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Name World Senate
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.60 / 5 ( 4539 votes )
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The players vs gremlins? Who’s gonna be winner of the battle? That’s the question that may be used by the aliens just to torture you and make fun of your family by you losing the access to the internet and phones. But we want you to be safe in your home and enjoy the stars from your window. It’s time to defend the world and defend your existence. Try to fly up, dodge asteroids and fight the alien gremlins. Down the enemies and drive them away. Fly down to the planet and protect your home. Protect earth and all beings from alien gremlin invasion. Take control of your Lasertron and Firezhor guns and defeat the aliens and save the earth.
Check out the direct link to Sould Dub Games and download the game onto your PC.
Move left/right – Space
Control the Lasertron
Fire – Space
Aim the Firezhor
Pick up asteroids
Defeat the bosses

This is a cheats for Souls Dub. You can use them to get faster speed when you are on the battlefield or to fly through a lot of asteroids. We have tested and we are sure that the Cheat Codes work. It’s easy to get your cheats activated. Just register your game for free. Once the registration is done, you will receive your key. Now you can activate your cheats and use them for free!

This is a weapon cheat for a pair of Lasertron and Firezhor weapons. It is very easy to use, just hold DOWN key then press on firezhor and away you fly. The weapon will be ready, use it and the firezhor will increase its firing speed. You can use this cheat on any difficulty. You need to be fast to use it. So be ready and fast in the battle, the enemy’s fire will make you move faster.

This cheat is made for all enemies. All of them are vulnerable to Lasertron. You can easily destroy them with the Lasertron. It has 4 modes:
Mode 1 – Hang Time
Mode 2 – Beam Focus
Mode 3 – Cylinder Defense
Mode 4 – All Lasertron weapons
It’s easy to use. Just press USE and select your weapon and enjoy the game again.

In my Souls game, I faced a boss named Red Worm. I entered a special mode (called hover mode) to avoid him. That was the best way to defeat him.


World Senate Features Key:

  • Campaign tasks, each with different requirements such as starvation, illness, ease of farm
  • Common Kingdom Characters: Farm Animal or Privileged Zombie
  • NPCs: Human, Beast, Demon, Bird, Magical Creature, Magical Human Monster
  • Unlocked by 5 Star rating
  • Item, Item Accessory, Potion, Ketchup
  • Avatar of this character, AI program algorithm will make decisions according to users fun
  • 800× 800 pixels resolution
  • Vector graphics, it is a fully customizable with hundreds of thousands of edits
  • Easy to learn to edit the data in 3 steps
  • CBT3, support to restore the game content even lost due to patch
  • NO ads or subscriptions

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    Welcome to the real world of CubicPanic. It’s a nice place, isn’t it? If you’re a world traveler, it is and it’s time to go back home. You are Maia, a cube-shaped entity being chased around the world by a board that you can’t remember seeing before. It’s not your fault, it’s just how the time travel plays out, more or less.
    The world is populated by different entities. You need to speed up on blocks in order to move faster and avoid being caught by the board. The red cubes are blocks of your time, they threaten to catch you from all sides.
    Colorized blocks are made by the developer in order to save time while programming. You will find these blocks around the game.
    You need to cover as much green as possible with your blocks in order to avoid elimination.
    Time is running out, check out this fun puzzle, see you at the end of the world!
    Controls: Arrow keys to move
    A to rotate the board
    N to pause the game
    W to cycle power-ups (not essential but you could get the idea)
    S to restart the game if running out of time
    Space bar to take a shot
    Please note:
    This was made as a single developer indie project (a quick and dirty one) with a limited budget, as such, there are some rough edges and some glitches.
    There are already some improvements to be done. I have a list of items to implement.
    If you’ve got ideas or requests, please share them with me on my Facebook page:
    Thank you for your time and support.
    Game Notes:
    Multiplier – The multiplier activates an effect in the game. For example, if you cover X amount of green in Y time, Z amount of it is going to be deducted from time.
    Timegates – Covering a big amount of green in one go activates a timegate. A timegate behaves like a capsule in the game where you are stuck in. If you are holding the space bar, the time gates allow you to pass it, if you press the space bar you are automatically caught. You can only pass if a time gate is activated by covering a big amount of green. The time gates are deactivated when the timer runs out, after a time gate has been activated,


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    Update: The full game soundtrack is now available!
    AudioBookB.Y.O.O.L. By Various Authors:
    Visit our website:
    Follow us:

    “The student’s hand caught up and gave it a shake. ‘It’s all right. I’m a friend. I will get you.’ The student brought their hand down and looked at it as if they were touching bare flesh for the first time. ‘Why do I feel like I’m alone?’
    I love the joy and humor of their struggle, even though I understand it. And there’s a method to the madness of non-sequitor scenes (flashbacks, flash-forwards) I find myself smiling and laughing.”

    “Revived with a kiss as a baby, he cried in the night, and his earliest memory was of holding a wine bottle. He sucked his thumb through the age of two, and when he was three, he would suck his thumb and drink wine all at the same time.” – Author Phil Dick.
    “I’ve been around for years. But you, you just came, like a comet.” – Astrid.
    “How do you tell such a young beautiful girl that love is all about being scared and daring.” – D.
    “That’s the man I love: he’s got no nerves.” – Boy.
    “I’ve been in several hotels, and they’ve all been so amazing.” – Au.
    “Everybody needs somebody to love.” – Honki.
    “We could be the first human children, never known to exist.” – Astrid.
    “You’re the light in my life, the love of my heart, and my center of it all.” – D.
    “Maybe I’m a lost girl looking for her prince, maybe I’m a boy looking for my queen. But I know my love


    What’s new:

      Actor: Mason (Canadians and Americans in Zero Hour)
      Map: WW2 \ A-80 \ The Western Front \ Veneziale
      Kills: 4x Marines (January)
      Easter egg (on the globe): When you are near enough to it, you can get
      a Canadian T-shirt.
      Difficulty: **
      This mission is at the North sea (about 2 hours land travel from the
      base of Assassination). This is a good place to visit by car, and to
      get access to most of the mission. It has plenty of places to hide (at
      least for the first two squads). In the coast, the North Sea is at the
      South -East side of the camp, so you will need to go East with your
      squad for some time.
      General: While Mason is nothing special – he has grenade throw which can
      damage people and make them run if you throw more than 3 grenades. He
      is quite slow, and is very easy to knock down – you can even kill him
      from far distance using a MAC (he is vulnerable when in water).
      The mission offers you only the early will – without artillery, you
      are a sitting duck, and need to get to the bottom level (2nd level)
      without getting shot. Water can be used against you, but if you
      jump while in water, you are dead. So if you get to the bottom, be
      very patient – you can easily find plenty of good places to hide.
      Starforce description: Boarders
      Star force script line: In the sea is an enemy larger than the one you
      encountered at the steppe – it is likely to find you as well. It
      is recommended to have at least one watershield marine (with
      gremiade throw).
      Note: Fight only for the fun – the objective is mainly to take Mason
      The combat zones: Downtown (the base of Assassination) to the West, the
      historian’s location to the East – and the border control to the
      Win: Nothing
      So…you either trust in the random number generator and have
      positive odds of winning, or you punt and try to outsmart the
      enemy to gain time.
      I have fairly won the mission without using any of my skills, but I
      need luck, as most of the opponents were very suspicious. In other


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      The Darkness II tells the story of Tommy Tresswell, a former cop gone dark, waging war on the forces of evil, taking justice into his own hands.

      The Darkness II – Expanded Edition includes:

      The Darkness II game

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      New weapon and building design – Thomas Tresswell, the charming, wisecracking and heroic protagonist of the Darkness series,


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    System Requirements:

    Mac OSX 10.9.x (10.9 and 10.10 are compatible)
    Intel HD 4000 graphics or better
    16 GB of RAM (32 GB preferred)
    A compatible game controller (XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and Xbox One are all supported)
    Internet connection (to download game)
    Steam account
    Note: The Mac version of the game requires Mac OSX 10.10.x and above. Mac OSX 10.9.x is not compatible with


    Additional Information

    Name World Senate
    Publisher Administrator
    Format File
    Rating 4.60 / 5 ( 4539 votes )
    Update (12 days ago)


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