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In a world where zombies have taken over, you must fight for your life as the sole remaining human!
Command your arsenal of explosive traps to defeat enemies and survive the zombie apocalypse.
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Stay Alive free download Game for PC- Windows 7,8,8.1,10,XP,Vista


How to Enjoy Stay Alive: On tablets and phones, use two fingers to control your character’s left and right actions
On Xbox One, use the right thumbstick to control the character’s character and actions.
Learn More
Open your phone to see detailed instructions in the screen.
For tablet or phone play, make sure that you have the latest version of the Play Anywhere system installed on your Windows PC. If you are experiencing problems with gameplay, please make sure that you are using the latest version of the Play Anywhere system. Check it out at:
Check out our official app for Windows 10:

Get the full version of Stay Alive:

If you enjoy playing this game, we are totally committed to continued development of our game and iOS version Stay Alive. Check out our official website for more details:
If you have any questions about our game or would like to get in touch, feel free to contact us at: [email protected]

Portal now on all your Android devices!
Portal is free for everyone now on Google Play!
You can download it here:
If you like our game and would like to help us out, please consider visiting our website:
About the game:
Portal is a survival 3D puzzle game, where you must use your wits to survive for as long as possible. You are trapped on the other side of a portal, and must use your ingenuity and limited resources to make your way home.
Team up with other players in this online multiplayer game where players around the world can play together in the same global portal.
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Features Key:

  • this game is a result of gameplay, not preview.
  • you will be able to use all types of cards with character, action, combat, skill, play the ways to win this game on mobile devices.


CLIMB! [32|64bit] (Updated 2022)

Awesomenauts is a free-to-play, action MOBA set in the idyllic universe of Kosmos. Take the role of a piloted weapons platform called the “Droppod” and deploy a variety of weapons, gadgets, and gear to eliminate the enemy team and claim victory!
PLAYERS: 3 – 5
TEAM: Team-based combat
– Grasp the basics of your Droppod! You only have a matter of seconds to crush your enemies in this frantic, frantic game.
– Leap into the fray with your Droppod and rapidly learn the ins and outs of your strategic weapons, as you fight for control of the map!
– Utilize your Droppod’s special abilities to deploy the all-powerful “Enemy Breaker” bomb. Strike an enemy from a distance and it will self-destruct, destroying everything in its path!
– Cat and mouse with the enemy, deploy your most powerful weapons to wipe out the opposing team!
– Treat each level with care, as an enemy’s defenses can give you the upper hand. Try to stay in stealth mode for as long as possible, but don’t fall for their traps!
– Supports up to 4 players on one Droppod
– Full 3D character models and effects
– Various weapons, gadgets, and gear
– Free to play – no in-app purchases
– No DLC or additional content
– Compatible with iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th generation, iPad and iPad mini
– German
– French
– Italian
– Spanish
– Russian
– Portuguese (Brasil)
– Awesomenauts is a free-to-play game that is supported through a combination of in-app purchases and optional DLC.
– A free version of the game is included. You do not need to purchase the DLC to play the game on its free mode.
– For more info about the game and how to obtain additional content, please see our wiki at
– Any IAP in the game is optional, all decisions about the game are made by the developers.
– If you believe your account has been compromised, please email us at, and we’ll handle it.
– http


CLIMB! Free [32|64bit]

Proceed to the Game Maker menu and select Game – View Properties.Make sure that the switch next to the Sound Category is set to “Sound Effects”.Select the folder in which you downloaded the Fan Pack.Select the folder you downloaded the Fan Pack to in the Sound Category, and click the OK button to complete the import.Next, proceed to the Sound menu and use the “Delete Selected Sound” button.This will delete the “gravitation” file for DDLC, which can be imported separately if necessary.


The mission of Doki Doki Literature Club Fan Pack is to make the Fan Pack accessible to as many players as possible. Each of the 24 OSTs is playable on its own, and all of them together are playable as one continuous song.

The Fan Pack is divided into 5 themes. The first three themes are available to all users of the Fan Pack, while the latter two themes are available to only the most active or vocal members of our community.

The Fan Pack is designed for players to use in one of 3 different ways. The first is for users who would like to listen to a variety of songs in a one-song-per-day fashion. The second way is for fans who have a favorite song and would like to listen to that particular song on repeat, without ever having to skip to another song. Finally, the third way is for users who have several favorite songs that they would like to listen to all day long.

The characters of Doki Doki Literature Club are represented by 24 cards. The cards depict the different elements of the characters. These elements include body, appearance, gender, and soul. The Doki Doki Literature Club Fan Pack contains 24 (plus a bonus theme) custom-made sprites for each element that the cards depict.

Each card also has its own custom theme. The theme is made by combining the elements of the card, then painting a background and drawing the sprite using a high-quality graphic engine. We believe that the themes of the Fan Pack appeal to all of our fans.

The “Obtain User License” feature is for users who are only interested in the music from the Fan Pack. It allows for the user to select a single song in the Fan Pack (the User Song) and download it at any time (with no restrictions). This feature is also perfect for those who would like to listen to all of the songs in a single-song-per-day fashion.


What’s new in CLIMB!:

ones[counter++] = swzNode->GetUniqueID();
swzNode = swzNode->mNext;
data = NULL;
return data;

Notice the call to memcpy on each iteration of the loop. In other words, each call to this method results in a copy to be cached somewhere. I think this is very wasteful and should be avoided.
My question is, is the output array with the correct content at the end of the above method? What was the original input array handed to this method? How did the original array content change without any call to the’memcpy’ method?
Both in my experience on iOS and other platforms I am quite sure that the copy method is a bad choice in this case.


Yes. That the output is the correct input is simply a coincidence. Since each input element is copied into your buffer then subsequent calls to GetUniqueID will create buffers that point back to the original buffer. This is described in the documentation of std::unordered_map::operator[]

Returns a reference to the value with key equal to key, or a unique pointer to x, if an insertion
does not already exist.

This is guaranteed so you really shouldn’t have a problem.


I think your question should be does it make sense for you to use memory in a way to copy a list of items from place to place?

there is an operator [] of the object. so if you have a list initialized by the operator []{} should the list get changed each time you make a copy and you use the copy (after all you haven’t done anything and if you are going to do it they are just “as if you had done it when you initialized the list otherwise).
It is safe, technically, as others have said.


App crashes(Object::toString) when trying to convert Object to JSON in PhoneGap

I’m trying to build my first mobile app using PhoneGap, using this tutorial.
Anyway, my application crashes before


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“Meet a world in which you must uncover the truth. It is a world in which the darkness has never been defeated.
Seek for a bright light to defeat the darkness. The spirit of a hero.

The App Store is a digital distribution platform created by Apple Inc. for iOS devices. The App Store provides its users with easy access to a vast range of applications to choose from which are all available free of charge. The website and App Store allows users to browse the large number of available applications, including games, health, business, education, lifestyle, utilities, entertainment, photography, finance, news and more, depending on your needs and preferences.

In App Store, apps are distributed through a curated application distribution platform for iOS devices. While the App Store gives the user ability to search for and download apps that are available in the App Store, it does not allow the user to download directly from the Apple servers. Instead, Apple operates a store on its website called the iTunes Store, which enables users to buy music, videos, and other media; and the iBooks Store, which enables users to buy books and other reading material as digital content.

What is the App Store?

The App Store is the official Apple software distribution platform through which users download and install apps. Apps can be installed directly to the device’s internal memory or can be downloaded onto a computer (iPhone/iPad) and then transferred to the iOS device. Apps can be installed by downloading them directly to the internal storage of the iOS device or they can be downloaded to a computer and then synced to the device.

What is the iTunes Store?

The iTunes Store is the Apple’s online music store, available for both Apple’s iOS devices and Apple’s Macintosh computers. iTunes Store offers a huge collection of music from many different genres and all around the world. It also provides music videos from artists from the USA, UK, Canada, France, Australia, Brazil, China and more. In addition, the iTunes Store also sells movies from different parts of the world including USA, Australia and UK.

What is the iBooks Store?

The iBooks Store, Apple’s online e-book store, is also available for iOS devices including the iPhone and the iPad. Through the iBooks Store, you can buy and download e-books from different publishers.

What are Apps?

An App is any application written by an independent developer and can be used on an iPhone or iPad


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    Black Flag is without doubt one of the most intuitive and accessible games that border on addictive.Achievements, leaderboards, local and online multiplayer and a multiplayer including up to four players online.</div


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    OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
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