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A detective game with several playable characters, inspired by what happens in the field of Forensic Investigation and Psychology.
Key Features:
Storyteller game with multiple playable characters
Local and online cooperative play
Storyteller game environment with branching dialogue and logic
Dialogues require action to advance
You don’t know who is lying or telling the truth
Play a detective who must use all the data at hand to find out how something came to be

You do not actually play the game to play as the main character, the protagonist. Your job is to find out what happened at the facility, but you do not get to play as the protagonist during these events.
The game is essentially a storyteller game where you act out and play as one of the characters during certain events. The goal is to figure out which character did it.
Gameplay is divided in story stages which take place in set locations and involve talking to certain people, reading documents, solving puzzles and more. Events can be solved by talking to the person, solving puzzles or by solving others’ descriptions or observations of the area or people. If you fail to resolve an event, you will need to replay that part of the event later on.
The player must repeatedly be ready to act upon the information they have received. A story stage will end if it has been resolved or the player has missed it in the dialogue. The event is then replayed if the player has not done what they needed to do.
During the gameplay it is always your job to figure out what happened and who the culprit could be. The gameplay is divided into chapters.
1 – Story Stage 1
2 – Story Stage 2
3 – Story Stage 3
4 – Story Stage 4
5 – End Game

After getting a bit of a positive response, an additional stretch goal for 50,000 USD was set to include the game’s soundtrack. The funding was successfully met for this stretch goal so a new bundle was made available featuring the soundtrack on Disc 1 and the game on Disc 2.


External links
Official Website
Provisional Detective Kickstarter
Steam page
About the Kickstarter

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Don’t Starve Together: Original Survivors Victorian Chest Features Key:

  • English | Hindi | Sanscrit | Arabic | Common
  • Heart-pumping action and intense vehicular combat
  • 8 vehicles with upgradeable character sets
  • Twin Arcade Sports formats
  • 20 exciting missions through the conflict zone
  • Wide range of weaponry and weapon upgrades
  • Three difficulty settings
  • 4 game modes including: Arcade, Demolition, Survival, and Campaign
  • Influent DLC features include: 3 Crazy Weapon Sets, Epic Boss Battles, and Improved Character Sets


Don’t Starve Together: Original Survivors Victorian Chest Crack + With License Key (April-2022)

Welcome to the Year 1000 A.D. Thousands of years after the cataclysmic events the old empire is crumbling and its citizens are vanguarding their homelands and strongholds against the monsters of the night, trying to keep their cities safe from the encroaching demons.
The time has come, though, for one final great mission against the demon hordes: the restoration of the Imperial Heir. A young upstart who calls himself a “Wizard” has embarked on his career. He will encounter countless obstacles on his path to the throne, but his mission is nothing short of a holy crusade for the glory of the empire.
Movement system powered by AGE2 engine: fully deformable terrain
Multiplayer mission support:
Enter any mission provided by the map editor
Custom mission support:
Create your own missions with the editor
Entering missions from a mission log (previewed)
The mission selection filter provides multiple selections per mission
Special abilities and weapon attacks which are described in the tutorials
No random maps in the missions
Submenu for items:
Each weapon has a description and an action menu
Each weapon:
Equip items
Attack/defense bonus
Info system:
info screen shown when an enemy is dead or defeated
info screen shown when an armor piece is broken
info screen shown when there is a shield missing
Weapon and item durability
Global hitpoints
Ability to set location and range for specific abilities
Time-based damage
Wizard and Enemy AI that are described in the tutorials
3-tier crafting system
Very complex combat system
Animated companion NPC created with the editor
Animated companion NPC with dialogues
Animated companion NPC and a camera with advanced animations
Player animations with a complex set of animations and transitions between animations
Special creature walking animations
Special creature attacks
Resource management
Ability to place lit and unlit lamps
Ability to place signs
Inventory management
Automatic attack sequence based on a combination of attributes
Player’s actions can affect more than one creature at once (e.g. axe attacks)
Scenes and NPCs with moving as well as configurable A.I.
3D models with hair and hairstyle
Pathfinding with lookahead and gap-filling
Scenes with cutscenes, and combat
Character control system with 3 animation frames
High quality textures and meshes
Realistic water effects
Realistic lightning effects
Daytime light and


Don’t Starve Together: Original Survivors Victorian Chest [Mac/Win] [April-2022]


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What’s new in Don’t Starve Together: Original Survivors Victorian Chest:

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    It’s a story about girls who seem to be sweet and cute, but they are in fact cruel. It’s a story about a husband who has a secret, but he keeps it hidden. And it’s a story about a couple that is desperately waiting for their first date.
    Also, this game features a unique story with just 33% romance.
    Game Features:
    – Mysterious, romantic and funny stories
    – Excellent gameplay with lots of content
    – More than 30 different characters
    – Three-way choices
    – Atmospheric background music
    – 11 background music tracks
    – “Love Emotion!” opening theme song
    – “Sprinkles” ending theme song
    How to play:
    The game will start at the beginning.
    It’s very easy to pick up and play. If you don’t like a character, you can restart the game in order to change your game path.
    Game structure:
    Select Menu
    – Main Menu
    – L.O.F.U.
    – Forest Map
    – Single Player Mode
    – Multiplayer Mode
    – Extra Modes
    Game Details

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    How To Crack Don’t Starve Together: Original Survivors Victorian Chest:

  • Download Earn to Die 2
  • Extract Installer File

2. After complete extractions

  • Create a directory
  • Cd to your game folder
  • Again:
  • Run the EXE file.

3. Many CLI’s will be displayed

  • Type it with NO CRTL. If it starts on ctr+x then PUT A space b4 it.
  • Finish with q

4. That’s it!

  • Enjoy your second game!

I don’t own, nor never downloaded the game. I just wanted to share this alternative.

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System Requirements For Don’t Starve Together: Original Survivors Victorian Chest:

Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit)
Dual Core 2.4 GHz or equivalent
2GB Memory
20GB Free Hard Drive Space
MID 2 or higher
Broadcom or Atheros Wi-Fi Chipsets
Dual Boot Features
GameStop Exclusive Dual Boot
Custom Menu 1.0 Full English Menu
GameStop Exclusive Custom Menu 2.0
GameStop Exclusive Dual Boot Dummy Menu


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