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Even small railways can have big consequences. Completing levels and cutting down trees to your train in this modern version of the classic dot-to-dot puzzle game.
Key features include…
– Two game modes.
– HD graphics.
– Multiple difficulty levels.
– A stunning soundtrack.
– Simple to learn, highly addictive.
Don’t just take our word for it.
…And you can win one too!
– More than 80 puzzles.
– Tree-chopping mechanics.
– 5 awesome game modes.
– Plenty of obstacles to get in the way of your train.
– A host of power-ups and bonuses.
– Ugly-as-sin good times.
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Music and sound effects courtesy of Richard Patterson, Kevin MacLeod, and
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Tiny Railroad was inspired by the classic, Japanese arcade game, Hokra (Koroba). We figured out how to make the classic game, but in a high-res, PC game format, as well as some fun new updates… like power-ups, branch switches, and even a 5th secret level. So sit down, strap in, and enjoy your journey through the rails.
We hope you enjoy this new railway game on your PC. If you like Tiny Railroad, please do us a favour and leave a rating and review. This helps other people find our games. Everyone at Gamesparadise would greatly appreciate it… and we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks!

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Features Key:

  • Clean your home for Queen Victoria.
  • Get a new job doing house cleaning at a hotel.
  • Free your mom from the home
  • Help a girl to get her home
  • Find the younger sister.
  • Get all the money you can!

What are the main features:

  • Clean your home for Queen Victoria
  • The ambulance driver is run out of the home.
  • A girl give you some more money.
  • How to Clean A Home
  • Orlandaisgous
  • Cleaning
  • Clean Your Home For Queen Victoria
  • How To Clean A Home
  • How To Get Cash
  • Cleaning How
  • Metde
  • Clean Your Home For Queen Victoria
  • Cleaning Of A Home
  • House Cleaning
  • How To Clean A Home
  • How To Fill A Water Tank
  • Teacher Manege
  • Clean Your Home For Queen Victoria
  • Clean Your House
  • Clean Your Home
  • Clean Your House For Queen Victoria
  • Cleaning Therapy
  • Make Your House Better
  • More House Cleaning


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1910 – At the height of the Belle Époque, everything seems possible.
A young German woman seeks to follow her dreams. The chance of finding true love? If she’s lucky. But is her newfound optimism a sham? Is she brave enough to face the world’s most damning question? Is she honest? Is there something she’s hiding?
Desperate to find answers, she turns to a man who makes her heart race.
A man she thinks is a man.
A man she thinks is a woman.
A man who isn’t.
A man who is.
A man who is everything and who may be everything to her.
A man of secrets and lies.
A man who will change her life forever.
A man of –
Night and Day is a romance with multiple endings, featuring a mysterious assassin, a mysterious lover, and a one-of-a-kind adventure into the shadows of Paris.
As you play, decisions you make will leave untold stories behind and set the course of your life. Will you forget your deepest secrets? Will your happy moments all come with a price?
What will happen when the truth is finally revealed?
– – –
* Japanese version also features a French dub!
“For those looking for a story that can be seen as having a personal touch to it, this story isn’t one of those. Night and Day’s story is as deep as it is emotional, and it will find a way to affect you at the deepest level. Honestly, while I’ve read some reviews where you can hear some people get very attached to the main character, I kind of like the way the author just goes, more or less, “Here’s her history. Here’s her present. Here’s how she fits into the bigger picture.”.”
Ren’s Notice
About This Game:
“A murder mystery thriller of sorts, the story has you moving from investigation to investigation, making you think of how much of this is accurate, and which parts are not. You’re forced to make life-changing decisions early on, and it’s up to you how to progress.”
Ren’s Note
About This Game:
“Not only do the characters’ relationships change as you play, they can even change throughout the entire game.


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– 2 players: Виктор Путин (Putin) – Навальный (Navalny) – struggle with Putinoid in a bath-100+ shots with water pistols-Two modes: battle and training-Battle mode – Putinoids and Navalnyat-Training mode – training and preparing for battle-Use water, fire, air and ground weapons – Putinoids need to use to stay alive in the bath and avoid from the shooting-Play with water pistol – it was opened, but the bath is full of Putinoids and Navalnyat – shoot with water in all the opponents to drive them out of the bath-One strategy – you can choose the weapons, and the battle – use the weapon, try to take out all the opponents with one shot or even with 5 shots.The game can be paused and you can switch the weapons between bosses. The water can become ice to freeze the opponents.-Won 30 levels in battle mode-The game is currently in testing

If you have any problem with the game, or have not found the way to win in battle, send me a request and I will find a way to help you


Putinoids Russia

Product description

Russia, an alternative reality, 228 year of a new era, instead of people in Russia, cyborgs of two kinds began to be born – Putinoids, which are similar to President Vladimir Vladimirovich and Navalnyat, similar to Navalny. Putinoids and Navalnyats have always fought and are at war, but they want to rest, too. Once Putinoids decided to rest in a bath in Kiselevsk, but at that moment Navalnyata rested in the bath, they noticed the Putinoids and decided to drive them out of the bath. A battle ensued and who will win to decide only for you – you can play for Putininoids and Navalnyat. Game rest after the factoryFeatures:-Putinoids, Navalnyats, atmosphere – everything in the game-You can see Russia in an alternative reality with cyborgs instead of people-Relax, after the factory you can relax in the evening-Atmosphere soundtrack – Russian national anthem-Games: shoot with water pistol in all the opponents to drive them out of the bath-Simple and fun gameplay (move up and down, and shoot at enemies with water so they do not go to the bath)-Pixel art graphics


What’s new in Indentured Servant:

Blacksad: Under the Skin is a 2018 English language Vietnamese science fiction musical film directed by Tony Bonguero. The film stars Bong-Ju Chen as the title character, a genetically enhanced fashion model. Production took three years in preparation, visiting every episode of the Mao Zedong quotes television satire panel “Love, Eating and Revolution” to fund the production.

The film was released in the United States on 20 March 2019, and received negative reviews by critics. The comic book and manga versions of the character were released earlier; both reached #1 on the Global Manga charts. It was a box office success, grossing $63.6 million worldwide with over $4.1 million of its grosses coming from the United States. The film’s theme song, “” (), was released on February 28, 2018.

Biotechnologist Suri “Black” Denappa, while pregnant with his second son, is sent by her father, Veera Suri “Creator” (Hieu Chinh), to the “Love, Eating and Revolution” (Veganotes) panel, a live entertainment show broadcast on TV, to fall in love in order to have a successful child. Black is reborn as a dystopian, genetically-enhanced fashion model, Blacksad.

Years later, Memento Mori, the leader of the “Love, Eating and Revolution” panels, is imprisoned by Devil (Tiên Tiên Điềm Ba), the chairman of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), after a coup d’état where the adult Blacksad killed a VAST scientist in self defense. Blacksad, along with the other panelists, rescues Memento Mori and the other imprisoned members and escapes to Devil’s satellite prison. The other panelists seek to find an escape route to the nearest Vietnamese free zone, and upon arriving at the border, the group fight the VAST in hopes of liberating their loved ones from Devil’s satellite prison, but are defeated.

Damayanti, the host of the “Love, Eating and Revolution” panel, briefly courts Black before he kills her. Devastated, Black attempts suicide as well. After waking in the prison hospital, he finds out that he has lost his eyesight, but is treated by a nurse named Essai, whom he later romances. In his weak state, the concept of “Love, Eating and Revolution” becomes a burden, so he


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Discover the origin of our accidental hero: Oscura wasn’t always the Driftland’s trusty lighthouse keeper. And he didn’t always have his flaming hand. Taking place before the previous Oscura games, Lost Light reveals where our hero’s journey began and the fate of the original light house keeper.
Control Oscura: The light controls have been redesigned. As well as making Oscura see in the dark, you’ll notice some light controls have been replaced. This new swipe control takes you to Oscura’s control panel – the power to control and manipulate light. Just like in real life, you can now build, change and remove light sources.
Discover the power of the Aurora Stone: The Aurora Stone was last seen in a story about an old way of life and a promise kept. The stone hasn’t been seen since. Players must discover what happened to the stone and whether its powers can be harnessed.
Discover the ancient past: The origin of Oscura isn’t a mystery. The story has been revealed. In between the dark puzzles, players will discover why and how Oscura Lost Light came to be.
Oscura, the apprentice lighthouse keeper, has accidentally destroyed the Aurora Stone, sending shards across the Driftlands and plunging them into darkness and danger. It’s now up to Oscura to find the shards of the stone and restore light to the Driftlands before the creatures of the dark can destroy it. Fortunately, the accident has fused Oscura’s hand with glowing fire, enabling him to wield powers altering anything the light touches. Each level challenges your puzzle-solving skills and reactions in this modern adventure built upon the time-honoured mechanics of classic platformers.Features
Master the Light: Along your dark journey you’ll find four different powers, each designed to help you through the Driftlands. Destruction, Construction, Gravity and Time are yours to command. Master each unique light power in your dark journey through the Driftlands.
Discover the origin of our accidental hero: Oscura wasn’t always the Driftland’s trusty lighthouse keeper. And he didn’t always have his flaming hand. Taking place before the previous Oscura games, Lost Light reveals where our hero’s journey began and the fate of the original light house keeper.
Old school platformer meets new school design: Taking inspiration from classic platformers such as Super Mario Bros, Oscura Lost


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