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A game about 880 year old mysterious God, known only to people as Lord Kelis. He left his kingdom to his only son, 10 year old Prince, Andron.
The young prince is only child of Lord Kelis, and the kingdom is very poor. After Prince Andron’s death, the kingdom falls apart and is divided into six warring houses that are keeping it under control. Houses are known for their brutality and poverty. Only a few have knights and men-at-arms that are paid by the house they’re part of. The main power in the kingdom is lord of a house and a council of four men from each of the six houses, to watch over the kingdom. The council is lead by the king of the house that holds the most power.
Lord Kelis’ power is slowly fading away, and council wants to expand the kingdom’s borders, break the peace, to establish themselves as the strongest house. There are usually two or three houses that are at war, and one member of the council, usually the king, is about to start the war and claim his territory.
Instead of you, the player character is Lord Kelis’ only son, Prince Andron. He is only 12 year old, and his mother died a few months ago. He has been hiding his powers, but is growing weaker every second. Prince Andron is only being kept alive by the shaman, who is also his grandmother, and promises him that she will use her powers to open the closed gates of the kingdom’s borders to her people, and unite them, so the kingdom will be strong enough to be independent.
When the event starts, the gates are closed, but Prince Andron is able to unlock them by speaking to the shaman. But after he’s granted his wishes, she will open the gates and divide the kingdom in six parts. After the prince tells her he will keep his promise to the people, they will try to hide from the houses. Prince Andron also wants to keep his promise to his mother, and not let the houses break the peace.
Prince Andron wakes up after he fell asleep during the event, and is able to awaken the other lords and the council members of the houses. They have had a plan to break the peace, kill the shaman, and try to take the kingdom for themselves.
An evil magician has given the lords the power to invade other peoples’ lands and get a large amount of land and resources. An army is on its way to reunite the


Stack! Features Key:

  • A real time co-operative mode that can be done with up to four players.
  • No complex turns! Just a simple set of rules that let players take on the role of whatever they like – e.g. a Jedi Knight, security guard, fireman or even postal worker. 
  • Simple, lightweight rules that don’t block players from having fun
  • Plenty of Equipment options – Lots of guns, helmets, clothing, even explosives
  • Fully cross platform (Windows, Mac, Linux and others)
  • Real time multiplayer that doesn’t need dedicated servers… just your computer.
  • Join any time with any number of players – it’s not limited to 2 or 4 players
  • Extensive community support with new game updates to test released games and use of the game disc for new features, campaigns and mods
  • Once built, their are a few large upcoming games we are hoping to release for steam: 

    Planet of the Apes (200APs)

    Location: Hypothetical future-civilization in a densely-forested world

    Mort Rain (50MRS)

    Location: Wyld-mind is a very ancient and isolated backwater of Wyld where the population of psychics live in harmony and isolation with the out world. A local warlord, Gavros, has been using psychic magic to dominate the local population and threaten trade routes

    G_L_o_C- (Unknown)

    Location: A city infested with massive zombies and gangs of mutants. Created in an age when energy weapons were the newest technology.

    Star Star Star (Unknown)

    Location: A city on the edge of space where entire room-sized solar panels make solar power viable. But strange forces are at work in this frontier colony and the citizens are forced to venture to the outer reaches to investigate.

    That’s about


    Stack! With License Code

    “I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of steampunk’s fusion with cyberpunk’s creativity, the visionary possibilities of having two styles of science fiction come together. A clever blend of mechanical weaponry and advanced gizmos from the 19th century with the fast paced, almost arrogant, ‘I’m smarter than you’ attitude of cyberpunk technology.
    As an experienced programmer, I wanted to create a game that could exhibit these elements in a unique yet polished form.
    I love the aesthetic of the ‘old school’ rogue-like dungeon crawlers like Rogue, and I wanted the game to resemble that atmosphere.
    I also wanted to make a game that could show off my artistic talent, namely my knack for hand-painted backgrounds.
    For me, making a fantasy game, especially one that I’d be proud of, was a challenge that I needed to take up. I love platformers like this one.
    I hope to enjoy it as much as you will.”
    …and the most beautiful hand-painted backgrounds you will ever see in a gameQ:

    Why are `strcmp()` and `strcasecmp()` working here?

    Why aren’t they returning -1 for the strcmp case?
    char *s1=”Yahoo! Inc.”;
    char *s2=”Yahoo! Global News”;
    int x=strcmp(s1, s2);


    strcmp returns 0 if two string are equal and -1 if they are different. The second parameter is a pointer to a string


    strcmp takes two parameters. The first is a pointer to the first string to be compared, and the second is a pointer to the second string to be compared.


    strcmp returns a value, 0 if equal and -1 if not equal. You’re passing pointers to s1 and s2, which are initially equal and hence strcmp returns 0.


    Why does the position of a top-down view not change as expected on rotate?

    When I rotate the screen using screen.setRotate(rotation), the view which is on top moves down a little. Why is this happening?
    This is my view’s hierarchy:

    OuterView is a RelativeLayout, over


    Stack! Crack + [Win/Mac]

    I start with a life of 6, I have a 3 star melee weapon, a 1 star melee weapon and a hand weapon. I have a stealth skill, a fast move skill, a grenade master skill.

    When I start the game, I figure out the entrances to each world, and I make my way to the main world, which has 4 worlds.

    I find the entrances to the first world and look for the work area. I have trouble getting in, but I find the area for the weapons factory, and I kill some guards.

    I find a store for the pink grenades, and I get a 3 star melee weapon and 2 grenades.

    I then head to the barracks for the items, and I find the supply room. I steal some weapon parts, some grenades, and some bullets. I gain a 3 star melee weapon.

    I then head to the dining hall and eat a very heavy meal and gain a stealth skill, and my speed and strength increase.

    I head to the dormitory for some items and make it inside. I then go to the weapons factory for more items and grenades. I get 2 more grenades, a 3 star melee weapon, and then I backtrack to the dining hall to eat.

    I then head to the barracks, and I start my assault on the weapons factory. Once inside, I look for the 20 waypoint room, where I can see the fuse room.

    I go back to the store and purchase 1 more grenade. I go to the barracks, and I look for the bedroll room. I steal a 1 star melee weapon. I can now make the bedroll room our base.

    Now, I head to the dining hall and get a 1 star melee weapon, some grenades, a 3 star melee weapon, a stinger, and a yellow grenade. I then return to the barracks, and I use the stinger to place the bedroll room under my control.

    I go to the dining hall, where I steal a 2 star melee weapon and a 1 star melee weapon, and I head to the weapons factory. I go into the fuse room and I make it to the 20 waypoint room.

    I then start the mission. The first turn, I have stealth, and I look for the guard. I found the guard, and I can either shoot him or I can do a stealth kill. I do a stealth kill, and I keep the stealth weapon, and I drop it off


    What’s new:

    , FOG and the other MSUs

    Hello there. I have a question regarding a tablet series that recently underwent a name change and rebrand. My wife (Our daughter had a seizure at daycare and passed away a year ago. She is 7.) was visiting the person who managed the production line, and she noticed that at some point in time, the person involved in this line did not use a tablet to monitor some things during production. Then about two months ago, at the time I contacted the owners, the person in charge started using a tablet. Our teacher had mentioned to us that it was for FOG (Facilities Overhead Guidance). I was not available to visit the production line with her when this person was checking things up, so I had no idea what the tablet was for or what things were being monitored. I haven’t worked in this plant in awhile and the production lines have changed. Anyway the person who checks stuff like this (a man who does all cleaning, oiling, grinding, etc. and the woman in charge of production) were at the production line, and it was brought out so he could see the individual pieces as each one was being prepared. He pointed out the hallway the scanner went down and the FOG camera. There is a sign in the corridor that says it goes down sometimes for maintenance, but I was under the impression that was a place where the air was constantly being treated to prevent radioactivity or something, but we don’t do that. This all leads me to ask if you knew what this set up was for? Also, we run out of money every month because of the alimony and just this. My wife always brought food for the peoples we visit and help out at but in the last two months she hasn’t had very much to bring, and it’s not because she’s on a diet or anything. I hope this makes sense and sorry if it doesn’t.

    Anyway the person who checks stuff like this (a man who does all cleaning, oiling, grinding, etc. and the woman in charge of production) were at the production line, and it was brought out so he could see the individual pieces as each one was being prepared. He pointed out the hallway the scanner went down and the FOG camera. There is a sign in the corridor that says it goes down sometimes for maintenance, but I was under the impression that was a place where the air was constantly being treated to prevent radioactivity or something, but we don’t do that.


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    Is it possible to convert PUG to JADE

    I’ve got to work a client who has an existing PUG page and I’m trying to make a conversion to a JADE one.
    It seems that the output from PUG is very similar to Jade.
    Is it possible to adapt a PUG file to JADE? If so, how?


    It’s possible


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    System Requirements For Stack!:

    How to Install:
    How to Play:
    Enemy: Wave of the dead – Through zombie-covered lands (2 players)
    The War for Heroes – Gather heroes and defeat horde (3 players)
    Winners of the Day – May the undead win (2 players)
    Incoming! – Collect gold-forged weapons (2 players)
    “We’ve Got the Power!” – Defeat several enemy bosses in 5 minute time (2 players)


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