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Download ZIP >>> DOWNLOAD



『BURIED STARS』 is a psychological horror action adventure game featuring a similar story and motifs to the first 『Panic Room』 game, told from a first-person perspective.
Similar in style and feel to the 『Panic Room』 series, the protagonist of 『BURIED STARS』 is a twenty-two year old college student whose life becomes turned upside down after he discovers the body of a murdered school teacher in his apartment’s backyard.
While his real identity is unknown to the police, he is held responsible for the murder and his testimony at the court leads to him being imprisoned in a psychiatric ward.
In the midst of his life falling apart, the protagonist is contacted by a mysterious man, who requests his help in some small favors and declares that he is a detective from another world.
What follows is an enthralling journey which plumbs the depths of both his mind and his integrity.
Experience the rich and complex story, using the countless various narrative elements to strategically direct the emotion and actions of the player.
Buried in the basement of the protagonist’s apartment lies the body of a murdered woman; with everyone around him compelled by the story and referring to the protagonist as the murderer, the protagonist is dragged into the darkness and spirals out of control.
The player is presented with the mysteries and opportunities of how far they are willing to go in order to move forward and what will happen to them once they finish this game.
These proceedings, whether they are made of the protagonist’s choice or the choice of the mysterious detective, all lead up to the protagonist’s death.
Incidentally, the protagonist’s real name is not displayed on the official website, nor does he have an official ID card.
Unlike traditional horror games, 『BURIED STARS』 will give you the opportunity to have a different perspective on the storyline, while still managing to keep its attachment to the first 『Panic Room』 game intact.
About Director Sooylbae:
Director Sooylbae has been active in the game industry for over ten years.
As of 2017, he is an exclusively independent game developer, and in 2010, he founded his own business, DR:DOUBLEBUBBLE Production, Inc., where he developed and produced the online multi-game 『Danmachi Online』, as well as the 『Panic Room』 series, 『City of Mist』, 『


Fear Protocol: Codename Omega Starring Agent Jack Banger Features Key:

  • Three original tracks from the PC version of the music game
  • Product Information

    • Product Name:
    • Product:
    • Product Short:


    • Three original tracks from the PC version of the music game

    Install Instruction

    • Using WAIV manager or CD Tool.
    • 1. Go to the WAIV directory or the root directory of the original game data, as well as the data directory where the
      game is installed, and place the game data (WAV files) in G_STRING\data\ORGINAL\ or G_STRING\data\GAME\
    • 2. To decompress the ZIP file that contains the game data, please refer to the documentation for your ZIP
      decompression tool. (The documentation is included in the ZIP file of the game data)


    • Enable: Set the game mode to “Original”.
    • Disable: Set the game mode to “Normal”.


    Game Type: Original Soundtrack


    • Enable/Disable
    • Exchange original tracks

    Exchange original tracks

    Original tracks recorded in ”Game” mode (keyboard note setting)

    • Drag and drop selected tracks to the ”Exchange” tabs. Tracks are added sequentially in the order in which you have
      dragged them.
    • The selected tracks are replaced with the tracks recorded in ”Original” mode (keyboard note setting)</


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      Luna’s Wandering Stars: Astrology is a detailed narrative-driven puzzle game set in space. Luna, a young exploration bot, is lost in the cosmos. She is trying to unravel the secret of a message from her creators and understand the significance of a journal she finds. She has no way of communicating with the other inhabitants of space, including human beings, and can only rely on her perception of physics and the elements she can touch.

      The story is told via text dialogues and narration, an excellent feature of many space games but a rarity in other genres. Once you reach the end of the game, you can revisit the story to analyze your own observations and experiences.


      Play as Luna – Your bot is designed to play a mechanic role; Luna’s primary role is to solve puzzles. If she enters a locked room, she can break it open and explore. If she touches an object, she will be able to read its characteristics, otherwise she will conclude it’s inoperable.

      A Physical Puzzle Game – For the first time in a puzzle game, you have the ability to interact with the elements in the physical world. Luna can open doors, interact with planets, power up systems to unlock new areas, and converse with the crew.

      Everywhere is a New Space – While exploring, you will find many different environments, each with a different set of physics and sometimes a series of puzzles.

      Based on Newton’s Laws of Motion – Any object in motion continues to move, but with decreasing speed until it eventually comes to a stop. You will notice this slowing of Luna’s movement even before she notices it herself. The universe is concerned about your safety and will alert you to any impending danger.

      Vibrant Soundtrack – The soundtrack consists of the usual spacey electronica, but also features some electronica that plays out with a western twist. Each piece is labeled with its corresponding planetary element.

      Original Story and Balancing – Once you finish the story, you can return to check your statistics and attributes at any point. Luna can gain knowledge about her system, crew, and past that will help you solve your next puzzle. Balance is also very important to the game. You will notice an energy/power bar at the bottom of the screen. If you run low, you can’t use your skills as efficiently.


      Use the D-Pad and Spacebar to move the cursor, each circle repesents one


      Fear Protocol: Codename Omega Starring Agent Jack Banger With Product Key Download [Latest] 2022

      -each level can be replayed, with new colours in each play-through
      -avoid traps and beat each level as fast as possible
      -find new ways to beat levels
      -unlock unique achievements and trophies
      -unlock special secret passages
      -play in practice mode for a casual way to hone your skills
      -enhance your abilities with a load of power-ups
      -get all achievements and trophies possible
      -supported languages: english, french, spanish, and portuguese
      -support tablets
      -keyboard support
      -mouse support
      -touch support
      -love it? please tell me your thoughts: [email protected]

      Jump into a fun action-packed adventure full of chases, traps, explosions, and more! Blast your way through the puzzle filled city, collecting TNT and killing the pigs! Find new ways to kill them and advance through the levels without blowing your wad. Create combos, top the leaderboards, and boost your score by winning the challenge cups!
      Nerdburg Miner GamePlay:
      -Play through 26 multicolored levels and defeat the pigs
      -Collect 10 TNT and blow them up to score extra points and kill the pigs
      -Discover the secrets of the world and uncover new strategies to destroy the pigs
      -Beat your friends on the local and global leaderboards
      -Challenge your friends in the challenge cups and win cool prizes
      -Join or create your own profile in the Global leaderboards and challenge others
      -Enjoy original art and funny animations
      -play in over 20 languages: english, french, spanish, italian, dutch, german, polish, portuguese, korean, russian, chinese, and japanese
      -supported tablets and laptops
      -keyboard support
      -mouse support
      -touch support
      -powered by Kongregate Open Platform

      HD Graphics, With the ability to choose from a diverse of different traps including boobytraps, pointy objects, and frag grenades, it’s up to you to become a champion of sorts.
      Terrorist Hunt GamePlay:
      -Choose from a variety of different traps, such as explosive gel bombs and sticky traps
      -Try to collect the best traps to achieve the highest score
      -Don’t let the pigs get out of the facility, use all your weapons to help
      -Beat your friends on the leaderboards
      -Challenge your friends in the challenge cup and win cool prizes
      -Play in over 20 languages: english


      What’s new:

      With RST’s 2018 season underway, Matthias and his Origin Bicycles crew of Kyle Lambert, Carson Jones, Dakota Whitney and Andrew Rints take us racing on old stomping grounds at the “Madhouse”; Sacramento’s Lincoln High School. Locals be ready to lay the pipe down, if Sonny the Mustang isn’t already smoking.

      WOMEN IN MOTION: For anyone who knows me, you already know I’m equal parts intrigued and highly skeptical when it comes to adaptive sports. Growing up, I spent countless hours watching NFHS X-Games trials and olympic trials with my dad sitting on my shoulders. I had weekly breakfast conversations with my uncles who both competed on the madder mountain bike scene. I was for sure going to get my license to ride a bike legally as soon as was polite.

      Like I said, I developed a pretty harsh love hate with adaptive sports for the better part of a decade. Eventually I kicked my addiction and now I find myself utterly hopeless but addicted to the concept of adaptive sports. This is a dedicated post and batch of videos to hopefully help bridge my incredulity with a shit ton of awesome.

      Women’s Tour Downhill

      It was a weekend full of upsets. A punch in the gut when some riders were running up-wind on a crazy windy day. The have done it, I know they did it… BUT…

      The girls are fast. I’m hoping to get this done in time to watch them practice down at the Apple Valley Snowboard competition next week.

      TOUR DOWNHILL – Women

      Mid season change ups to the team kit? Honestly, if the hellacious course wasn’t so crazy hard, it might give them a little leeway. But this course is brutal. Deadly not so much. They ooo’d a whole lot of lead this week. Damn, I’m overwhelmed at least.

      There was also a shit ton of pop offs. I mean it’s chewed up glassy tarmac and is going 130mph. I’m not sure I even have the heart or the energy to watch these videos.

      Hangin’ with Dakota Whitney

      I was a little braver this time around, I lit my race face with some eye drops and now I’m back to looking scary again.


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      Drow is an action-based open world RPG in the vein of Fallout Tactics, Battlestations, and Crusader: No Remorse. The game has a few key differences, though. For one, it’s set on the world of Eberron, a high fantasy setting that incorporates the Forgotten Realms elements from the Dungeons & Dragons setting.

      As a Feyborn, you’re a member of a race that’s traditionally been at war with each other, and the history of your people runs counter to that of the Orcs, Demons, and other races.

      The player’s goal is to become the most powerful in the land, as well as to become one of the most famous leaders of that land. As you travel through the map, Drow, you will also run across many people of interest, factions that need your help or to be feared.


      Action-based turn-based RPG: The game features action-based gameplay with a turn-based tactical system.

      Bugs and Fixes: The game was recently put through additional testing after the release and is fixed to a high degree of perfection. There may be additional fixes that are yet to come.

      Soundtrack: Use your keyboard to control music playback in games or video players

      The game has a lot of the features that I like to see in an RPG, including the action system, the trade skill tree, the ability to repair damaged vehicles, and the way all the different units can customize themselves.

      The level-ups can also be really fun, as they permanently change the appearance of your unit. Players can also get experience points from practicing skills by using them in battle.

      The way that units gain fame when they kill foes is also a really nice touch to Drow’s otherwise simple story.

      The combat system is turn-based, but it has a free-flowing feel to it.

      The tutorial allows players to learn the mechanics of the game, and also to familiarize themselves with all the different parts of the interface.

      In terms of a combat map, there are a lot of areas in the game that you can be in. While it’s not as big as the Grid Infinity map, it’s much larger than most games.

      In terms of size, it’s comparable to Borderlands.

      In terms of the art, it looks good.

      There are also a lot of people that are creating mods for the game to make it even more


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      System Requirements For Fear Protocol: Codename Omega Starring Agent Jack Banger:

      Supported OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10
      Minimum Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
      Minimum Memory: 1 GB RAM
      Supported Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese
      Compatible with the PS4 or Xbox One via Remote Play
      You will need to create a temp profile on the PlayStation4, where you will place your saved files.
      Start the download.
      After the download completes, click the ‘copy this disc’ button