a stuntman, then a pilot, after that I discovered my passion to drive racing cars fast!
  • Different gameplay: various racing tracks are waiting for you, just choose the one which suits you, be warned, the slopes are not an easy challenge to a racer.
  • Survival mode: It’s a hard race but the best indicator of skill is not only scoring, but also driving.
  • Challenge others: the stuntman is already good!
  • Xbox Live features: Track your competition and watch you race live from the global leaderboards.
  • Developers: Game : Entertainment Academy Studio

    Exhibition racing

    Exhibition racing Game Key features:

    • Funny arcade and excitement, easy to learn, hard to master racing game.
    • 3D cars, give you a feeling like you are in the real racing world.
    • All the cars you can choose.
    • High score leader board: competitive and persusive. You will also have to sacrifice some of your beautiful cars to climb the heights.

    Developers: iNNergize Studio & BitWallace Studio

    <img src="


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    In this story-driven adventure you’ll need to find a way to rescue your crew and your ship.
    The game was inspired by the genre of Side Scroller and is influenced by 80s arcade games like Starwing, Gauntlet and Space Invaders.

    Monday, January 26, 2013

    Robots Steal the Show

    A few years back, while the world was consumed by the drama of the Iraq War, the Eagles released an album with a sci-fi theme, Hotel California, referencing the eeriness of the desert of hotel and motel rooms.

    Of course, we can’t forget the scene in the movie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers where the pods start taking over the town.

    Now with the advent of the emergence of autonomous drones, we may see the pods start getting more aggressive and take over the world.

    The premier video on how to fight them, posted on the brilliant Penny Arcade, is a remake of the now classic scene from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. In fact, this may be the first remake of a classic movie in the new digital video age.

    There is something the peeps on RPS haven’t considered, this is a good, fun film. And just as all the aliens in the movie could be replicated with today’s technology, so can the body snatchers be replicated. If there was a group of these robo-pods that could be remote controlled, it would be a great sport to see how they fought each other. And it would make a great game. Maybe we could even have a race! I can see one pod attacking and killing another right out the gate, with a murder of ancillary action like exploding the mothership, or jumping on and crushing the local pod, or something like that. We could have a mini-boss that could be defeated easily by a smart gang of smaller pods, with the final challenge being the mothership itself.

    That would be a great, dynamic game. It would be like a robot game for the PC, or a video game on steroids. A game in which we could compete against other players in different cities. We could race against that pod over there to get to the boss first, or see who can get the most kills in a row. It would be a game you could play alone or together. This would be one of those video games that not only changed the way we play, but the way that we watch video games.Erik Lind


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    Play “Knightfall: A Daring Journey”! Subscribe for GameZVR:
    Game Description:
    From the studio that brought you War Horse, A Daring Journey brings you the hotly anticipated game of Horse-Drifting Battle Royale. To survive, the pairs of knights must break away from the flock and race towards the destination whilst defeating the opposing pair, any pair! Whoever is first to reach the destination (as chosen by the players) will be declared the winner! There are up to 28 players in the round, paired up in teams of two. Ride to the rescue, the heavens will not have enough drops of your blood.
    – Various game modes
    – 2 Player co-op
    – Private and open play
    – Weapons and grenades
    – Horse riding
    – Horses
    – Fireballs
    – Shurikens
    – Companion
    – 3 Different Horses:
    – Champs: Fast, agile and don’t want to get out of breath
    – Nighttime: Sleepy, the nights are really cold and you wont be very fast
    – Daring: The fastest horse in the game with the added bonus of slowing down the opponents and moving the other riders
    – Rewinds on all drops
    – Crafted in a beautiful hand-drawn 2D environment
    Equipment List
    * NOTE: This contains an options list with in game commands
    Keyboard and Mouse Commands
    *NOTE: If you are enjoying the game, have a smile, use the microphone and donate to the development of the game in the Premium Shop
    Eg: Playgame from gyms (Fun and challenging, cheap)
    Download Knightfall: A Daring Journey at:
    – Steam –
    – App Store –
    – Google Play –
    Hawk and Falcon
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    What’s new:

    is a brutal first-person shooter powered by its own next generation game engine and newest technology. The game is a thrilling follow-up to the critically acclaimed 2005 original Hitman and set in 19th century America, allowing players to choose from new and returning assassins as they take out groups of enemies while tampering with the fabric of reality.

    Supported Platforms:

    Developer Description

    Hitman: Absolution™ is a brutal first-person shooter powered by its own next generation game engine and newest technology. The game is a thrilling follow-up to the critically acclaimed 2005 original Hitman and set in 19th century America, allowing players to choose from new and returning assassins as they take out groups of enemies while tampering with the fabric of reality. Hitman: Absolution will ship with a full day one enhanced content update planned for release in Spring 2013.

    The gripping storyline unfolds across a vast open world, 50 locations and 19 original mini-games that players can complete as they make their way through the story. Fifteen weapons and gadgets that can be picked up along the way, including a new variety of disguises to help Agent 47 travel the world without being seen. Ability to use all the game functions in Absolution’s online co-operative mode

    Hitman: Absolution will ship with a full day one enhanced content update planned for release in Spring 2013. Additional standalone content and free downloadable content is planned for release thereafter.

    New Game Engine:
    Hitman: Absolution is the first game to arrive with this new powerful game engine that features redesigned art, audio and physics-based animation. Taking full advantage of the Windows® 7 operating system and DirectX 11 for a more immersive game experience, the new engine ensures smoother graphic performance, richer visuals, plus more lifelike characters.

    The most advanced physics-based animation system in the Hitman franchise

    Unparalleled art direction for a more immersive game experience:
    The new art for the in-game environment features stylized live-action paintings that resemble their real-life counterparts. Dynamic lighting and high quality textures ensure incredible realism in every scene. The HITMAN sound engine for the most realistic gunfire in the series, packed with 50 new recorded physical sounds and various gunshot variations. Alastair Humphery and Eurocom’s new character deigners add flair to the already beautiful cast of assassins. New motion capture technology transforms actors into the characters. New and refined facial mapping systems along with a new facial animation engine, manually adjust and tweak


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    A mysterious tale of a world hidden from the eyes of the mortals, a world in which the laws of the world just do not apply to the evil beings that dwell within.
    Game features:
    40 challenging levels, with new content from time to time.
    Play the original game, or let your friends play on your behalf.
    Travel around the world, in a jetpack.
    Use powers of the light to fight your enemies.
    Control two characters at the same time.
    Game options (such as save states) allow you to level up the characters, and give them a bigger arsenal.
    Use the jetpack to travel through the world quickly.
    Use firearms to kill your enemies.
    Exclusive content such as extra content, levels, and bosses.
    Exclusive awards system for your personal achievement.
    – Game system:
    – Jetpack: a means of transportation in the world.
    – Light and Darkness Energy: collectable objects that have incredible powers.
    – Map Editor: Create your own levels
    – Share your maps over the Internet for other users to play.
    – Permadeath: Character Death will be permanent, and the player will lose everything he or she has achieved so far
    Exclusive items:
    Explosive Bullets
    Exploding Balls
    Lightning Chains
    Aurora Bombs
    Divine Wings
    Glowing Bloopers
    Steel Bloopers
    Nano-fluxor Knife
    Vengeful Angel
    The Hammer of Justice
    The Revenant
    The Morningstar
    The Many Faces of God
    The Nightbringer
    The Four Elements
    – Other:
    Community map creation, and sharing.
    Level editor
    – Updates:
    2 new weapons, and new bosses.The process behind the state’s high-profile pension reforms that took effect earlier this week has been initiated, but the plan still faces significant hurdles, state officials said.

    Gov. Gary Herbert this week signed his third version of the reform bill following earlier attempts the failed to make it to his desk.

    The first version of the bill was significantly revised. The second version included changes the governor fought for. But this third version, which will be sent to the legislative conference committee, fixes many of the problems that have emerged during the past weeks of debate, officials said.

    “It would have been better if the (first version) had come through,


    How To Crack Glamor Amp; Girls Soundtrack:

    • FIRST: Download Game here & extract the contents using WinRAR, setup.exe or 7zip
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    • Third:If you’re using Vista, it might needs to be patched first
    • Fourth:After editing registry settings, use the following registry script.
    • Fifth:After installing and modifying, don’t have to do a or an integrity check
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    System Requirements:

    Minimum :
    OS : Windows 10 (64bit)
    Processor : Intel Core i3 – Core i5
    Memory : 4GB
    Graphics : NVIDIA Geforce 7300 or AMD HD 5000
    Hard Drive : 8GB
    Sound : DirectX 9.0c compatible with 3D Sound card
    Network : Broadband Internet connection.
    Supported Languages : English & Other.
    Operating system : Android 4.0.3