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Event[0] provides a new experience for the series, where the main objective is to survive and reach the end, while avoiding death and being caught by your prey.
At the beginning, you will see a title screen and then an intro sequence, followed by the start of the game. We will present the highlights of this game, a Video Sequence (with a beginning and end), the game’s main menu, the bottom of the menu screen, the game’s first level, a Transition Scene (same as the sequence and menu-screen bottom) and the top of the first level. The first level is a very simple one, where you have to fight against time and outrun the hordes of a massive space based mutant beast.
Event[0] is optimized to run on lower graphic settings, but it can also be played with normal settings, if you have a PC with GeForce and Radeon graphics cards.
Event[0] – Video Sequence:
This video sequence presents a small story about a man on the run for years to escape from a calamity that would turn the planet into a giant monster. Now, with a new life in a new space station, he can finally stay alive, because he is the last man that can make it.
Event[0] – Main Menu:
Event[0] – Menu Screen:
The first game from the Event[0] series, and definitely the most complex one. This game is an excuse to simulate a huge scene with the possibility to play different sequences.
You will have the bottom of the scene, the sequence itself and the top. You can also filter by the type of level (simple, extreme, two-player). Each level is divided into several sequences, each one is named and has a different theme for the soundtrack.
Before the sequences, there is a small story told in the cut-scene. Between each sequence, there is an transition scene that gives the feeling of a small movie.
Event[0] – Cut-Scene:
Event[0] – Transition Scene:
This is a short scene where we present the main events of the game and the type of game that is played.
The transition scene is a scene with a short introduction, followed by the main events of the game. The sequence starts with a title screen, followed by a cut-scene where you will meet the most important characters of the game.
After the cut-scene you will be in the first level of the game.


Features Key:

  • -Hack and slash
  • -Challenge your slashing skills against the toughest enemies, funny bosses and unlockable characters
  • -120 levels
  • -6 bosses to defeat
  • -5 mini boss to unlock
  • -Camellia
  • Crestron-Fantasia Foundation

    The Crestron-Fantasia Foundation (CFF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the public education about Cantonese culture and the arts, as well as providing creative programming in the form of performances, exhibitions and charity events. It was established in 2003 by Cantonese cultural companies following The Chinese Overseas Consortium’s (COC) invitation.

    Crestron has been affiliated with the foundation since 2005, and through its partnership together with CFF has been able to realize several artistic collaborations. In 2005, the first Cantonese gala event, a grand finale concert, “Grand Cantonese Dew Relief & Art Gala” has been presented by the foundation in public school and in 2003, the first “Cantonese Gala Evening” on Guangdong Maritime Museum has been celebrated, attracting more than 1500 patrons.

    Over 13 years, CFF has donated more than 3.1 million pesos in free services and activities to educational institutions in Guangdong, successfully providing public welfare to public schools in Guangzhou, Guangxi, Foshan, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Jingdezhen and others.

    CFF has also been running “Cantonese Culture and Arts Education” program at Shantou University since 2003. About 600 community members have been taken part in the course and about 10,000 junior middle school students from the Guangzhou city area have been graduated.

    In 2011, CFF has joined the Construction of Guangzhou City Ethnic Group Education Exhibition Center together with Guangdong Provincial Performing Arts Department, the Guangdong Province Office of Ethnic Affairs, Guangzhou Municipal Education Bureau, Guangzhou Football Association, Guangzhou Sports Bureau, Guangzhou University of Commerce, Guangzhou Sports Bureau and others. The exhibition center, officially named as “Crestron-Fantasia Foundation Exhibition Center”, will host the activities in the school season of 2011-2012.



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    You wake up in a remote psychiatric hospital, with no idea why you are there or what happened the night before.
    Get out of the hospital and find your way back home. Using your wits, search for a way out of the hospital while avoiding the fast zombies crawling all around the halls.
    Just press the buttons to interact with objects or other players.
    Controlling your character has never been easier and more intuitive. You’ll know what to do because an outline of your character and its actions will appear in front of you when using the buttons.
    To better immerse you in the action, we have added tactical minigames. Eliminate a number of players to get a pass to the next level!
    – Press A to interact with objects.
    – Press W to interact with players.
    – Press H to interact with enemies.
    – Press X to interact with the minimap.
    – Press L to lock into a cell. You can then move objects to different rooms. Use your high level of dexterity to control where the zombies go.
    – Press any button on the controller to save or pause the game
    – 14 unique levels, each with a number of different puzzles.
    – 48 unique rooms.
    – Over 50 unique objects.
    – 3 available characters.
    – 3 difficulty settings.
    – Free movement with no need of controllers, no teleportation.
    – No grabbing of objects, instead you just press a button to interact.
    – 30 seconds short intro.
    – Manual adjustment of camera angle.
    – Full screen visuals.
    – No music or sound effects.
    – Available on VR headsets (cardboard, Vive, Rift, OSVR, PSVR, Daydream, Gear VR, Google Cardboard).
    The game was released on May 12, 2017.
    – Reposted on Steam on August 14, 2017.
    – Available for free.
    – Available for Mac, Windows and Linux.
    – Compatible with most VR headsets.

    » Description

    “Dreams are alive and will lead you to the destinies you seek in this world.
    Dreams exist in every living creature but only if you have a mind to open it.”
    This is a horror puzzle game that explores that mind…
    You play as a demon hunter that has died trying to bring some justice to the world of men.


    Really Trash Game Full Version Free Download [Mac/Win] [Latest 2022]

    – fantastic graphics
    – clear and pleasant music
    – quiet atmosphere
    – many locations
    – lots of parkours
    – 5 special courses
    – unlock all secrets
    – no time limit

    The decision to enter the glorious world of parkours is easy: simple gameplay, relaxing music and beautiful graphics. Besides the carefully designed collection of parkours is very successful: You start in the simple parkour park with the hidden path. In the last stage the game becomes more difficult and you can experience parkours through the stone and the fog.

    Welcome to the parkours paradise:


    Trash Game!You play the character Daisy who has to reach the end of a dangerous stage through the forest and explore the secret.Use the arrow keys to move.Use the space bar to jump.You have to collect a golden cube and escape from the danger.In order to escape you have to be fast and avoid all kinds of traps.

    You are a young guard in a space station. Your mission is to escort the commander who has been captured by an aggressive alien species.The space station is in full protection mode, however not everything is as it should be. The aliens will try to follow you. Run around to evade them and fight.

    Very simple and easy.You control a red hot flame which must be passed through the course and heat up the falling stones.Be careful and avoid the stones, because they explode as soon as they are hit by fire.The goal of the game is to have enough distance between you and the stones. Good luck!

    Go go go!You are an alien which has to jump over traps and avoid them.Control your space ship with left and right keys.Take advantage of the oxygen to help you get to the goal.When the oxygen is full you can jump.If you hit a hole you lose your oxygen and get wounded.

    Help him…help him…Help this man in danger! He’s lost his memory and the only thing that he remembers is a girl who helped him. Go back to the past to rescue this man and find the key to the dangerous parkour. The only way to save him is to complete a very simple and calm course: Follow the blue line and complete all the parkours.

    You play an alien who has to get to the Moon as fast as possible in order to save the planet from the


    What’s new:

    Ledge® [Toronto]

    We embarked on an Audio tour of It’s all about locations before walking back to the central field. Not sure why but we left the building in a all new direction. Very odd. We then got a puncture on the Tarno tow path, but that’s not grounds for complaint…

    We took the day off as we were also very lost. Very confused we ended up going into the park itself and finding the central field very odd indeed. In fact we discovered a festival called allabout jam that was on..

    A small timer found.

    The whole outing was straight after an extended songwriting session a good weekend. 1 a side

    Not long to go now and we want to be rock heavy – but switch it up a bit this time. So have woken up to a very sleepy after two night of making all creative noise. This weekend we are watching a film via the same school film club that we have visited many times in the past. That in itself is quite enough to raise anticipation levels – we have been sent questions for the film and we need to ask them. We are then going out on the Tarno towpaths to investigate the tourist trap called the famous canal boat. Very tentative about one of the crew being pregnant and having not been on the canal path for many years (but as long as you don’t fall in – that’s it’s open season..).

    So sorry that we have been away for a few days – but we have been multi tasking hard and were working really hard last week. Our upcoming dates look great. We are off on the 24th to see a preview on a new duet with JPOTS on Nottingham’s Vibe stage as well as back headlining ‘Head to Head’ with Marcus Brown and everybody who’s anybody.

    Come down to our Brighton support slot on the 16th with PB.

    Now we have an upcoming east coast tour early next year with Transparks – featuring a string of high profile festivals. We are putting this album to bed now and we are really excited about ‘You are the Winter’ – It’s about 6 good songs.

    Last week was 10 days in London with re-envisioned VIVA in the Vrijfjestrain. This is definitely our favorite club to play in London at the moment. I’d like to go back and play at Brick Lane to be honest. Such a great, great bar/club.


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    – Numerous ever evolving statistics and facts
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    – Amazing 100 levels and 10+ customizable levels
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    – Friendly community.

    Mod Info:
    – Feel free to add anything to the Modded Stuff folder
    – Mods should be named SMMatch17ModName.exe and are to be dropped in the root/Mods folder or upload them from their page
    – If you have any questions or would like any help just contact me
    – All Mods are provided free of charge!
    – Re-upload the mods and tell me to add you to the creditsQ:

    Updating an array in a struct in the main file

    When I try to print “Is there a change for the team: ” I keep getting this: error: variable is not used
    System.out.println(“Is there a change for the team: ” + change);
    ^ error: ‘;’ expected
    int change = global.change();


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    Thu, 24 Jun 2013 10:04:19 EDTReport: ReadyUp, the popular ready-to-run game distribution portal that allows fans to quickly access the latest builds of their favorite games, reached a milestone with millions of virtual downloads and close to 100,000 gamers from 192 different countries.ReadyUp is celebrating this achievement by adding the 24th game to its growing collection of 200+ titles, and it’s the latest release, the unauthorized remake of King of Fighters, The Day of Crisis.The last game released on ReadyUp was the Japanese version of Diablo III, and the Day of Crisis brings the American version of the game with English text and voiceovers. Interested developers can add their games for free at .New Robot Labs, which runs ReadyUp, is also


    System Requirements For Really Trash Game:

    OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1
    Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 Processor: 1GHz or faster processor
    1GHz or faster processor Memory: 256 MB RAM (1GB recommended)
    256 MB RAM (1GB recommended) Hard disk: 64MB available space
    64MB available space Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 or later compliant
    DirectX 9.0 or later compliant Video Card: Minimum 256MB RAM video card (1GB recommended)