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– Large, explorable environment with a variety of special items
– 100% SNES-8 compatible
– Full screen widescreen presentation in high def
– Playable in “casual” or “hardcore” modes
– No HUD or other UI, just gameplay
– No loading screens!
– Full modding support by default

Game Manual

Full Support for NPC Moves
All NPC’s in Weebish Mines can be moved around. This applies to dogs, cats, the miner dude, and even the helicopter drone.

Games Menu
The games menu will take you to the main menu screen, to the player list, or to the pause screen.

Pause Screen
Tapping pause will pause the game, but leave everything (including gems, bombs, and keys) accessible.

Player List
Tapping on a player’s name will show them to you. In multiplayer, they will all automatically teleport to where you are, so you don’t have to worry about moving up and down to get them.

Main Menu
This is where you’ll find all your controls. You can toggle controls on the fly, or toggle pause from the pause screen. The player list will auto refresh, so be sure to keep an eye on it, otherwise you’ll miss it on the first rotation.

Online Multiplayer
I’ve made a WONDERFUL server that supports 4 people online with a single game file! You can find it by navigating to the Players page. If you have 5 people and want to play 4-vs-1, you can join any game and choose “vs” to change it to 4 vs 1, or if you want to play random, just create a game and set “pool” to “RANDOM” and it’ll choose.
I’ve also made a Minecraft-style netcode, where a host can host another player’s game on their computer, and others can connect to them. This means that there’s no lag!
There is also a “freeplay” option, where the game is paused and you can interact with the world.

Also, there’s a player limit. While I have some modes where the player pool is limitless, there are also modes where the player limit is set by the game and host in some way (See Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros, etc). This means that if you enter a game that has a player limit and have more people, your game will not spawn and you’ll be


Cepheus Protocol Features Key:

  • Unique intro scenario
  • New upgrade system
  • Beethroari’s palace
  • New requirement systems
  • New prospector system
  • New traders
  • Components become required for trade
  • 6 new preview images
  • A grumpy sibling ant

Game System Features:

  • Resource is expandable
  • Uses a new inv/resp system
  • Resources are unique (no “weapons and tech” BS)
  • Bosses have special abilities
  • Resources are required for certain actions

New Features:

  • Steadicard’s on kickstarter will be available for the Early Adopters
  • New perspective taking camera tilt for early adopters
  • Mouse controls will be supported
  • 2 new languages, English and Spanish
  • New Setting section that allow you to change settings like where your money comes from and how your resource bar looks
  • Enhanced Graphics Settings section
  • New Village HUD
  • Lots of other small and large changes

Monarch of Greed – Act 1

Monarch of Greed – Act 1 Game Key features:

  • Unique intro scenario
  • New upgrade system
  • Beethroari’s palace
  • New requirement systems
  • New prospector system
  • Components become required for trade
  • 6 new preview images
  • A grumpy sibling ant


Cepheus Protocol Crack + Free 2022

The latest instalment of the Seekers of Cats series, which started in 2013.

V 2.5.1


Version 2.5.1 has been released.
You can now interact with the island you’re exploring – pick up items, click on cats, and take it all back home!

V 2.4


Version 2.4 has been released.


V 2.3.1


Version 2.3.1 has been released.


V 2.3


Version 2.3 has been released.


V 2.2


Version 2.2 has been released.


And so, on with the cat voyage – are you ready for it?

V 2.1


Version 2.1 has been released.

Addition of a terrible new theme music and terrible new end theme song, with terrible new cat voice actors, and terrible new cat animations.
Other changes:
* New puzzle-solving feature where you can quickly skip the first 4 steps of each puzzle by walking forward, so you can skip the first few puzzles on the first island quicker (and the first part of the first island quicker than before.)
* New option to turn off partway through the first island’s parkour puzzle.
* Fixed the minor bug that sometimes prevented you from landing on the second island.

V 2.0


Version 2.0 is now in testing – there’s a new cat to find and the cat is jumping!

Now also a video game for Windows, Mac and Linux! Click your way across the islands on your cat-powered jetpack to search for the hidden cats on the small, navigable islands. As you traverse the island you can pick up items to help you along. There are also a few different game modes with multiple difficulty levels, and a story mode.

V 1.0


Hello there!


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The Highscore is a game by Asot, the same programmers who made The Leisure Suit Larry series of games. Play this game to see what the fuss is all about.

The Highscore is an excellent game to play. There are many levels within the game, each containing a boss. Each boss has a high score that you must beat in order to become the number one player of the world and claim your win. Let’s find out how you will do it.

You play as a ZX Spectrum game logo with a microphone for a mouth. You start the game by pressing START, and then you begin to play. You will move around the screen by pressing the directional pad up and down.

The Highscore runs for hours of play, and there are many different bosses to beat. You can access all of the bosses by pressing the SELECT button, and then the directional pad in a particular direction.

The game has many different power-ups to help you beat all of the bosses, such as self-destruct, rocket to the back, invincibility, see-through, good luck, and items.

There are also green UFOs that you can touch. These UFOs will help you, and then they will fly off the screen. You can touch them to increase the number of points you receive for the UFO.

There are also green dots near you on the screen. If you touch a green dot, you will increase your score by one unit. If you touch too many, you will die. There are a total of nine green dots near you.

The game has a complex enemy maze. There are obstacles surrounding you, and the AI will move around the obstacles in its path to get to you. You will often have to activate your machine to help you out of a tough spot.

You will often have to avoid enemy robots. These robots will shoot at you, and you must destroy them in order to score extra points. You will be able to destroy robots with the machine gun or the machine cannon.

The game has aliens to shoot as well. Each alien has a yellow color and a large yellow head. The aliens will fly toward you on the screen, so you must destroy them before they hit you


What’s new in Cepheus Protocol: