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This is a dystopian first-person game, which is the result of a sincere and honest work. It tells the story about a person, who takes a significant role in the life of the country. This country is ruled by an egotistical maniac, and it is the start of a bloody revolution.
In the hopeless situation, you realize that it is not about what you want and more importantly the need to survive. For this purpose, you need to think about long-term goals, and a new story begins…

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UNDEFINED Game Features:

Game Review

UNDEFINED is a first-person adventure game, which has a good amount of content and gives a good overview of the world. The atmosphere is dark and gloomy, and it’s like playing in that world is something that forces you to look around and discover something new. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee a lot of action, and the adventurous part is quite weak in this game.


Uncharted – You wake up in a strange place, which is hiding you from the outside world. To find a way out, you need to explore different locations, and especially, your memory will help you in this quest, and you will have to use all of your logic and common sense to make it to the end.

A video game set in the near future, where the US has fallen into a totalitarian regime. The main character wakes up on an island, and gets into his car. He drives through a wide-open country, where no one knows where he is, and then suddenly he hears a loud bang. He wakes up and learns that the car was destroyed by a bomb that was planted by the enemy.
There was no money, no memories, nothing. The only thing the protagonist had is a UUID and a nametag, which was stamped on his forehead.
This is where the main quest begins. The protagonist sets out on a journey to find the UUID, and to find his identity.
Soon after that, he discovers that there is a conspiracy behind all of this. And it begins to seem that a major revolution is about to take place in this land. This is the story of the protagonists, who wants to find the truth, even if it means to go against the enemy.
The atmosphere of this game is very interesting, and it is very suitable for the


Features Key:

  • Highly interactive game with 60 environments
  • Split screen multiplayer mode
  • Play with your friend as the demon.
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    Memory match game is a match game between pairs of picture with each picture of card flipping over another one to match the same. Your memory ability will be tested.
    What’s New
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    Match the stunning collection of red horse
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    ★ 5 levels Easy – Medium – Hard – Pro – Extreme
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    ★ 21 challenge levels.
    ★ Watch the tutorial videos.
    ★ The more coins you get, the more times you can play the level.
    ★ Leaderboard.
    ★ 7 categories (Outdoors, Garden, Farm, Pets, Countryside, Wild Life, People)
    ★ 21 challenge levels.
    ★ Watch the tutorial videos.
    ★ The more coins you get, the more times you can play the level.
    ★ Leaderboard.
    ★ Free Game for kids
    ★ Award-winning full animations.
    ★ Daily award.
    ★ Fun for all ages.
    • What’s New
    This game has been updated and optimized for better performance.
    • Bugs fixed
    • New features added.

    Great for memory training.
    ● Bright and fun game modes
    ● 50 challenging levels
    ● Performance based leaderboards
    ● Tap the finger to match pairs of the picture cards and

    ● Superb graphics.
    What are you waiting for? Get it!
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    Are you a fan of memory game?
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    System Requirements:
    OS: Windows 10
    Processor: Intel Core i5
    Memory: 6GB RAM
    Storage: 300GB Available Space
    Graphics: Intel HD 5000 or AMD Radeon R5 GCN 2.0
    Rendering Platform: Microsoft DirectX 11
    Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Full or Ultimate license and a one time purchase of the any ruleset.
    About This ContentFull Game:UNDERTALE music DLC for Groove CoasterTitle: Spider DanceArtist: Toby Fox*From UNDERTALEDDifficulty: Simple 3 / Normal 6 / Hard 9BPM: 230
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    All rights reserved by mirosbit to Rosabip Productions
    About This ContentUNDERTALE music DLC for Groove CoasterTitle: Spider DanceArtist: Toby Fox*From UNDERTALEDDifficulty: Simple 3 / Normal 6 / Hard 9BPM: 230


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    And lastly, if some of your buttons are stuck, you can jump into the Options -> Game Settings menu and cycle through the GUIs (trying the different button mappings), until you find the one that suit you the best.

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    Heya new guys I am going to teach you how to play, in this tutorial I will be covering three aspects of the game. The Controls, The Weapons, and The Animations. Now if you’re familiar with the Gal*Gun games and you want to get into the series, you might be interested in these.

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    Engine of a revolution: The Lion’s Song is an action game inspired by the rich Viennese modern art movement of that time. Together with its musical score it has been created in full agreement with the artists that were participants of that era and era’s events.

    The Lion’s Song: Vienna 1907 is a true innovative action game with a heavy emphasis on musical score and storytelling.

    Concept of the game: The player will be playing as the protagonist of this story, a young Jewish banker, who is stealing his own money and running away from his responsibilities. The game is a creative story-driven action game with creative puzzles, intertwined with a world of emotions. The player will get in touch with a large cast of characters, and as well with historical events, all connected to one overarching narrative.

    Key Features:

    Freely playable single player game

    Unfamiliar puzzle/action gameplay, in which the protagonist plays as a young individual in a world of unique characters

    Tracks the life of the protagonist, a young Jewish banker, who runs away from his responsibilities with his stolen money

    Traverses the protagonist’s story across 4 different locations, all within the picture frame

    Up to the players’ decision, the game will offer alternative outcome to the unfolding storyline

    In-depth interconnected storylines for the characters, the locations and also the context in which they exist

    Colorful graphics and audio, all created in full agreement with the artists of the era

    Experiential interactive experience – you will get in touch with a large cast of characters, and as well with historical events, all connected to one overarching narrative.

    ⊕ 19.95 EUR (incl. VAT/GST)

    ⊕ 39.95 EUR (incl. VAT/GST)

    ⊕ 29.95 EUR (incl. VAT/GST)

    ⊕ 19.95 EUR (incl. VAT/GST)

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    The Lion’s Song: Episode 5 – Mistakes – is the end-game of the story. In Episode 5, the 1st Mother, the 1st Father and the 2nd Father meet in Bohemia for the last times. As the 2nd Father’s retirement is approaching, he is off to Graz. He is also re-introducing his Friend of the family to ano…

    The Lion’s Song


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