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Etren Simek is the game that kicks ass! He fights with just one fist and he wreaks havoc, but the player must watch out because their brains are in his crosshairs! Etren Simek is an outlaw MMA champion out to avenge his clan’s deaths in an expedition against the evil Gold Clan, a band of white-clad loners in a fabled mountain village.
In the village of Limo’s, a pair of twins named Tilda and Savannah, who are the forerunners of their clan’s demise, live secluded lives, and get a bit fanatical when it comes to Etren. As Etren explores Limo’s, he will encounter cryptic enemy attacks and a startling revelation about his family history, all while deciding whether or not to face the Gold Clan in bloody battles and decide the fate of his clan.
Two Strikes is a single player experience, and the player will have to fight against a fully charged enemy in a one on one fist-to-fist duels.
The gameplay takes some inspiration from classic arcade games, like Street Fighter and Soul Calibur, but also features modern approaches to fighting mechanics, like free kick, super-speed, and animation cancelling. With a large combo system and a special move you can use to chain your attacks on the enemy, Two Strikes is a game that will keep you on your toes, running, jumping and punching!
Combat Mechanics:
Two Strikes features a large set of mechanics that players will need to use to beat their opponents. As the player gets stronger, they can develop their own battle plan, using the special move to cancel animations, use speed to close the distance, or go for a giant combo.
The combat flows based on a special system called Damage Flow. Every attack, even the special moves, leaves the player with a set amount of Damage Points left. The player can use Damage Points to move into areas where the enemy is weak, or to use a certain kind of attack that will generate more Damage Points (see Special Move). Damage Flow becomes more important as the player gets stronger, as the Damage Points can be used to activate different attacks, but also as a means to escape, as the opponents are only able to cancel their attacks as long as they are dealing Damage Points.
Combo System:
In Two Strikes, there is no block button, and you cannot block an opponent. Instead, the player needs to decide where they want to attack, and they will


Features Key:

  • Gameplay plays like a movie with an engaging story
  • Unparalleled rich world built by the most sophisticated handheld gaming media
  • Ultra high-definition graphics with multiple effects for flawless play
  • Customizable game modes that utilize the screen in unique and entertaining ways
  • Developed for undivided attention and enjoyment
  • Language : English


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    Published on: October 20, 2012



    I often built my own modal iframes as well. As the code contains a lot of iframes inside another iframe, I added the modals to the modal_iframe_container div, and then done adding the content of the modal_iframe into a panel.
    I also added this link, opened a project and made something similar to your “imagemakeshortcut”, hope this is what you want.