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The Eternal Battlefields in iTunes

The Eternal Battlefields, a unique turn-based tactical game based on the conflict between the humans and the demons, prepares your for battle! Fight against randomly generated armies of the enemy, equip the best possible equipment, and lead your army to victory in the eternal war.
The Eternal Battlefields is a combination of a turn-based and real-time strategy game in a single convenient package. Craft and level a strong army, equip your best items, improve it, advance in the ranks, defeat your opponents in the best way – in real time or turn-based.
Each battle is different, as a result of different combinations and compositions of units and items, so it is impossible to develop a fixed battle tactics.
The Eternal Battlefields is a 100% turn-based tactical game with emphasis on combat. Win battles by giving orders to your units, and looting items after each victory, leveling them up, and choosing how to equip them for battle, selecting from 150+ skills.
In the battle you will have to think fast, so choose and equip the units quickly and correctly. Defeating opponents in the battle only gives you a chance to loot their items. The items will give you access to a new level, which will help you to get more advanced and powerful units, equip them with more powerful equipment, and further improve them.
Progress in the game is made not by experience points, but by the Loot items which you will have to loot on the battlefield or on your way to the enemy camps. Loot items will improve and upgrade your units and equip them with the necessary equipment to defeat the opponents.
Join the eternal struggle of man and demon, to be the strongest!

Tactical Strike is a campaign game about strategic maneuvers and team battles with all its pro and cons.

In the course of the missions, you will have to defeat enemy troops, seize key points, and fulfill the main mission. Battle and evade a multitude of enemy attempts to achieve these goals.

The History of Tactical Strike:

Tactical Strike on Bandcamp:


InFlux Features Key:

  • Become an army of monsters to destroy your objective.
  • Move fast to avoid that bit of blue Christmas tree.
  • Can you stay alive until december 24th?


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This is a wacky and frenzied 1920s action-adventure themed shooter where you fight your way through the frenzied streets of 1920s New York. You will get used to the crazy weapons like the twin pistols that you will encounter on the streets. You also have to watch out for the crazy challenges that will turn you into a dead man as you fight your way through the city. The numerous collectible items are scattered across the city and you have to find out in which order the numerous items get collected to unlock the next important map (playing different parts of a map is almost like a different game).

The complete original soundtrack for Army Gals by Sam L. Jones
1. Main Theme 1
All arrangements by Mark Lopresti (iNsound)
Composer: Kevin Sharp (iNsound)

All instruments arranged and produced by Kevin Sharp

Engineered by Mark Lopresti

Additional engineering by Chris Vrenna

Mixed by Christopher Barton

Mastered by Jim Semon

Soloists and ensemble members:
Michael Mirkin: piano
Jason Williamson: Trumpet

Mariana Covarrubias: Alto Sax
Chad Smith: Bass
Kevin Sharp: Tenor Sax, alto sax

2. Happy Army 1
All instruments by Kevin Sharp

Mixed by Mark Lopresti

Mastered by Jim Semon

Soloists and ensemble members:
Mariana Covarrubias: Alto Sax
Jason Williamson: Trumpet

Misha Grodzicki: Bass

3. Happy 2
All instruments by Kevin Sharp

Mixed by Mark Lopresti

Mastered by Jim Semon

Soloists and ensemble members:
Mariana Covarrubias: Alto Sax
Jason Williamson: Trumpet

Misha Grodzicki: Bass

4. Tense Army Situation
All instruments by Kevin Sharp

Mixed by Mark Lopresti

Mastered by Jim Semon

Soloists and ensemble members:
Mariana Covarrubias: Alto Sax
Jason Williamson: Trumpet

Misha Grodzicki: Bass


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For a game of this scope, this review is going to be lengthy. Most of the game is pretty straight forward.

Starting a New Game

At the beginning of the game you are given 10 tiles that represent the starting positions of your empire. I will not get too much into the beginning of the game. I will focus more on later game effects. If you are like me, you have played Empire early in the game and know all the combinations of every tile set, so I’m not going to cover the detailed strategy and gameplay for beginners.

Some thing to note:

The biggest benefit for playing with a deck of cards versus playing with cards in a computer is you can’t use tiles to attack or defend!

Early Game

The early game is not that interesting. At the beginning your only tasks are to harvest natural resources, attack your neighbors, expand your borders, conquer other empires, and build Wonders. Basically the most interesting thing you can do is attack your neighbors.


Harvesting involves building a city in your empire. This takes a resource (usually the resource you will be consuming next) and turns it into money. Each tile in your empire can produce a different number of resource (some produce no resources). A tile with a resource produced over your needed amount of the resource is wasted. If you need 100 wood, and you harvest more than 100, you could be wasting the excess. Your resources will also count towards the amount of minerals you need to harvest.

Most tiles cannot produce minerals. If your needs are mineral tiles, you need to build a mine. This takes your resources and converts them to minerals. You can use this tiles to attack an opposing empire, and you also get a bonus when you harvest a city you have in the conquer part of your deck.

If you have built all the tiles in your empire (except mine) you harvest the amount you need for your next turn.

If you have built a mine tile, you do not need to harvest any resources for that tile. However, you can harvest a city you have built before, or you can harvest the resource that the mine tile produces. If you build a mine tile when you have built your last city, you can continue to mine and keep harvesting. If you don’t build a mine, you can only mine once a game.

A city can be destroyed by an attacking empire or a


What’s new in InFlux:


I walked home today in the direction of the ocean. I’m in Rhode Island, so I figured there had to be some more of the stuff there.

I happen to be early on in my 20’s. On my way back to a car she’s got set behind hers for me, I stumbled onto the town of Ledyard. Some town to call home, I thought.

The most amazing woman I had ever seen, on my snowboard, crossed a street leading up to a playground. She was dressed in a long white dress with red-and-purple striped stockings and short red pumps with a strappy red and silver platform to end all platforms. Her blonde hair was cut short like a style called a blunt and she walked like a stork having a navigation nightmare.

She smiled at me like she knew who I was and her eyes sparkled. A big mouthed, giddy smile that said more than just hello. I started waving like she was running for re-election and she kept walking; no stopping to chat, no waving goodbye.

In my damaged state I joked to myself that I had seen the female version of Regis Philbin. Then I skipped up the stairs to my car and grabbed a Sprite from my mini refrigerator and thanked my God that the coast was clear.

Running In Front of The Crate Store On The Mattituck Inlet)

As I walked I got thirsty. Badly.

I go to the vet and buy the most expensive dog food I can find with no thought in my head. It just came to me. She looks like a Labrador, I rationalized, so she’ll need a lot of food because a Lab can run that much.

As always, I’m early. When I step into the office, I see the 3” of snow I’ve got from the plow.

Ahh, I’m glad, a big fat heart of that means I can come over now and fill all her bowls.

I sit down but didn’t know how long I’d be there. I’m actually doing my homework now…;)

I’ve heard of “burning up the crutches.” One of the nurses at the VA told me it means your legs are more comfortable but you’re no longer able to function and


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The Ranger: Lost Tribe is a fantasy Role Playing Game (RPG) where you will have to craft your weapons, your fighting skills and plan you approach on the way to making the best of your gameplay. The main feature of the Ranger: Lost Tribe is the huge enviroment. It is an area with lots of secrets and challenging content.
The game is set in a land of plenty. It’s a land where magic and myth used to exist. We offer you a big area to explore; it has four (4) main missions that need to be completed before you can safely leave the land. The game features three (3) main characters with a cutscene story telling the way your character behaves. You will be able to meet again your main character after you have completed all three (3) main missions for the first time.
After you have played the three (3) main missions for the first time you will have to perform a new set of missions to complete the story. After you have finished all of them you will have access to a character creation mode where you can modify your character. Not only you are able to change their looks, but also their skills, their animations and their equipment.
There are many different components to create for the Ranger: Lost Tribe and that includes;
– weapons
– shields
– different sets of clothes.
– bows
– melee
– weapons
There are over 150 different items you will be able to craft, find or purchase. You have a large variety of weapons to craft and equip, from your standard weapon choices like Bows, Shields and Spears to custom made items like Swords, Crossbows and Axes.
We offer you a myriad of crafting materials, weapons, abilities and items to give you a variety of choices. There are also items that can be discovered or found on an dead body or on the ground.
In addition to crafting you will also have the opportunity to find ingredients on your travels. These ingredients can be crafted into potions or food.
You can enchant items for stronger hit rates, faster movement speeds, improved stamina and more. You also have the chance to find unique properties on your gear.
When you craft gear you can also add points of enchanting. You can also place stuff on the ground for you to loot if they are still alive.
There are also items that you can find on an dead body that you can use as crafting material or as weapons.
Any suggestion to improve our game is always very much welcome.


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    Iron Man™ 3 Rises From Comic Death Bed to Film Finale

    With this week’s release of “Iron Man 3″ through Disney-Marvel (Dr. Dre doodles


    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32/64 bit)
    Processor: Intel i5-2400, AMD Athlon X4 845, Intel Core i5-2500
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    Graphics: DirectX 11 graphics card with 1 GB VRAM
    Hard Disk Space: 20 GB of free space
    Additional Notes:
    When installing it on your primary hard drive, make sure you keep your video drivers up to date.
    If you are running 64-bit, make sure you