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Forgotten Sound: Revelation is a 2D graphic adventure game produced by Double Vision. The game has been successfully developed on the iOS platform. Game description:
Story “The son of Shahbaz, Prince Shahbaz, has recently returned to the Kingdom of Alba. However, this beautiful land is full of various perils. Prince Shahbaz has decided to arrange a trip to travel to the kingdom. However, before the trip, Prince Shahbaz has to marry the princess Dara, who will replace his mother.
At this time, the Prince of Alba is in a deep sleep, and the palace of the King of Alba was abandoned for a long time.
Will you be able to save the Prince of Alba and the Princess Dara?
Objects to be acquired:
– Princess Dara: The beautiful princess of Alba. She is a princess with the face of a snake and the feet of a deer
– Prince Shahbaz: The young Prince of Alba, he is a semi-wizard and half of his body is absent. However, he is a young and strong Prince.
– King of Alba: He is known as a king who does not eat, drink or sleep. He has vowed to never rest until the throne and the sound of music return to his Kingdom of Alba. However, he is the only person who knows the secret.
Controls to make the characters move:
The game has been developed for the users iPhone and iPod Touch. Therefore, the user has two ways of moving the character.
– The touch pad: The game is developed in such a way that it allows the user to move the character by touching the screen.
– Arrows of the user: The user can select any character with the help of arrows. For example, the character can be shifted to the right with an arrow.
Controls to make the character move:
– Tap on the screen: The user can move the character by tapping on the screen. The user does not need to use the touch pad.
– To select the characters: The user can select any character with the help of the touch pad. By tapping, the user can select one character. To select more than one character, the user can use a different method.
Explore the Kingdom of Alba:
The Kingdom of Alba is located in a beautiful and magical land, where in time, it is a playground of all kinds of creatures. Beautiful locations are full


Electioneering Features Key:

  • Explore Pandemonium – A fight in newly-combined Final War fantasy and 3rd-person hack-and-slash action. It’s the third installment of the Titan quest series.
  • Universal Game Mode – As one of several ways to play, a single-player campaign, online and local co-op.
  • Addressing more pressing gameplay and technical issues – Improvements in character movement and melee model; improved AI; improved stability; gamepad support
  • Fight the epic Final War – The final game in the Titan quest series pits players against the global evil empire and concludes the victory fantasy of mortal and demi-god

Key Game Features

GAME MODES – Three types of gameplay modes to suit your MMO gaming needs:

  • Universal Mode – Single player Campaigns – Challenge the game’s 2 main story lines as you take your party of adventurers further south into Pandemonium to defeat the forces of evil.
  • Local Multiplayer – Organise a game with another player to fight the enemy hordes.
  • Online Multiplayer – Join a game with another player through popular internet games

VARIOUS WAYS TO PLAY – Three Modes for a versatile gameplay experience:

  • Single player Online Mode – Play solo through a separate game.
  • Local Multiplayer – Two friends can play together online or through the computer’s network.
  • Universal – Your party of adventurers from the final game in the Titan quest series, including the 3 heroines, can enter the new Final War fantasy.


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Historica Fantasia is an RPG game where Players will encounter Moments of hilarity and pure Bliss.
Set in a pseudo-Industrial Era.
Your goal is to reclaim your sister’s Throne, and discover a deep conspiracy behind her Father’s Death.
This game is so full of fun and giggles!
You can’t help but lose yourself in it.
When your retinue’s morale drops,
you need to go back to the base camp to renew them.
This whole place is warm and inviting;
kinda magical even, and plays a big role on your ultimate Victory.
The world of Historica Fantasia is unknown to most,
but you’ll love its atmosphere and lore.
You’ll also soon realize that there’s more behind Historica Fantasia
than meets the eye.
And its many light-hearted moments will make you remember it for a long time.
So, let’s play Historica Fantasia!
– High Res Images with support for High Definition Displays
– Multiple In-game Scenarios and Characters
– Character-based Squad System
– Hundreds of Passive and Active Skills
– A Huge Open Field of Battle
– Lore Based Quests and Events to Uncover
– A Deep and Simple Dungeon Design
– Beautiful Costumes and Settings
– Festive Events during the Journey
– Vast World with Huge Scale
– Dynamic Event System
– Internet Connection Required for Online Play
– 9 different Languages Supported
– Classic Turn-Based Strategy Game
– Support for Many Consoles
– Works with Bluetooth or NFC (Nintendo Switch)
Game Instructions
Historica Fantasia requires an In-Game WiFi Connection.
With WiFi Connection,
It can be played with Single Player or Join Multiplayer.
If the game connects but no host joined,
you can click on ‘New Party’ to join a Host’s Match.
If you run into any difficulties,
Try to toggle to the ‘Settings’ and change ‘Local’ to ‘Network’.
If that does not work,
try ‘Refresh’ until the host appears.
It’s recommended to save the game when playing with WiFi.
If the host cannot be connected,
you can load the last saved game instead.
This game also works with Bluetooth or NFC.
Wifi, Bluetooth or NFC won’t be available in Single Player,
so if you want to


Electioneering [Updated-2022]

Delve deeper into the story and political intrigue of the Tiers in a brand new chapter of Tyranny. The series is a story-driven, tactical RPG that features a rich and memorable cast of characters and a complex and addictive combat system. You play a powerful warrior of either Kyros or Arcadia and make your mark on a world overrun by evil. Characters are deeply customizable to fit your play style, with thousands of ways to engage in a wide variety of exciting combats and actions. Experience a massive story with multiple endings and a wealth of content that delves into political intrigue and psychological drama. Your choices in Tyranny will influence the story and the very people you meet along the way.

For the full feature list, please visit:

Visit http://www.tyrannygame.com for more information on the series.

Bastards Wound – A Refuge from Kyros:

This new area of the Tiers is where refugee camps have been established in secret. You’ll be tasked with learning more about these people, to help shape the ultimate outcome of the situation. What is it that drives these people to choose to hide away in this remote place? Who are they, and what do they hope to do next?

Companion Quests:

In Bastards Wound, players will get to learn more about Lantry, Verse, and Barik as they each embark on their own quests to help shape Kyros’ future. How much are the refugees hiding? What is their ultimate goal? Players will get to decide the outcome.

Lantry will have to struggle to protect her family, who are on the outs with Kyros. On her quest to uncover more about Kyros’ ambitions, she must make many hard choices. What will she do to protect the ones she loves?

Barik travels the Tiers in search of answers about his true past, but his journey will lead him to some of Kyros’ allies. In his quest, Barik will discover the truth of his heritage. Barik will have to decide if his loyalties lie with the light, or the dark. What does Barik want?

Verse attempts to keep the world safe from Kyros, but this is easier said than done. He’ll be making hard decisions about how to conduct Kyros’ war. It is not enough


What’s new: