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Explore the ancient land of Uktena ruled by the powerful queen Krakaya and encounter dangerous animals. You are a Uktenan nobleman who has disappeared in the northern forest. Search for lost princess Puja and investigate the mysteries of the ancient kingdom of Uktena.
Game Features:
– Free-roaming world with open level design.
– 3D graphics with a cartoon style.
– Cut scene animations with voice acting.
– Diverse and huge game world with unique level design.
– Beautiful girls with sex poses.
– A lot of hidden bonuses inside the game.
– Hints for all levels.
– Easy main menu.
– Easy access to help and pause features.
– Good music and relaxing atmosphere.
– English, French, Russian and German language.
– Hints for the game:

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Most of the game’s promotional clips can be found on the official website and in YouTube’s How To Play Channel, the first part is called “Hello
The game is primarily controlled with the keyboard, the main gameplay elements are:
Krakaya’s kitchen. A girl called Rita has been captured by the monsters. The heroes need to defeat them and get to Rita.
How to play
– Go to the menu, select an option, then select a level from the list.
– Press left or right to move left or right, press up or down to move up or down, and use the space bar to jump.
– When a monster is near, press space bar to perform a special move – it


Features Key:

  • Match races to survive
  • Easy handling. Drift your car on the turn and use as much brakes as you need!
  • Be competitive – compete against your friends in various modes
  • Vehicles from 250 BC
  • Step on google play: