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My Home, a puzzle adventure game, is an exploration-based point-and-click puzzle title. After your mother has passed away, your father will be forced to sell their home. The children are all about to leave for school, but this will make you the oldest and you will have to face the responsibility of everything at home. You have to get the chandelier in the house working again, and use the key of your mother’s favorite perfume to open a secret passage in the attic. Then, you will have to get the secrets of your ancestors and figure out your mother’s early life. Will you make it to school on time?

A doppelgänger is a person with a physical appearance so similar to yours that nobody can tell the difference except for you, and if you don’t solve the mystery behind your mother’s past, you are going to find your life drastically changed.

In addition, you need to figure out what really happened to your mother to prevent someone else from dying the same way.

My Home:

Step into the role of a young boy, whose mother recently died. Your father has to sell their house, but the house contains a lot of secrets and scary things which will have to be solved in order to unlock them.

As the player, you are there to find out the secrets and to solve the mysteries of the house, and find out what really happened to your mother.

But first, you need to solve the puzzle of the key and the perfume.

You have to figure out how to get the key and the perfume and use them to change the events that took place in your mother’s life.

The game is presented as an interactive novel so that the story flows smoothly, with lots of interesting dialogs.

The game features a point-and-click interface with a lot of interesting puzzles to solve.

About The Developer XZ Software:

XZ Software is a newly established, Germany based game developer, passionate about interactive story concepts, and will use this platform to introduce new games.

My Home is the first game from XZ Software.

You can visit their website and read more information about them.

The Game Trailer:

You can watch the first trailer of My Home:

You can also view a walkthrough of the game:

System Requirements:

This game requires a PC,


Features Key:

  • Various multiplayer modes
  • Match progression
  • Hand management
  • Playable poker
  • Rotating characters
  • Optional free-to-play


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Grand Central’s Train Simulation games have a goal to create the definitive train simulator for Train Simulator with an expertly designed train conductor view; where the user’s actions control the train in real-time as if they were actually driving and operating the train. The player must complete difficult tasks including passing signals, controlling speed, and stopping at the right place. To complete a level, the player must complete tasks in each car to earn money that can be used to buy more cars and upgrades from the destination to the final destination.
Become a train conductor and start your career today!
Key Features:
1. Over 30 different beautifully modeled railway lines to explore
2. An immersive environment with more than 40 cars to control
3. A fully featured career path where the player can build and upgrade from one car to five cars
4. 14 different goals (and 12 season goals) that include passing signals, stopping at destination points, time goals, and much more!
5. Multiple game modes that challenge your time and concentration
6. Career play where you can earn money and develop your train to become the ultimate train conductor
About Grand Central Games:
Grand Central Games was founded in 2005. Our goal is to build the best simulation games in the market using technology that puts you at the heart of the game. We are a publisher and developer of train simulator games. You can trust Grand Central Games because our games are built with you, the player, in mind. We love bringing you the best train simulator games around. We hope you enjoy our train sim games as much as we enjoy making them for you!
Recommended System Requirements:
OS: Windows Vista (32bit), Windows 7 (32bit, 64bit), Windows 8 (32bit, 64bit)
Processor: 2GHz Intel or AMD
Memory: 2GB RAM
Storage: 10GB available space
Additional Notes: Use DX9.0
Grand Central Games is the home of Train Simulator, Railway Empire, and Train Conductor.
For more information on Grand Central Games, visit:

Sim-uni was incorporated as a game development studio in 2004 and released the game Train Simulator 2001 for Mac OS X. The game was extremely successful and has spawned many sequels.Shinhwa members are expected to appear on a new reality show this November.

A source from the agency confirmed on August 9, “The agency and Shinhwa will


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includes files for Fantasy Grounds 1, 2, and 3:
Find our more about the license here: If you are a FFG subscriber, be sure to sign up for your account and contact your sub-ordained for the specific URL/s that they need.
About This ContentEnjoy this fun evening of live jazz as you battle evil forces with your preferred set of eclectic jazz instruments. Choose from two modes: 2 player co-op or 1 player solo. In solo, you play against the music and attempt to out-perform your fellow player. It’s the best jazz of your life!But in 2 player co-op, you and a friend can band together and use instruments like saxophones, trumpets, and even drum kits to achieve the highest score possible.
You are standing on the rooftop of a warehouse in a city overrun with vampires. You have the best sniper rifle money can buy, but that’s not going to get you anywhere. You need to light a flare and draw them all in. Enter, in-game flamethrower! The 4th Edition of PixelJunk Eden is full of awesome new features. It includes the ability to make your own custom weapons. These special weapons (known as “Museumware”) are crafted out of your very own Eden Special, which you can get by defeating a special type of enemy. This content is also available as the base game for those who already own the retail game.
Show off your custom weapons to all in-game!
This item is protected by copyright and cannot be resold or included with other digital products.
Show off your custom weapons to all in-game!
– 4th edition of PixelJunk Eden
– Customizable weapons
– Ability to forge museumware
– Unique ability to light flares
Download now:
About the Developer:
Long story short: PixelJunk Eden is an awesome game. The 4th Edition of PixelJunk Eden is a polished and more intuitive experience. It’s also the only entry in the PixelJunk series without any bugs. The custom weapon creation system is awesome, and you’ll enjoy not only using that new weapon, but comparing yours to others!
What we would like to see:
Things we can’t fix (and why):
This is a very specialized package. There are some things that


What’s new in Rebel Transmute:

    Enola is a fictional character in the 1987 novel If…. by American author Greg Egan.

    Women like Enola are known as Gray proselytes in Egan’s universe.

    Enola is the main character in Greg Egan’s 1990 novel If…. Enola is born in the United States but raised in a backwater of Oceania. She is the main character of the novel.

    Enola’s time described in the book is 867 to 919. As a Gray proselyte, she is able to transmit her thoughts and emotions to her novel, which was called Novel 84 in the book. Later events of the novel occur in 940.

    The Enola in the book is middle aged, and closely resembles a middle aged Enola Gay, the character who was used for the mission to drop the atomic bomb on Japan as part of the Manhattan Project. Unlike her namesake, Enola does not appear to be particularly sad; she is cheerful, even in tragedy.

    Enola grew up in a backwater of Oceania that was not at that time (pre-crisis) technologically advanced. A caste system existed in the Islands, with an aristocracy at the top and the Gray proselytes at the bottom. When Enola is called to attend, she knows nothing of what is happening. She arrives at a place with modern technology, skyscrapers for business and energy, agriculture and travel, and is shocked that she has been kept in the backwater for so long. Later she discovers why.

    Enola’s mother was the daughter of Poseidon. Poseidon is the Greek God of the Sea and storms, and Enola’s mother is Poseidon’s daughter.

    Enola’s step-father is the ruler, or king, of the Polynesian island they live on, beside which Enola’s unnamed mother has never been. The monarch’s name is Kumena and he is the Prince, or lover of his wife. When Kumena rapes Kumena’s wife, Eunice, Enola’s mother is born.

    The color of Enola’s mother’s eyes is turquoise. Enola’s step-father is born with golden-brown eyes. After Enola’s birth, Kumena grows closer to Eunice. Eunice dies of grief after Kumena attempts to rape her, and Enola’s mother is the result.

    Kumena is rude


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    Ubermosh is a Kinect-based arcade game in which you can simulate a fight in a virtual world.
    It is our goal to invent an entertaining, addictive and original experience where violence can be enjoyed safely. Just grab a sword from the saddle of a horse and go rampage on the virtual arena. Use sword and shield attacks and release your rage. Be fast or die!
    Please try before you buy!

    From the development studio that brought you Hyperlight Drifter, comes the next part of your journey.

    Stella Battenberg, a gnomish kindred, had come to the great metropolis of Beacon Rock to master the mystic arts and combat an encroaching evil. Her mission was doomed to failure as none believed in the wondrous powers of the Elemental Summoning.

    A routine journey to Beacon Rock to meet with her patron in the City Lord unraveled in an adventure beyond her knowledge. The elemental chaos unleashed by the Elemental Summoning enraged Stelya’s brethren with the streets of Beacon Rock on the brink of chaos. What seemed to be an act of desperation to save her patron, became Stelya’s single mission of a lifetime.

    Raided by the first wave of monsters and donning the 1st-Human Suit to transform into the Hunter, Stelya had to survive not only the deadly enemy but also the city itself. Can she change the tide of battle to save her kind from annihilation and the Mayor of Beacon Rock? Can she save the city from destruction or will she perish at the hands of a legion of monsters?

    Gyrozax is a beautifully stylized action / RPG mixing modern fast-paced gameplay, top-down perspective, a classic choose your own adventure story and fast-paced combat.

    Note: Gyrozax is currently a freeware only game; however, future updates of the game will allow Steam and full-price purchases.

    Gyrozax is a choose your own adventure style action-RPG made for a single player in which the player character must survive in a dynamic world by using various weapons and tools found along the way. Multiple environmental interaction such as manipulating the environment with things like doorways and windows as well as creating fireballs is possible.

    In Gyrozax the player controls a nameless adventurer that is tasked with killing the evil Overlord on a given map and try to amass enough money and supplies to return home safely. The player is only given the bare minimum of weapons but can gain skill


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