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Three factions of tribal clans vie for survival in their respective Tribes. Each group of tribesmen has a sacred totem of a powerful God: Adam, Thor or Heimdall, the chosen protector of a clan’s totem. I will be playing as, Stefan, a tribol with the totem of, Heimdall. Stefan battles every day to defend his totem from the rival tribols, while also battling amongst his own people to gain their favor or to increase his power. The tribes are constantly on the brink of war, and the factions are ruthless. Try to learn their language, follow their customs and use them to your advantage. Can you defeat them all?
Requires Heroes of Might and Magic V: Rise of the Chaos Emperor.
Requires Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Succession of Galan
Requires Heroes of Might and Magic II: Trials of Atlantis
Requires Might and Magic III: The Revenge of the Witch!
Requires the Complete Adventure Pack: Secrets of the Witch
Requires Might and Magic: War of the Lions!
// Copyright (c) 2012-2020 Wojciech Figat. All rights reserved.

using FlaxEngine;

namespace FlaxEditor.Content.Textures
/// Represents a texture’s environment environment map.
public struct TextureEnvMap : IDoTrackable
public bool IsActive()
return _active;

public bool IsSelected()
return _selected;

public bool IsSustained()
return _sustained;



Parabolus Features Key:

  • Dedicated This game to the fight against leukemia charity and all of the cancer patients there are in this world. Try to help them. Buy this game.
  • Over 30 Perks. With over 30 perks, character development is worth it.
  • Make More Than 1 Player. This game will be definitely a better than THN because the difficulties are way more.




Play Mode

  • #8, Progression Mode
  • #8, Fully Modded Mode


  • #16, Open HUD
  • #16, Close HUD


  • #12, Level of Play


  • #14, Update the Game


  • #7, Save Me


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About This Game
The Story:
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The castle is surrounded by a force of Imperial soldiers. Arturia’s mother is captured and she must escape, but she can’t do it alone. You’re called in to


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Cooperate with your fellow Agents and defeat your enemies.

Use your Reaction to manipulate the environment and change the flow of battle.

Go solo, play solo, go stealthy, or explore the campaign.

Choose between 4 weapons, and 7 enemy types.

Select your weapons using the pause screen.

Play the campaign and unlock new weapons.

Earn guns to use in the game.

You are free to kill your friends.

Delay, Weapon Art and Sounds

Beautiful HD graphics, inspired by the Superhot soundtrack.

Customizable, slow-motion and stop-time camera effects.

10 weapons with different characteristics.

7 types of enemies.

30 game maps (5 campaign maps and 25 game maps)

Bonus Content:

Collectible secrets, medals, and guns to unlock after the campaign.

Mod support!

You can find Delay at the App Store on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


1. Field of the Invention
This invention pertains to the field of photochromic compounds and their application. More specifically, this invention relates to the photochemical generation of an electronically neutral diene, which, upon curing, has the propensity to thermally generate a benzopyran. This invention also pertains to a chromophore-containing diene/benzopyran photopolymer which, after having been irradiated to cause the photochemical generation of the diene, cures to form a crosslinked polymer.
2. Description of the Related Art
Photochromic compositions have been employed in a variety of applications, including optical data storage media, in view of the advantageous properties such as reversibility and potential low cost. In optical data storage applications, photochromic substances are incorporated in a host polymer matrix, which polymer may then be employed in, for example, optical disks. In the context of photopolymerized systems, photochrom


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