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Evolution in a factory is a game about survival in a world where you go from being a mutant in a human’s body to escaping the factory and finding your true self.
You begin with just a few mutant mutations, but with each step you reach your full potential.
You have to choose your path wisely, as the world in your hands is not quite the world outside of the walls. You have to decide how far you want to go.
This game is inspired by brazilian northeast culture, it may contain references to another culture.
The characters are stylized, but are of the human body.
The mutants are stylized, no real ones.
If the players are allergic to any of the fruits, vegetables, or other ingredients used in this game, they may quit the game immediately.
This game is an independent game created by me, a gamer, mechanic and designer, it was not published by any company.
Special thanks to Lucas Dalbon who did the basic graphics of this game.



There are only two paths I can see :

You can follow the directions to the exit from the game.
You can find some other other exit by using the right path tile and up arrow tiles.


You have to reach the exit.
There are only 2 paths.


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Features Key:

  • Pathfinder Playtest Adventure: Doomsday Dawn (PFRPG).
  • Expansive Non-Player Character arsenal (you!).
  • Explore Well-Chosen locales.
  • New Challenges: Blighted Pantheon (nobility), Great Kingdom of Istemlann, and more.
  • Hundreds of items in the treasure hoard and holy orders!
  • Complete and balanced rules for casters and heroes.
  • By missing the conventions this year I decided to take action.
    This is a test (of sorts) for me to make up for the missed events and check that my brain hasn’t gone fallow from the lack of activity. It’s a DM prepared adventure which means it is entirely my decision whether to use it or not. I will not make a decision about whether this adventure will be made available for people who cannot legally play PFRPG due to age or some other personal criteria.
    My hope is that this adventure will help to provide an alternate experience, and if it is well recieved a sequel adventure will be made.
    This adventure is hosted on Fantasy Grounds and has user accounts.
    My suggestion is to use the “Pax Britannia” or “Pax Diogenes” accounts and passwords.
    NOTE: 1) There is already a guide on “how to use the FG tutorial with purchased accounts.” That guide is listed at the bottom of this project page 2) All characters which will be involved in the adventure were designed, provided, and tested by my own hand (i.e. at no charge to the players).
    Above all, enjoy!

    Ratings and Comments

    Comment: Non-player characters are important for setting a unique experience in the adventure, particularly near the end. One mistake on my part in the past that I will not make again. Comments, suggestions, and changes are encouraged! I will regularly report back to this thread with all of my ideas and progress.
    This adventure includes a lot of campaign-focused elements since this is set in the same world as a complete Campaign.
    This is a campaign-focused adventure. The locations are chosen, as those are important parts of the (complete) campaign.

    The download link for this project


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    Appurusing that’s part of PQube LLC, came ComiPro, an app which allows comic book fans to create unique comic art on their iPhones or iPads, and then share it with others. This allows users to easily create their own comic pages and then share them with friends and family. The app comes complete with a super-rare “collector edition” of a comic book character created by a professional artist! The company also offers several apps allowing for varying types of stories. They are especially known for two games: “Le Grand Chef” and “ComiPo!.”
    This pack contains:
    The “RPG Costume Pack” has been compiled from the ComiPro app from PQube LLC.
    The ComiPro “RPG Costume Pack” can be purchased in the ComiPro app from the App store and Google Play.PLEASE NOTE: This is the only comic that’s going to have BOTH featured on the site!

    What? We just started a new feature on the site, but you guys just like this comic more than the newest comic on the site? Well then, you just received the gift that you’ve been wanting for!

    5 copies for the winner from over 100 entrants. I want to let the winner know that I really like his or her work and wanted to do this to help let people know what’s possible. If there’s any problems with this or the winner didn’t win, just let me know.

    Let’s not make this a big deal. This is a joke, I wanted to make a joke, and now it’s been made into a joke. Seriously, the only thing that bothered me was it didn’t make as much noise about it as I was hoping.

    To view an intersting look at the problem the “God Hand” had, plus others problems with animation, please read these two recaps:

    Joke aside, perhaps your art is strong enough that you have no need for it, but you don’t have to!

    I can’t imagine that given a place to just let loose, your talent would not be apparent.

    I enjoyed both of the podcasts you sent me about how Super Dwarf works. I agree with you


    Swordlord Activation Key [Updated-2022]

    Please like, share, and subscribe! Let me know in the comments if the game worked for you! I will be adding more games in the future, so please subscribe to stay up to date.
    Than you so much for watching!
    **Please note that this is a choose-your-own-adventure style game. I try to make my games as real as possible for each of them. However, if you are seeking a game that will be more linear, this may not be for you. I have a few other choose-your-own-adventure games in the works like The Room : The Game and A Tale of Two Sisters.**

    The game is an ActionAdventure with RPG elements. The gameplay is mainly focused on dialogue and decision-making.
    The story focuses on you, a young boy getting pulled into a huge RPG-like game and learning all about choices, consequences and true friendship.
    This game is only possible by the support from top Facebook fans. Thank you so much for showing me so much love!
    This game is almost entirely made from scratch. It is not a freeware, but a demo with three endings, and even a small form of difficulty selection if needed.
    In short, if you are looking for a good and short Action/Adventure game where you can just immerse yourself and without thinking too much, I created a game with that in mind.
    This is a fan game, so had to remix songs to keep the licenses alive.
    Thank you for watching this video, I hope you enjoyed it. This is my first attempt to explain a story, so what do you think about the writing and acting? Drop your feedback to the comments below!
    Thank you for watching!

    Cappy – The game with two endings (VoiceOver Tutorial)

    Please like, share, and subscribe! Let me know in the comments if the game worked for you! I will be adding more games in the future, so please subscribe to stay up to date.
    Than you so much for watching!
    **Please note that this is a choose-your-own-adventure style game. I try to make my games as real as possible for each of them. However, if you are seeking a game that will be more linear, this may not be for you. I have a few other choose-your-own-


    What’s new in Swordlord:

    Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    Our Food Award Winner Is…

    No, not even a joke….That would be too easy. I saw this gorgeous plate of food, and well, it’s just DIVINE.

    It was created by Kari Kup, out of San Francisco. She’s exhibited here before, and how I missed her is beyond me. My jaw dropped when this masterpiece came my way. It’s jambalaya, right? I mean, right? It looks so close to what I know from New Orleans Cajun food, and it reminded me of a recipe right out of Julia Child’s recipe book (now that I was re-reading it, it seems to contain more slow, braised morsels than anything else…), but I think she got rid of the curried eggplant.

    So. Let’s leave the un-cooked factor out of this for now, and take a look at what Kari put together.

    This time of year, I get to thinking a LOT about the beloved Christmas Carrier Pigeons. It used to be that my second job was producing some really cool seasonal cards. I made them out of cotton fabric that I covered with winter snow scenes on one side, and I would decorate the inner pocket of my card with some ornament-y candy canes/Christmas tree type thing. This was before I had a “regular job,” before I was making money that qualified me for health care and the tax benefits. And when money was tight, baked goods. Specifically, plus-size, sugar-laden cookies.

    While I was reading the card, you would find that I was crying, because the natives were getting restless. It was their turn to go home now, and I was sad to see them go, but ready to move to a new place that had the same New England winter climate (aka my brother’s place, or my sister’s, or Portland, Maine was where I headed.)

    “This is the holiday,” I would say, “when we eat until we throw up. After that, if we can still find our car keys, we cross our legs, take a pen, and give this number to Santa so he can put it in the pneumatic tubes. We’ll skip a few weeks of sleep and half a day of showering.” (Whose idea of fun is it to sleep while drinking a big glass of milk for three days straight? MINE!)


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    World Without Oil is the next evolution in the Battle Royale genre. Created from the ground up as a next-gen HTML5 game, WwoO runs on all Windows, iOS and Android platforms. The game’s original goal was to create a game that was able to successfully play from a phone, tablet and desktop all while providing the same experience and dynamics as a PC game.

    WwoO focuses on fast-paced action between a vast sea of players with all-out intense combat. Players must find a source of oil to enable themselves to survive in the harsh environment. The battle will inevitably get hectic and you will need to explore every nook and cranny of the map and use every weapon and resource at your disposal to claim victory.

    Developed by Argent Games, the creators of the Destiny: Rise of Iron DLC series, World Without Oil is a game that is simple yet dynamic, intense and rewarding.


    World Without Oil is a fast-paced, multiplayer battle royale game of survival with a HUGE map, endless challenges, over-the-top weapons, diverse characters, and devastating power ups.


    World Without Oil is the newest evolution in the Battle Royale genre and has been designed from the ground up as a next-gen HTML5 game. This allows us to deliver a full experience for all of the platforms we have created our game for.

    WwoO uses the same engine as Destiny: Rise of Iron and is the only Battle Royale game to utilize this technology.



    WwoO is a fast-paced, multiplayer battle royale game of survival that is reminiscent of other games like PUBG and Garena Free Fire.


    New blood and new recruits arrive on the island daily with different items and weapons. It’s a free-for-all where anyone can get you killed with any of their weapons found on the map.

    Guns, knives, grenades, and whatever you can find will be put to use as you struggle to build up your allies and eliminate your enemies.


    WwoO is designed for 4-8 players. To play in Co-Op mode you will need to ensure that there is at least 1 friend with you. No


    How To Crack Swordlord:

    • First of all Install Windows.
    • Extract files using 7-zip.
    • Don’t extract any files which are provided inside “rar” folder.
    • Open md5.txt, It’s the configuration file for game.
    • Set up a system variable “ARGLITE=mechaning.exe”
    • Set path variable, which is “D:\”
    • Run md5.txt.
    • Set Up Battle Macros
    • Click Jigg on Jiggy’s house.
    • Taunt him 4 times.
    • After that, click R on Battle Macros.
    • Activate the “Attack and Imitate” button.
    • Click Jiggy first.
    • Click whatever you wanna, then switch to the Jiggy icon.

    How To Activate MechaNika:

    • First Of All, You need to follow all the above steps.
    • Note: If you didn’t, STOP THE GAME.
    • Then Run Setup.exe
    • Click Run Game.exe to go to the activation.
    • Wait, when the game runs, it should look like this.
    • You need to note down your activation key and MechaNika’s activation key.



    System Requirements:


    Fluid Democracy is a new social simulation game for Windows, Mac and Linux which will challenge the player’s imagination and flexibility by seamlessly incorporating historical events, political parties and various combinations of the two.
    Fluid Democracy is a first person shooter simulation game where players control a political party through the years. The primary purpose of the game is to take over the government by amassing votes and passing bills through the Parliament. In this process, players will be faced with one of the various factions, which includes the center-left and center-right.


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