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Ever wondered what would happen if you actually defeated the Demon Lord in a battle of good versus evil?
Now’s your chance to find out. After All is an RPG in which the evil Demon Lord is defeated and a new world order is established. Your journey is to explore new worlds, awaken the national and ethnic diversity of the world, and protect the weak.
A small group of young people are trying to survive the evil Demon Lord’s rule, but as the story progresses you and your friends will discover that fate has other plans for you. After All seeks to escape from the simple world of battle and attempt a journey into the future where friendship, love, and all that sappy nonsense will save you, instead.
System Requirements Windows 2000 SP4 or later, 2000, XP, Vista, or 7;.NET Framework 3.0, Windows Installer 2.0, or later;.NET 2.0, Windows Installer, or later; 7GB memory; DirectX 8 or higher


The Epic Cart series is a family-oriented RPG game that fuses those entertaining and unique games with the visual and thematic style of ordinary adult games.

Epic Artwork

The game and its scenes don’t seem to be much like adult games, but still, they are both entertaining and fun to play. A great graphic design is a must for this game, and the user interface design is also unique and makes the game a lot of fun. The game includes plenty of free music and sounds and has a wide variety of cutscenes to use in the game. It will include a sequel after its release, so it will be great if you are planning to play this game too.

System Requirements Windows 2000 SP4 or later, 2000, XP, Vista, or 7;.NET Framework 3.0, Windows Installer 2.0, or later; 7GB memory; DirectX 8 or higher


Thunder is a tactical RPG game with turn-based battles, a good strategic gameplay and a fun story, that features many RPG characters and elements.

Thunder Expansion

The Thunder expansion will feature a new chapter called “Lightning Earth.” The story continues with Wrath: Dawn, the upcoming sequel.

World Base Building

World Base Building is a simulation game where the player develops a new world, or completes an old one, in order to survive, expand, and prosper. The player can develop


Features Key:

  • You can see the number of loops that you win. This feature is very easy to use and allows you to test how many loops you have won.
  • The integrated Graphics card will run on a display of any size. This feature is great if your display is larger that the actual arcade machine display.
  • Mega Pixel Maze Game: You will attempt to get as close as you can to the mark. The closer your answer to the correct answer, the more panels you will win.


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Lost in Vivo is an adventure game in which two people live in a strange world and try to solve a puzzle.
These puzzles are described by a series of images that are hidden in the game.
To solve these puzzles, you will need to speak to or have interaction with another character, who is called a “Sitter.”
Sitters can give clues to the player, and they may even come across a clue, themselves.
The sound effects were created with the help of Craig Sims.
The characters and environments in the game were created with the help of Ashley.
If you have any further questions please contact me.

There was a problem importing this song. Please try resetting the session. If the problem persists, delete all the content under [DATA/] and then re-add the song using the import screen.

Lost in Vivo is a fun and unique puzzle experience that puts you in the shoes of two people, Maria and Joshua, who find themselves in a strange world after a car accident. The game is played through everyday objects (mouthwash, coins, etc) that play a special part in the story.

There’s a lot going on under the hood of the story, but the characters are fun and the gameplay is engaging and sometimes frustrating as they struggle to find the puzzle solution.

After completing the game, each person can choose their own ending by meeting in person with the fellow player character at the end of the game. There are four endings to the game as the environment and characters change depending on which ending is chosen.

Lost in Vivo was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2012 and has been played by gamers around the world ever since.

This OST contains 64 original songs in.mp3 format.

The music is divided into two sections:

1) Background Music/Melodies:

music throughout the game, regardless of location or environment. These songs are generally slower in style and are meant to be background music for the player’s interaction with the game world.

2) Impact Scenes:

The Impact Scene is a collection of tracks that directly correspond with the locations of various puzzles that have to be solved by the player.

The character’s interaction with this puzzle is accompanied by a different style of music.


• Chronological Storytelling

The game tells the story of the characters in a completely new way. Narrated by Maria, the game starts at the very end of


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No items are available to make combat faster. To help facilitate fast movement, players can jump on the flat ground from a ledge or jump through an opening, but these actions are irreversible; jumping through a hole on the opposite side could result in the player falling to his death.

To attack, the player must click on the warrior; he will attempt to attack the dinosaur’s head, though, if successful, they will die; so may or may not use this attack.

After the initial attack, the dinosaur will feel pain and may lunge in an attempt to attack, so it is important to keep your distance.

Closed Door:

When a door is closed, it is white; if the player clicks on it, it will pop back open, or the player will die. If the door is blue, it is made of a steel or concrete-like material and is capable of withstanding even the largest impacts. If the player clicks on the door, it will pop open for a split second, and then close, possibly killing the player.


The doors can be accessed by pressing on their bar, so players can make several doors open at once. Players can also make walls, which are not nearly as useful. Only the blue doorways are stable.


These are the only flat surfaces in the game; they are well-lit but unstable, so they are not as useful as the blue doorways.


The game only lasts for 5 minutes, which is the approximate amount of time that the plane has been out of contact.

Game is a cool series as a whole, and the old titles for the PS2 such as Survivorand Doomhaven’t been ported for the Xbox/Wii, so here we go with this awesome game. Play as one of four characters that are dumped on a mysterious plateau somewhere deep in Tibet. The four characters differ in their personality and some skills. In the beginning you’ll have to find all four characters before the crash, and then you can find the ropes to the crash site. After finding the ropes, you’re ready to explore the unknown. Things such as doors, bridges and cliffs will all be present and not all the game will be just walking around. They also have an interesting creature that you’ll encounter while trying to explore, that is a dinosaur. So after all that, when you get the plane, you can choose between playing as Shiva, Zack,


What’s new: