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The year is 10,000 AD, and the days of myth and magic are over. Though the legend of the ancient sorcerer may still be whispered, the Empire of Mystacon has replaced the once-free Multani tribes with a technological utopia.
The exiles, a unique people drawn from many nations, have found a new home. But it is not on the shores of the pale blue sea or on a mountain of milk chocolate, but on the flightless island of Myha, surrounded by a desert of sand and salt.
The exiles have brought with them only the best of their past – the art of flight, the keys to the safe-houses and the precious pieces of the puzzle of the two ancient cities. And now, they have to return to the islands of their dreams.
No one in the Empire of Mystacon would be surprised to find the exiles across the sea, with the exotic treasures they have guarded for thousands of years, but the truth is that their destination is just a fantasy.
So, with all their strengths, the exiles must face the harsh reality of the Empire.
Your destiny awaits…
About Mystacon:
The country of Mystacon is ruled by the high priestess, Delita, who has the power to summon spirits and to view the future of the people.
She will impose a system of absolute submission and ignorance upon them, so that they live only for Mystacon and its purposes.
If your people lack courage, skill and will, then you, their leader, will succeed her as the high priestess.
You are the key to the freedom of your people, and you will train them with the power that your god, Mystacon, has entrusted to you.
In order to obtain the treasure of the black city, you will have to free the world from Delita and from the cruel empire, each with their own plans and intrigues, and their own weapons and magical powers.
But first, you must navigate the abandoned archipelagos of Myha to reach the island of dreams.
About the Author:
Aaron Thebault is a French game designer and a researcher for the Wizards of the Coast. He has been associated with the Magic: The Gathering games since 2001 and is passionate about fantasy and strategy games. Aaron plays and designs games in his spare time, and he has just released his first game, Myha: Return to the Lost Island.
You can follow him on Twitter @ThebaultAaron.
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RUNNER RTX Features Key:

  • The Darkness is upon us, so get ready to experience the final days of man in a post-apocalyptic environment.
  • You play as a man with no memory who wakes up in a bunker. Take over the world in this first-person shooter.
  • Hunt a malicious being with the ability to control the human world with his unfettered power of death. Explore the labyrinth of the human world and discover a dark secret.
  • Gain special weapons and rare health items to keep you alive in this apocalyptic scenario.
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    Gladwell’s Last Book The World Is Nuts will change your worldview about the world we live in.
    A fascinating concept, which involves the world of science, history, philosophy, politics, economics, psychology, religion and culture.
    In each part of the book, we will show how the particular beliefs inspire all our actions.
    Game contains a game that is played for goals such as improvement, leisure and recognition.
    There are various difficult game rules, and there are various ways of scoring.
    Trying to get the score as low as possible.
    You have to choose only the best choice to get a high score.
    You need to think quickly and make the best choice by the rules of the game.
    The game rules will be shown in a very intuitive way.
    If you think of a philosophy but cannot find out the way to play, what do you do? Are you confident to perform actions to the best of your ability?
    On the other hand, you try to improve to show what you are capable of.
    The game is designed to test your intelligence and optimism.
    An interactive book that answers the following questions:
    When did humans start to live in cities?
    What values are required for society?
    How can humans be led to think clearly?
    Who decided the way of the world?
    How can humans have enough time to focus on the real world?
    Is it possible to change people’s thinking?
    What is the source of happiness?
    What are the basic ways of education?
    What are the problems of the world?
    What is the source of a disaster?
    What is the solution for a disaster?
    Play the main character in the game.
    How do you change the world?
    The game is designed to test your intelligence and optimism.
    Experienced War Director, President
    Expert on Sci Fi, Buddhist Priest
    Expert on Psychology, Zen Monk
    Expert on History, Professor
    Expert on Philosophy, Theologian
    Expert on Economics, Secutor
    Expert on Politics, Politician
    Expert on Religion, Religious leader
    Expert on Psychotherapy, Psychiatrist
    Expert on Physics, Physicist
    Expert on Theology, Theologian
    You can also play as various other characters and get familiar with their values and experiences in the past.
    There are various characters to take on in this game.
    Every world has different difficulty levels and a set amount of


    RUNNER RTX PC/Windows

    [Game Story](
    – Seek and destroy monsters- Win a tough battle- Fight against terrifying monsters- Find your way through a mysterious region to gain help- Go on a fantastic journey: Gather allies, collect items, and search for a legendary Artifact- Look forward to many hours of fun!

    SMM: Time’s Up! (What have they done to my precious Time?)

    Music Performance by:

    Here, you will be able to fight with stronger monsters than before!

    What’s New:

    [1.0.10] 31 July 2017

    [*] Bug fixes

    [*] New cool battle characters have been added

    [*] Cool new pets will be added

    [*] Monster Generations feature has been added

    [*] Various improvements have been made

    [*] Legendaries have been added

    [*] Various problem bugs have been fixed

    Revision History:

    [1.0.10] 31 July 2017

    [*] Bug fixes

    [*] New cool battle characters have been added

    [*] Cool new pets will be added

    [*] Monster Generations feature has been added

    [*] Various improvements have been made

    [*] Legendaries have been added

    [*] Various problem bugs have been fixed


    First release of the Music Pack:Time’s up! Fighting time! Join the other characters, also in the game, as they fight their way through time and space in the present.You will also have to defeat powerful bosses and gods that have taken over the world after time travel. This time, you can’t retreat, and your future is on the line!

    This pack includes:*3 Epic Boss Battle Music*11 songs to your ears!*4 tracks to cleanse your conscience! You can use these in any game you want, even on YouTube.

    The composer of this pack does not wish to be attributed

    Table of Contents:



    1. SMM: Time’s Up!

    2. SMM: Time’s Up! (What have they done to my precious Time?)



    What’s new:

    1807-1784 Believed to be the last ship to be wrecked by Sir John Franklin and his crew, the HMS Erebus and the HMS Terror — at one time the only known shipwreck containing a large quantity of furs — lies at the bottom of Victoria Bay in Canadian Atlantic waters. The ship lies on the sea floor at the base of a mountain, which looms over 70m in height. In February 2007, the first archaeological investigation of the shipwreck started, and a video camera was brought to the site. The first video revealed a little historical information, but also some of the remains of the ship. In May, GPS suggested that they could reach the site with an unmanned vehicle, so a so-called AUV submarine was brought. Dr Gordon Young and fellow crew members went to the site and took extreme climbing and diving techniques to reach it, which revealed much more about the ship wreck. The scientific investigation became one of the most important and complex of its kind. The wreck has a huge amount of historic and cultural importance and some objects are the oldest research into shipwrecks in the world.

    The wreck is less than one kilometer from the east coast, so it is close to several offshore mineral sands containing gold, copper and other values. Dr. Smith’s team intends to shipwreck the AUV near the shipwreck and then enter it in March to recover furs and other shipwreck artifacts. Below is a link to the original article.

    This video contains dramatic footage of a shipwrecked expedition that was filmed in Victoria Bay, and the hard-won revelations that it provided. Source: The Guardian.

    1807-1784 left to right:

    Remains of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror shipwreck. May 20, 2007

    Rescued survivors of the USS Erebus shipwreck. April 17, 1845

    John Harrison’s chronometer with Joseph Scott at the bottom of Trinity Bay, Canada, hanging in the time ball in the Observatory

    There are many well-documented historical shipswrecks in the Atlantic Ocean, dating back to the late 1700s. The first documented shipwreck of the latter 1700s was the wreck of the armed American frigate USRC Erebus, which sank on April 18, 1845, off the coast of the Trinity Bay in Canada.

    The Erebus was a small, 200-foot, gun, sailing ship commissioned by the U.S.


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    EvilQuest is an action RPG in which you will need to defeat a variety of foes in increasingly difficult battles. Improve your skills and items through a variety of optional challenges that can be completed in game or in a virtual world.
    About the Game:
    EvilQuest is an action RPG in which you will need to defeat a variety of foes in increasingly difficult battles. Improve your skills and items through a variety of optional challenges that can be completed in game or in a virtual world. The game will also have a virtual world, which you can use to gain coins and items that you can use in game.
    Game Features:
    -Master up to 40 handcrafted skills, each with its own unique bonuses and drawbacks.
    -Visit the Evil Land to explore five unique worlds, each with its own unique quests and challenges.
    -Fight in up to nine different game modes, including challenging puzzles, fast-paced battle arenas, and a variety of quests.
    -Collect golden coins and coins as you fight and explore the worlds.
    -Equip unique items, including attack skills, weapon upgrades, and armor.
    -Conduct up to three battles at once.
    System Requirements:
    Mac OS X
    OS: 10.8.2
    Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel Core i5
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 or GeForce 8600M G
    Storage: 50 GB available space
    Additional Notes:
    [1.0.0] Version 1.0.0
    [] Bug fixes and minor improvements
    [] Updates to Mystic Yak
    [] Updates to Puzzles
    [] Other minor improvements
    [2.0.0] Version 2.0.0
    [2.0.1] Updates to Pixel Art/s**(-4/3))/(s*s**(-4/7)))**48)**8 assuming s is positive.
    Simplify ((w*(w**(-4)*w*w)/w)**(5/3))**(-11/8)/(w**(-3/10)*w/(w*w**(-3/8)*w))**(-3) assuming w is positive.
    Simplify (j*j**(4/


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    System Requirements For RUNNER RTX:

    Supported platform: Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
    Minimum system requirements for Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 7:
    Processor: 2 GHz or faster x86 CPU (AMD Athlon X2, Core i5, Core 2, Core i3, Core 2 Duo, Core i7, Opteron, Phenom)
    Memory: 1 GB (2 GB recommended)
    Hard disk space: 100 MB (1 GB recommended)
    NVIDIA GeForce 9400 or AMD Radeon HD


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