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Armello is a free, massively multiplayer online multiplayer online roleplaying game where players build, populate, and manage their own city and battle their way to the top of the Hero Ladder.
Armello is a free to play online RPG where players assemble armies to siege the enemy in an ever-evolving battle.
Start off with Heroes and Clans and build out your army to dominate the Hero Ladder and fight to become the City’s Hero.
Battle: Heroes and Clans battle each other in a rich story-driven world where every victory and defeat has meaningful consequences.
Explore: Heroes can shop, trade, tame and feed wild animals, tame plants, and mine mineral veins with their Magick in a fully customizable world.
In game: Hero Pack
* Create your own Hero Pack
* Play as your own Hero
* Battle with your friends
* Follow the progress of your Hero
* Explore the in game Store
* Connect to Facebook:
About Us:
Armello is a free online game that does not require a download or installation.
Armello is developed and published by Red Candle Games, an independent studio from Lithuania.
Armello is currently in a closed Beta, sign-up to join the Beta now!
Armello is based on a powerful game engine.Q:

TypeError: bad argument #1 to ‘geopy.distance’ (unhashable type: ‘dict’) when I am using coordinates

I am using gps geocoder in python and sending the coordinates to the server. But when I send the latitude and longitude into the server I get an error :
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “E:/Projects/spoils/”, line 128, in
File “C:\Python34\lib\site-packages\json\”, line 122, in update
self[k] = v
TypeError: bad argument #1 to ‘geopy.distance’ (unhashable type: ‘dict’)

My code is
import geopy.distance
import requests

session = requests.Session()

# Create the geocoder object
location_url = ‘


Features Key:

  • Sparkling Rain-Day battles, birds of different colours and the ability to toss them up & smash them with your birdie
  • A deadly Asteroid hail – deadly for your birdies
  • Liquid Birdies interact with the planet’s oceans and streams
  • Toxic Tears – Grow your birdies around toxins (poison!)
  • Quick level transition – move to the next level as fast as possible by using the birdies to navigate the planet
  • In Birds Are Real you play as a bird, and you start with a handful of birdies.
    Make use of all the resources at your disposal to fly around to gather food for your birdies, and feed them vitamins and grow bigger and stronger.

    Life-like graphics with advanced features

    These birds don’t look like your everyday mobile game bird, get ready for some of the most amazingly rendered graphics available in your device. Birds are real 4k, and you have access to everything that the game engine offers… things like animation, particles, reflections and so many more. There really isn’t much more we can say than that you’ll be amazed by how stunning this game is, and we sincerely hope you find it a worthy purchase.

    Localized in English

    Androi Dalmase 01 NOVEMBER 2018

    Birds Are Real is a bird simulation which represents an innovative idea about the genre and provides dazzling visual moments. Playing in Birds Are Real is absolutely awesome, and you will get hooked on its bright color graphics within a short time. Indeed, it should be on every mobile gamer’s list.

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    The Princess, The Stray Cat, And Matters Of The Heart 2 Crack + Free Download For PC

    4 chapters, interactive story and puzzles, complete open world with many optional quests, many characters to talk to and interact with, multiple endings

    How it works:

    1. Fully Immersive, free roaming with an interactive story and many puzzles.

    2. The main feature is the complete Open World gameplay.

    In Aztecalypse, you play as Michael the technician from the National Institute of Mystery. You accept a secret mission to investigate the disappearance of archeologists who had been excavating in an area of Mexico.

    You find out that during the night a mercenary has invaded their camp and stole a critically important artefact. As you uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of the archeologists, you start a new journey.

    The action-adventure is full of surprises. You have to explore the map, discover hidden secrets, solve puzzles, and interact with many characters.

    Completely open, nonlinear game with many optional quests. You won’t get stuck in a dead-end.

    In Aztecalypse each chapter is a separate narrative. The events of the story span over the chapters and the game itself is one big story of your own adventure.

    The gameplay is really different from other First Person Action games. The story is being presented in a linear manner, but the vast open world gives you freedom to explore the map and find new routes and side quests.

    NEW! Classic First Person Controller for mobile gaming now available in Google Play and on iOS. Come meet your adventurer by visiting us at:

    Fully Immersive. Each chapter has its own Map. Your space is your own. This is how the most immersive Action Adventure games play. Come and explore your World with our mechanic.

    Non-linear. You can join any chapter you like at any time. You don’t have to wait until the end of the story to reach the final chapter. When you finish one chapter, you can visit any other chapter for an easier and more complete experience.

    Optional Quests. You can activate new side quests by talking to the appropriate NPC in an area. You can also unlock some areas after finishing the chapter by visiting the school that you will find at the end of the chapter.

    Easily replayable. You can save time to find the best ending for you by replaying the chapters. You can return to a previously explored area to have more options during the story


    The Princess, The Stray Cat, And Matters Of The Heart 2 Full Product Key Free [32|64bit] [Updated]

    Gameplay Thirty Two is a remake of part of the NES game There’s No Time like the Past. Played with an Arcade stick and the A button.Gameplay Thirty Two is a remaster of the well known NES game There’s No Time like the Past. The game consists of a total of 5 levels that play out in a linear manner.

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    Welcome to the ADVENTURE TIME: BIONICLE game.This game is based on the original BIONICLE video game, but in ADVENTURE TIME style.In BIONICLE, you were given the choice of two different characters to play.

    In the game, you are still given the choice to play as TWO of the original BIONICLE characters, BZP and BZ1.You will be given many helpful tips as you progress.To become a BIONICLE MASTER, you must achieve the requirements.Some of the requirements are simple, but some of them are more difficult.

    Experience the world of BIONICLE like never before in this fun and exciting game!

    This is a Classic 2D arcade space shooter.The game is about a small cube in a galaxy called FreeR. There is nothing else in the galaxy apart from it and the cube. The cube could be destroyed by enemy ships and power crystals. The player controls a spaceship and has to defend the cube.

    Adventure Time: Finn and Jake in a museum. Have you ever wanted to see Finn and Jake in a museum? Well, now it’s your lucky day. This game is based on the adventure comics, this game has also some easter eggs and references to the TV-series and the Adventure Time comics. The game consists of 11 puzzles to complete. This app can also be considered a test run for the upcoming Gameboard.Some of the puzzles


    What’s new:

    Before getting started though, I’d like to put in a plug for an upcoming series of podcasts. I’m going to talk to a different designer on a podcast each week as we chat about their latest project. There’s also the regular Coding for Pleasure podcast which I’ll be appearing on every 2nd Tuesday. However, I thought I’d try something a little different and cover things from a random perspectives. These episodes will cover things that I think are pretty interesting and will hopefully also be interesting for others.

    We’re a few episodes into this thing. There’s a few great topics we haven’t talked about just yet: design terminology, creativity and imagination, and the definition of a designer. We have two more episodes to go. I’m hoping that we’ll leave it fully sprung before I have to get back to work!

    When you read this, I’m sitting in my cubicle, staring at the wall, doing hard work.

    I’m a Frontend Developer.

    I’m not exactly sure how I came to this spot. I did web design and development, but not for as many years as I’ve been a developer now. I spent years in the late 90s making web sites for fun, learning about new technology and trying to do some cool stuff.

    Towards the late 90s though, CSS finally reached maturity. CSS allowed designers to make simple site designs without the need of programming. I was definitely drawn to it, and through a number of projects, I started to see the benefit of what web design could do for a company. In that time, I also started getting involved with Drupal, although I wasn’t sure what I was doing.

    Once I started working in Drupal full time, I gradually started to realise that it wasn’t just me that used this platform. There were a lot of other talented people working with it, and I started to hear of more companies being created. At the time, I was starting to draw a product but I also still had a job where I was still doing a lot of computer science and PHP. I started to side step using PHP, and started using Git and Bash on all of my work. I slowly started re-learning about domain, business, marketing, sales – you name it. I slowly built up my client list and had more time to do what I was good at.

    The growth in website use from Drupal really picked up momentum in the past five years as soon as Drupal 7 was released.


    Free The Princess, The Stray Cat, And Matters Of The Heart 2 Crack + PC/Windows [Updated]

    Serendipity of Aeons follows Hikaru’s crazy adventures after returning to his hometown of Ichinoseki.
    The outstanding visuals show the elaborate, and spectacular action of the Mystic Destinies universe.
    Serendipity of Aeons features character voice-overs from various Japanese characters.import { rewriteRoutes } from ‘../../../../core/redux/config/swapi/utils’;

    // Use redux-thunk middleware with useDispatch to dispatch Redux actions.
    export default ({
    }) => {
    const { getState } = store;

    const [node, addRow] = useSelector((state) => ({
    node: state.details.listing

    const [newListing, updateListing] = useSelector((state) => ({
    listing: state.details.listing,

    const addItem = (item) => {
    const list = getState.details.listing;
    if (
    !list ||
    (row) =>!== &&
    row.volume!== item.volume &&!==
    ) {
    const newRow = {…item };
    const id = + Math.floor(Math.random() * 100);
    routes: [
    path: ‘/’ + id,
    get: (context) => getState.details.listing,


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    Limbal deficiency in cases of recurrent erosive or perforating ocular chemical injury.
    The authors describe a new case of limbal deficiency resulting from recurrent ocular chemical injury. The diagnosis was established following physical and histologic examination of the corneal apex and a block of limbal tissue. The type of injury was reiterated before surgery, in order to demonstrate the need for the preservation of the entire limbus in the preservation of the cornea, for the purpose of increasing the prognosis for the visual recovery in such cases.Pages

    Sunday, June 26, 2012

    For the first time in my life, I’ve been a 100% excuse free blogger. No apologies for the lack of post activity, but hey what am I telling ya after two weeks in the hinterlands. I know, I know, it’s only been two weeks but.. blogging is never a pleasant experience. He he.. I know who you are, your wonderful supporters and readers know all about the experience. I think if we all had to be away long enough to create a break we’d all still be pretty grumpy.

    Ok I can’t think of much to say about our camping adventures, so I’ll just end with how much I love the rain. Tromping through the pines, hearing the raindrops on the leaves, smelling the fresh leaf scent as the sun struggled out of the clouds, walking in the rain to your tent in the distant meadow, a warm cozy fire in your kitchen, sipping your steaming hot tea, listening to the rain fall outside your window, shaking head to toe in your warm jammies with the kitten at your feet. Ahhhhh. it all sounds so good, doesn’t it. It’s almost as if the Macabre Flutterby Bandit is held captive by me.

    Just a bit of Sketching to share. When I’m up north in the mountains, time is short. These folks don’t laugh or talk – just gesture. I can only do it once.

    I never really favored this style of drawing… until I started exploring it.

    It’s such a satisfying medium to use.


    System Requirements For The Princess, The Stray Cat, And Matters Of The Heart 2:

    OS: Windows 7 64bit
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz
    Memory: 3GB RAM
    Graphics: Intel GMA 950
    Hard Disk: 10GB free space
    Processor: Intel Core i5 2.8GHz
    Memory: 6GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M
    Recommended System Requirements:


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