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For the first time ever, experience a story-based, third-person, hack ‘n’ slash adventure in an open world!
Collect, enhance, and customize weapons to take on the biggest, most powerful Aragami and rogue monsters the world has ever seen. Experience new intense action-packed combat and high-stakes strategy gameplay.
Rise to the top of the Aragami food chain, take on challenges, explore a massive world and fight on locations such as the sewers, deserts, and the shadows of The Northern Crater. The journey will feature new gameplay, worlds, playable characters, and more.
System Requirements:
* PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system
* PlayStation®VR headset, sold separately
* (PlayStation®Camera required for PlayStation®VR)
* Internet connection
* PlayStation®Plus membership required
* (PlayStation®3 system, PlayStation®Vita system, and PSP® system also supported)

Special Offer

GOD EATER: Rage Burst comes with this Season Pass and a bonus upgrade code! By spending more than $49.99 on the Season Pass, you will gain access to:
– 2 DLCs (that is available for free for the first month!)
– New Missions
– New World
– New Trophies

PS Store Update

GOD EATER 2 is available in the following stores:
USA, Canada, U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan.

Compatibility Notes: The title can be installed on up to 2 PS Vita systems, and can be installed in the following regions: JPN,EUR,KOR,TWN.

Tablet support requires connectivity to the internet while playing the game.

GOD EATER 2 Review

God Eater 2. (PlayStation 4)

Going Bananas

I came to review this game last week on the PSN store, and I must say that in case someone was wondering, yes I am actually a God Eater fanboy and I have like a 100% completion status for all of the games thus far.

It’s a really odd thing to say considering that not that many people (if any) took the first one seriously. But I do. As weird as it may sound, I don’t just like it because of the game play. I like it because of the plot-line and the story-telling. Not to mention the fact that


LocoMotives Features Key:

  • We have a new flavor for Mugen Souls, Points Fever Bundle 2 where you can join the hands of a group of heroes to save the world.
  • More heroes, tons of new costumes and weapons
  • More missions and battles
  • Easy to play, hard to master: for hardcore players but beginner friendly too.
  • How to get Mugen Souls – Points Fever Bundle 2 Game Code:

    You can choose either download from the homepage or pre-install version and play immediately if you got the game in the homepage, when you install it, It will be very easy to implement the game interface and the comments of your friends, Only download links from the Uplay store can be applied. It’s safe, do not forget to download the game once.

    How to install Mugen Souls – Points Fever Bundle 2 Game Code:
    This operating system does not support introducing third-party data and icons.

    You need to confirm the installation again and again until you finish it.

    Mugen Souls – Points Fever Bundle 2 End User License Agreement:

    All items in this bundle can be owned legally.
    This bundle supports Steam and Uplay as an on-going method of payment. If you refuse to accept this agreement, you can choose to choose to purchase separately so that you can use in the future as well.


    Please make sure that you have Uplay installed before using your Uplay product key. For information on installing Uplay please refer to the following website.

    Store Uplay Support

    Note: The keys are valid for the Steam version of Mugen Souls – Points Fever Bundle 2 only.

    The keys are generated randomly when redeemed. Those are the keys which can be used to play the game.

    The keys are not refundable or transferable and


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    Transcendence is an open-world, story-driven space combat and exploration game for Windows.
    In the year 2419, humanity has colonized hundreds of star systems, each with a unique personality. But now a god-like hyperintelligence is mentally compelling people to travel to the Galactic Core, and the Ancient Races of the galaxy have decided to quarantine all of Human Space.
    All you can do is play your game. Adapt your strategy to survive the journey through dozens of randomly generated star systems. Take advantage of scavenged weapons and devices. No two games are ever alike, so adaptation equals survival. Blast your way through the swarming tactics of Anarchist battlepods; steel yourself against the EMP attack of the Dwarg masters; and pray to Domina that you can withstand the terrifying archcannon of the Phobos dreadnought.
    Transcendence includes over a hundred different kinds of enemy ships and stations, each with distinct abilities. Loot wreckage to obtain more powerful weapons, armor, and shields, or purchase them at dozens of different friendly stations. Earn unique high-tech weapons by completing missions for the Commonwealth Fleet or by helping the Corporate Hierarchy with their research. Earn money by escorting the giant freighters of the Korolov Corporation; sell exotic ores extracted from asteroid fields with seismic charges; compete for glory at the gladiatorial games of the Battle Arena Maximus; or get an introduction to the Black Market and sell illicit goods for profit.
    Transcendence is a game of freedom and opportunity. The core version of the game is free. All the DLCs are also free. The new major release of the game will introduce a new character, the virtual citizens of Eternity Port: a secret world-game created by human overlords. Includes Corporate Command and Eternity Port.

    Experience a novel concept where you are the captain of a ship. A ship not unlike the ones you’ll find in the next AAA game you play. So, one that’s much easier to maneuver and pilot than the hulking oceangoing behemoths you so often find in video games. But as the demo of Elite: Nova shows, even a small ship can be home to a world of mystery and discoveries.

    What is Elite: Nova?

    Elite: Nova is the next installment in a stable of Elite games now spanning over a decade of releases. Elite: Nova is a single-player, class-based space simulation that seeks to replicate the grandeur of


    LocoMotives For PC (Final 2022)

    1. Select “Enter VR” button on top left of screen
    2. Upon the release of “Enter VR” button, interface graphics will display
    3. Interface shows you the floor plan in the virtual space of your apartment.
    4. You will be able to see the height of the center of your living room.
    5. The immersive eye view and head tracking appears real-time and 3-D like.
    6. Landscape are scalable and can be resized freely.
    7. Furnishings and objects will be animated real-time when you move the interface by pushing and clicking.
    8. The ability to teleport allows you to change furniture in real-time.
    9. Since the coffee table-self serve machine, sofa, and table are all made in real-time, you can change the arrangement of them in the virtual space.
    10. Each interface is independent of one another. You can work on multiple interfaces at the same time.
    11. You can use the pen (digital) to draw and make changes in real time.
    12. You can also show the application interface to your clients to preview and make changes.
    13. The amount of furniture changeable has been increased for experience.
    Game “Virtual Kitchen” Gameplay:
    1. Select “Enter VR” button on top left of screen
    2. Upon the release of “Enter VR” button, interface graphics will display
    3. The immersive eye view and head tracking appears real-time and 3-D like.
    4. Landscape will be scaled to maximum 360 degree degrees.
    5. You can also select the floor plan displayed on-screen using the house(or apartment).
    6. The ability to teleport allows you to change furniture in real-time.
    7. Since the sink, refrigerator, stove, oven, and dishwasher are all made in real-time, you can change the arrangement of them in the virtual space.
    8. There are other furnishings that you can choose to make in real-time such as cooking station, refrigerator(front door), and dining table.
    9. You can use the pen (digital) to draw and make changes in real time.
    10. You can also show the application interface to your clients to preview and make changes.
    11. The amount of furniture changeable has been increased for experience.
    12. Since the kitchen interior layout and kitchen cabinet are made in real-time, you can change the arrangement of them


    What’s new:

    The Studio Music for Shio, along with an accompanying short story written by Yasuko Yuasa, can be viewed at the game’s website via a free download of the game’s theme.

    Released: Spring 2003



    1. ‘Drugged Sleep’ – 6:22

    2. ‘Superpose’ – 7:02

    3. ‘Rhythm of Life’ – 6:47

    4. ‘Dream Journey’ – 6:49

    5. ‘A Nightmare’ – 7:11

    6. ‘The Remake’ – 7:01

    7. ‘New Dream’ – 7:09

    8. ‘The Justice’ – 6:44

    9. ‘Violation of Silence’ – 3:40

    10. ‘Music and Lyrics by Yasuko Yuasa’ – 5:41


    is an extended version of the “short original story”. It was released as a special edition of the game and contains two CDs.

    composed by Koichi Wada. The OST is based on music from the related game. Shio and Ran are best friends who both play viola. After the two have been beaten on the SAT exam by none other than their viola teacher (Samantha Youn), they realize that the test is a fake and their teacher is merely a double agent who is probing their friendship. After this event, the duo become best friends for real, but as Ran wears an injured hand, she can no longer play the viola.

    When a newly installed master viola is randomly left lying around, Ran and a couple of close friends (among them Naru and Shio) decide to go to school as viola players in order to locate the mysterious instrument. The resulting experiment ends in the trio’s becoming “accidentally” pulled into an alternate universe, known as “Catherine’s Dream”. In this parallel world, the viola Ran plays is a much more advanced instrument which can give Ran powers like invisibility and magnetism. Those of Ran and Shio note several differences between them and their counterparts in the “real world” when they get home after the incident at school.

    was the first soundtrack in Square Enix’s SoundCast Series. The OST album contained all eleven tracks. The sound quality for this soundtrack was the highest in the entire SoundCast


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    The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel I & II is a role-playing
    fantasy epic on the cusp of two eras that pits steel-clad warriors
    of destiny against one another. In the latest chapter of the
    Legend of Heroes story, players journey to Felyne on the continent
    of Erebonia, as the fate of the entire nation lies in their hands.
    The Trails series breaks with convention by introducing players
    to more diverse cultures and characters. The world in which the
    stories of Trails unfold is both modern and ancient, and it
    continues to evolve as the games develop. The latest addition
    of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II introduces
    strange new elements to the world of Erebonia, while still
    respecting the values, customs, and traditions of the Erebonian
    Key Features:
    The Next Step in The Legend of Heroes: Trails
    With the new characters and additions to the world that is Erebonia,
    The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel has taken the next step
    in the legend of heroes. The Trails series is known for its
    open-world RPG where players traverse vast and diverse fantasy
    realms, all while learning about the lore and cultures of the
    numerous factions that populate the land. The Legend of Heroes:
    Trails of Cold Steel II takes this one step further, introducing
    fantastical elements and alien races to the world of Erebonia,
    while still respecting the traditions of the Erebonian people
    and the values of their medieval society.
    Azure Droplet x200
    The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II introduces unique
    items called Azure Droplets that can be used to enhance the
    character’s levels. These items are distributed by the CAMP,
    which can be accessed from the [CONTENT] menu.
    Ninkien, the country’s leading grain company, is running a contest
    to collect Azure Droplets and rewards them to those who collect
    the most in one month. Thus begins the adventure of the characters
    as they attempt to collect the Azure Droplets to achieve the
    highest level.
    1. Arena P
    2. Improvement Zimunou Denx
    3. Enhancement Tewanta
    The first Azure Drop taken in exchange for an item must be placed
    in front of the item for which it’s being traded.
    If the


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    System Requirements:

    Requires Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
    Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-4590 or AMD Phenom II X4 940
    Memory: 6GB RAM
    Graphics: GeForce GTX 1050 or AMD Radeon R9 290
    Storage: 1GB RAM
    DirectX: Version 11
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Keyboard and Mouse: QWERTY keyboard and mouse.
    Additional Notes:
    Internet connection is required for multiplayer mode and for installing free updates
    Controls can