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In the great universe, the circumstances change, but the law will not change. Although even among humans, women, animals, and robots have different rights, but for them, life will still be dominated by conflict and struggle. There is one thing that is an exception, there is only peace. One law that has existed for a long time, a central authority who manages all aspects of life and death. But people did not want to ask this voice of decision, they still want to fight for the freedom of life and death. But is this heaven or hell? You must first figure out the answer. Human History has more than 100 million years of history. However, you will be able to only spend 1 second in the universe. If you have to find the installation package you lost, the only way to do that is to go to the heaven, hope the help will reach you. But where is it?
Chapter 1 The great universe
You want to know where the installation package that you lost is. But let’s first see the great universe. The universe of ZLM Crafter is divided into 2 parts.
1. Heaven
2. Hell
So what is heaven? Well, heaven is a great university where the law of the universe is studied, the development of life and death is studied. The most famous people in this world are also here. This place is a lot like our world. They only live in one second. But there is a difference, after the time of living to maximum 30 seconds, is decreased to a few seconds, so the development speed is very slow.
Hell is a big prison. Some people were imprisoned by the universe, but they could not escape. Well, what is here? That will tell you.
Chapter 2 The great universe
Welcome to the great universe! Welcome! Welcome to this great universe! Welcome to this great university. Welcome to this great heaven. Welcome to this great hell. Welcome to this great ZLM Crafter. Welcome to this great Earth? Welcome? Welcome? Where are you? Where are you?! Where are you?!!
Chapter 3 The old temple
What are you doing? What are you doing here? Where are you going? Hey hey! Hey! Oh! Oh!! Oh!! Oh!!
Chapter 4 Go to heaven
Heaven is a great university, and this university is where you learn how to live in the universe. You have to go to the great university, a university for students


The Return Home Remastered Features Key:

  • Stunning graphics for a realistic experience
  • Large and fun gameplay
  • Simple controls
  • Quality soundtrack

About the game:

  • When Lars Falk, the island’s fisherman, and Leco, his sea-turtle, find a severed human leg, fisherman and Leco begin an investigation on the island. While the investigators explore the island, they uncover quite a mystery.
  • Horror free interactive story. The adventure is set between these two characters. While they travel around, you’ll discover every strange, disturbing and hilarious event that could have happened on the island.


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Captain Soda is a fast-paced action platform shooter for Windows PC that features a unique level-looping mechanic to create a tantalizing arcade gameplay experience. The gameplay features an interesting soda mechanic that provides a quick way to refill health and soda. You can even use soda as your bullets to either dodge incoming bullets or create a circle of bullets to rapidly move through the level.
Customize and upgrade your soda-powered weapons and character-enhancing accessories to help you win the war against the aliens, defeating your enemies with the pure soda power that you were born with!
Complex weapons like the Soda Shovel, Whip Liquor, and Soda Toaster allow you to create an unstoppable force through a wide variety of enemies and situations.
There are many different enemies to encounter throughout the campaign as well as a wide variety of weapons from the Soda Shovel to the Soda Bomber, allowing you to customize your playstyle and weapon arsenal.
The campaign features a story mode and a boss rush mode that allows you to enjoy the challenge of overcoming the alien onslaught.
Captain Soda also features a new mode for non-platforming action fans as well as a level editor which allows you to create custom levels and make your own soda-powered action experience!
Key Features:
Unique soda-based level-looping mechanic
Customize your loadout using soda as bullets
To use soda as bullets, hold down the attack button to create a flow of soda.
The soda power gives you a quick way to refill health and soda, and can also be used to create combo attacks or dodge incoming bullets by moving through the soda flow.
Take down an enemy and you get a breath of soda to restore your health or soda power before you move on.
The soda power can also be used to create a circle of soda in a wide variety of situations.
Soda-powered weapons like the Soda Shovel, Whip Liquor, and Soda Toaster
Enjoy challenging boss fights
Unlock more characters
See the history and development of this game

Beautifully illustrated, colorful isometric action art
9 maps and 30+ levels
3 modes: Story, Boss Rush and Showcase (new!)
Using your soda as health and bullets, and your soda powers!
Instant soda power refill ability
Create a soda flow as a combo attack to quickly attack enemies
Customize your soda arsenal with 9 weapons, including: Soda Shovel, Soda Bomb, Soda Metronome and more
Competitive modes in both Campaign and


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