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** A large 2.5×1.5 meters (8x4ft) monument based on sketches made by Wright, in memory of the victims of a dreadful train accident in 1903 on the Great Northern Railway at Talcottville, near the Pearl Street Station in Chicago, Illinois.**Não, os fatos não são todos o mesmo, confusão atípica.

A “Barra Larga”, no entanto, faz mais sentido, pois, como explicado por uma das entrevistadas, ele deveria ser “uma barreira maior” impedindo a saída de obstáculos da rodovia durante a colisão.

Nesse sentido, a Barra Larga é exatamente o contrário da Barra de Panamá, que está “desapontada”, como ouviram muitos motoristas no dia 24, que notaram que as barras, que desta vez estavam mais aguçadas, não aguçam mais a rodovia.

No entanto, qualquer pessoa que passa pelas barras aqui (nas bicas da frente deles) deve atentar que elas serão ressuscitadas às 10h do dia 31 de julho!

Ok, pensei que mais dificilmente ficaria a imagem da bicada (ou até mesmo para os menores, ao que entendo) do que a bicada do camião no canteiro de pedras da rodovia, quando menos poderia. E aqui tem!

Compreendo a dificuldade, mas antes que se trate de uma solução, um post (e uma notícia) ainda não chega! Daí está, portanto, a gente tentando, com esforço, encontrar a solução. Só que não está dando certo.

De qualquer forma, somos 20, de 12 bicadas, que, após tantas tentativas, não conseguimos encontrar. E aí


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  • Fully optimized and updated engine and gameplay
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  • Multiple game modes to enjoy – online, single player and co-op.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is the ultimate open-world fantasy role-playing video game, and a true masterpiece in video game storytelling. It is the long awaited successor to The Witcher 2, the critically acclaimed story-driven role-playing game. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt introduces an all-new open world, immersive environments and thrilling combat, making an unforgettable gaming experience with amazing graphics. A brand new open world awaits you, packed with unforgettable characters, places, and events.Enjoy exploring a massive world to find its many secrets and adventures. With an immersive and open system, everything you do matters. A robust and deep combat system, amazing stealth mechanics, and all kinds of useful gear and weapons keep everything fresh and exciting. Experience brutal one-on-one combat with an outstanding level of tactical and strategic depth. Players must plan ahead to stay alive while fighting off the monsters that roam this sprawling open world. A sweeping narrative of bloody battles between the forces of the Wild Hunt, the Free Marches, and the Empire takes you on an epic journey into one of the most sought after open worlds of recent times.
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  • [PC] Let It Die -(Special) 50 Death Metals- 026
  • —–
    Initial release ;-).


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AFCAD files:
The airport Barcelona is Spain’s second-largest right after Madrid-Barajas and ranks 10th place in Europe. With Airport Barcelona sim-wings brings this international hub up to speeds, contentwise.
The high-resolution aerial image covers a total surface of 4200 km² around the airport as well as the city of Barcelona – the whole area also received autogen buildings and vegetation. The airport itself not only sports detailed buildings, pre-rendered night lighting and several animations, but also features ground markings based on up-to-date charts and an AFCAD file containing real parking codes and approach procedures following AIRAC 1708.
Note: The airport Barcelona is a 500 square km-area. For further details please refer to the airport information in the cockpit with the key F7.

Discover the unique history of one of the most important cities of the Old World: Bruges (‘Vlotho’).
Around 1000 years before our times, renowned merchants and seafarers founded their trading hubs in the Low Countries. As they did elsewhere in the Mediterranean region, the Italian traders also settled here. And when the ancient Romans invaded Europe, they found the Low Countries at the crossroads of important trade routes.
Thousands of years later in the age of exploration, the Low Countries were linked to the New World and the Far East by sailing into the North Sea.
The historical city of Bruges is a world-famous place. Bruges is unique for several reasons, mostly for its Renaissance architecture and an attractive canal district: the ‘Canal District’ (Brugse Vrije). The city is full of fascinating stories about life, death, fortunes and dreams.
Before you begin exploring Bruges, you can choose between three control and navigation options (‘takt’, ‘tappen’ or ‘drijf’). You can land wherever you like, so be sure to bring your iPad or Macbook and get ready for a real cultural experience!
• Bruges is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the city, its history and its environment in 3D and take a virtual walk!
• Find out more about the main sights and not-so-main sights (secret gardens, secret passageways, etc) with useful information and current Bruges opening times.
• Bruges doesn’t tell you everything – find more information on a


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A mystical rift on the Moon. The Ethereal Rift is on the inner edge of the Lunar orbit. Outside, two more different sides. Sides of the Ethereal Rift:
Pink, Corruption and Blood – Densetsu no Stigma. Sides of the Ethereal Rift:
Purple, Despair and Dead – Densetsu no Mokushiroku.Densetsu no Stigma(1.0)Mokushiroku(1.0)Never miss a thing from Belfast and beyond – sign up for FREE updates direct to your email inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribing See our privacy notice Invalid Email

A man was “loved to death” after falling 30 metres down a steel ladder while trying to fix a blocked sink.

Shocked neighbours described how the workman fell down the ladder at a house in central Belfast on Sunday.

They said they saw his body “floating in the air” and saw emergency services trying to save him before he died.

Gardaí are appealing for witnesses or anyone who may have information that could assist their investigation.

The man was pulled out of the sink and the ladder was lifted up from the water by another workman who was present at the house in the Dunne St area.

The man was rushed to the Royal Victoria Hospital, where he died.

One woman said: “They pulled him out the sink and just before they did he fell.

“They tried to resuscitate him but they could not.

“They tried for ages but they could not.

“It was heartbreaking. They were all really shocked. I have never seen anything like it.”

A man who was also at the house at the time said: “I could hear this shouting and someone saying he’s been there for six hours.

“I could hear a voice saying he was ‘loved to death’.”

The man said there were two men involved in the accident and added: “One has a police collar around his neck.”

Gardaí at the scene said: “The incident occurred at around 5.50pm on Sunday, March 1, in the Dunne St area.”

“We are appealing to anyone who may have any information to contact detectives at Castlereagh CID on the non-emergency number 101.”Agency Information

Agency Name

Veterans Affairs Canada

Agency Address



What’s new in Next Stop: Zombie:


return manifest


func _OctorSpaceTheme() (ResizeTheme, error) {
conf := Template(“{{.Theme }}”)

Manifest := “OCTOR SPACE”
config := parseTheme(Manifest)
theme := config.BuildTheme()

err := config.Save()
if err!= nil {
return theme, err

func fetchPkg(modulePath string) (*repo.Config, error) {
_, err := load.DefaultPkg()
if err!= nil {
return nil, fmt.Errorf(“unable to load package config: %s”, err)

path, err := filepath.Abs(modulePath)
if err!= nil {
return nil, err
pkg, err := load.DefaultDir(fmt.Sprintf(“/%s”, path))
if err!= nil {
return nil, err

return pkg, nil

func loadPkg() (f *repo.Config, err error) {
pkg, err := fetchPkg(os.ExpandEnv(makeEnv()))
if err!= nil {
return nil, err

return PkgName(pkg), nil

func configTemplate(template string) (string, error) {
cfg, err := LoadConfig()
if err!= nil {
return template, fmt.Errorf(“loading config: %s”, err)

renderer := config.RenderWriter()
t, err := template.New(“”).Funcs(renderer).Parse(template)
if err!= nil {
return template, fmt.Errorf(“rendering: %s”, err)

err = t.Execute(cfg.Render(), renderer)
if err!= nil {
return template, fmt.Errorf(“rendering: %s”, err)

return template, nil
Robust fluorescent DNA-gold nanoparticle nanocomposite for versatile aptasensing via gate-controlled fluorescence turn on mechanism


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Sci-Fi Adventures: Alien lands and spaceships are the setting for your Sci-Fi adventures. Find out what secret weapons the aliens have, visit lost Alien artifacts, and explore abandoned Alien bases. You will even travel to far away planets to visit the aliens’ home planets.
Jans Tokenpack 20 – Space Fun Pack 1
These tokens are created to resemble different types of spaceships and alien artifacts.
I hope you will take them on a great space adventures, exploring different alien planets, engaging in epic space battles, and traveling to far away galaxies on starship journeys.
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Sci-Fi Adventures: Space travel is the setting for your Sci-Fi adventures. Find out what dangerous artifacts are in the hands of space pirates, visit abandoned spacecraft, and visit far away planets in outer space. You will even travel to far away galaxies on starship journeys.
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Sci-Fi Adventures: Great Sci-Fi characters and articles of the future are the setting for your Sci-Fi adventures. Find out what great weapons are in the hands of humans, visit different futuristic civilizations, engage in epic sci-fi battles, and travel to far away galaxies on starship journeys


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System Requirements For Next Stop: Zombie:

640MB of RAM
1GHz Processor or higher
512MB or more of video memory
Version 9.0
Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive:
500MB available space
DirectX-compatible sound card
Microsoft® Windows® XP
Midi keyboard, Standard MIDI file editorNursing – How to