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The success of the first game was proof enough that the two-dimensional platformer style, instantly recognizable by its distinct 90’s soundtrack and happy/death mashup of gameplay types was a genre that people were still obsessed with, but as far as most traditional Mega Man and Defender of the Crown fans were concerned, that was their cue to move on. With Dunos II, however, that all changes; while still staying true to the game’s strong reputation for its gameplay – and due to it’s new focus on the sideways scrolly style – the game feels like a throwback to the games of yesteryear, while still maintaining the core aspects that made it so loved and well received in the first place.
“with it’s accessible play-ability and cheerful cartoony visuals it can be a lot of fun if you are looking to forget your troubles for a bit.”
9.5/10 – Game Over Online
“It’s just a blast to play, and the difficulty feels perfect. The maps that go beyond levels are both a blast to see and a blast to play through.”
88/100 – Attack Droid
“It’s incredible to see a game this unapologetically retro that appears almost effortless to play.”
89/100 – HN Tech
“It really gives that true Mega-Man feel without trying to be like the Mega-Man series or to take itself too seriously.”
9/10 – Ahoy-USA
“The game is really fun and enjoyable.”
9/10 – Doujin Game Online
“It looks like great fanart”
“If you’re looking for a bite-sized game that is fun and has this kind of retro vibe, check out this game.”
9/10 – Splash Damage Blog
“[It’s] a game that can still stand up to modern standards of gaming.”
Mega Man: Andro Dunos II Download PC Game Free Full Version

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Mega Man: Andro Dunos II Game

MetaCritic User Rating: 5.2/10 (7 votes)


Published 04/01/18


Amori Entertainment


Other Sports


Mega Man: Andro Dunos II is free to download


Features Key:

  • New Gameplay – Get ready for fast back to the future racing adventures!
  • All new visuals – Riders of all shapes and sizes!
  • All new stadiums – Experience a NASCAR competition like never before!
  • An all new soundtrack, score, and special effects.
  • Separate and personal password when you own two or more property
  • New vehicles packages.
  • With six new exciting NASCAR races and all new and thrilling multiplayer options, OC Racing is one of the most powerful racing games ever! NASCAR racing fans will love racing at the legendary Daytona Speedway, wet weather alternatives, new handling models, and a lot more – plus all the gorgeous all-new graphics you’ve come to expect from Ocean City’s development team.

    OC racing is a free download and is one of those games that will satisfy its customers for a long time to come! Download from iG. Product Features: Download OC Racing now!

    Stadiums! Races! Carts! Sports Arenas!

    Breakfast! Lunch! Dinner!
    See Where at Night! Quit Your Day Job!

    Cheerleaders! Exotic Horse Racing Track!
    Young And Slim! Old And Fat!

    Old And Crusty! New And Clean! Choose your Race Car!

    – Intuitive racing with arcade feel
    – 10 exciting NASCAR CART races
    – 5 thrilling Indy Car tracks
    – New challenges, extreme driving conditions and hazards
    – The long awaited Fat Boy mode has arrived!
    – Full soundtrack and special effects
    – Improved equipment packages
    – Optimum balance between realism and fun, stable and crash-free game

    Online Game Hacking Online Account Sharing is the single feature of OC Racing, that enables cheating and creates a high level of community that lets players connect and share all their stats with other races and is available worldwide. So before you start racing come with your OCRA account file. Keep your OCRA account in this file and place it in the root folder on your hard disc. If you want to change your old stats and scores you may open the OCRA account and edit a paddock.txt file.
    OCRA account will be changed automatically in the next race,


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    “Odd Thomas: The Body” is a new mini-adventure game, set in the same universe as “Odd Thomas: The Movie”.
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    We are working on more of Odd Thomas’s adventures in this universe!

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    Just like NSFDS there are a series of loading messages that should happen as the player progresses through the game. As I mentioned, I’m using a transition to fade the player in to the scene. I can’t use that transition in my NSFDS because I’m not importing the NSF file as a 3D scene. I created a new SVG loader from scratch. It supports running the loading sequence twice so that the scene should load before the transition. That transition is very simple. The looping sequence pulls the first 5 frames of the scene and places them on the timeline to produce the loading sequence I’m talking about.

    In the last scene, the player finds a piece of bedsheets hanging on the clothesline. The player should look at the bedsheet in order to get a clue on how to


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    What’s new in Dusty Revenge – Almost Human:

    Bloody Revolt

    This chapter’s outline follows the Chinese novel’s in that Ji Yun’s words are not only used but expanded upon. Master Hua attempts to stop Ji Yun but is battered about by Ji Yun’s words. Redarm finds himself part of Ji Yun’s army. Later, Redarm finds that Ji Yun has already taught some of the Guo Army generals to fight like Yi Yin and his forces. In the end, when Ji Yun’s army is not far from Fang Xuan’s camp, Jaisu and Da Liu both pretend to be dead and are spirited away by other Royal Guards. Then Ji Yun’s men arrive at Fang Xuan’s camp. Fang Xuan is stunned by Ji Yun’s army. Later, Ji Yun and Ji Sue appear before a surrendering Fang Xuan’s garrison commander and demand for the latter’s unconditional surrender. However, when the commander fails to stand his ground, Ji Yun has his men bug his own camp. Later, a battle breaks out between the two armies. Later, when the conflict is still raging in the air, the heads of the commanders at the siege line fall to the ground.

    Chapter 22

    Ji Yun said, ‘There is another thing you have to know: the best commander among them all, the fighting beast of a commander, is the Han chancellor Wang Ling.

    In the bleeding world of the Six Armies, three parties (Min Kingdom, Later Yan, and Cong Su) fight for supremacy. The Hans have set their base at Hanyang. The Hans had three primary goals: to earn a name for themselves by defeating the Min Kingdom, to gain the favor of Emperor Guangwu, and to defeat the minority Leizhou rebels who have declared themselves King of the Southern Islands, the Ocean of Light.

    Within the Han Dynasty, Wang Ling holds the third rank of the military. He is a true-blooded man in every sense of the word, and when he took office, he set his goal as for an aspiring commander, the pinnacle of humanity, to take it all with his steel horse as a pillar, riding atop the people of the Hans. Although he is high in the ranks, he fiercely hates his inferiors no matter what rank they have. Thus, if he had a chance to meet a potential rival, he would not bow his head and lowly approach it, but instead, challenge you to a duel. If you object, then you won’t be able to win. Therefore, many of the commanders fall into his


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    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7/8/10
    CPU: Intel Core i5-2500/i7-3770
    RAM: 8 GB
    HDD: 30 GB
    NVIDIA: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 series or ATI Radeon HD 28xx series/AMD HD 68xx series
    DirectX: Version 11.0
    (Check this page for supported cards)
    OS: macOS 10.7 Lion/Lion/Mountain Lion/Mountain Lion/Yosemite/Yosemite