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The Oviraptor skin for the Raptor dinosaur class. Each comes with the full, articulated model used in the game. Raptor dinosaurs are fast and agile, and can jump to high spans. They are carnivorous.
Editable Icons
Behaviour Recording
Dead Bones

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I also found out that it is possible to unlock both with in-game currency though, you only need to spend the required amount to get the icons or unlock the models.


In addition to my previous comment:

“Unfortunately, these files were never intended to be used in
conjunction with anything else, so it would be impossible to support
them in the Unity Editor. The Photoshop source files are the only
way to edit them.”

From the official Amazon page of the “Buy-It-Now” listing for the premium models:

This is a custom made item. There are no additional pre-orders or
orders already on hold.
Upon ordering, all models will arrive in a sequential order. The time
it takes to deliver the models to you will vary depending on the
shipping method you choose.

They also explicitly state that there is no pre-ordering for these skins, so there is nothing like pre-order for them. They just buy the models for you immediately.
If you don’t want to use the in-game currency, you can open them up in Photoshop (View>Document Properties>Uncheck ‘Read Only’).


I need help combining 2 lists, one containing strings and one numbers

I have 2 lists : list_one = [‘Run’,’10’,’Earn’,’15’,’Get’,’10’,’Need’,’5′,’Get’,’3′,’Earn’]
list_two = [10, 15, 20, 3]

Here is my expected output : [‘Run’,’Earn’,’Get’,’Need’, ’10’,’15’,’20’,’3′]


The following line does the trick:
result = [x for x in list_one if x in list_two]


Features Key:

  • An awesome battle with great characters
    Collect as many characters as you can and create an amazing team!
  • A strategy for any kind of tank lovers
    Quick and strategy gameplay for competitive players!
  • Engine features instantly:
    Easily adjust for tournament and casual play;
  • Joystick mode
    Gain a better feel with joysticks!
  • Advanced Internet Tank Control.
    Compete with your friends, battle online.
  • Furthermore, there are a lot of features and awesome items, please have a look!

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    It’s the 20th century, and Japan has seen an unparalleled boom in advanced technology and science. The population is growing at an explosive pace as the country’s industrial output is successfully churning out the latest model of cars, household appliances, and other consumer goods.
    A new age of science and engineering is in the air, and the world’s leading scientists have converged on an unknown desert island in Japan for the 1997 Toycon—a place where scientists and inventors from around the globe can take part in battle-faring simulations and compete for fame and fortune.
    To the unfamiliar eye, the island appears to be a desolate wasteland, with the only clear signs of civilization the white walls of the compound. It takes quite a bit of exploration and luck to unearth the secrets of the mysterious island, and teams of explorers have to rely on each other to survive.
    But you know the old saying “those who live by the sword…”


    You are in a game called Defense of the Oasis. All players in your team are weak, but they can be saved by the strong people in the frontlines. When your team is about to lose the game, you must shoot the last person in your team and put him/her back.
    You can buy upgrades during the game.


    You can use left and right to move around. You can also jump to where you want.

    -You can buy upgrades that will be useful in the game.

    -Tranfer to and from the game isn’t allowed.

    -0 is not a real person in this game. He/she is just a fake person. // Convert the scale into a [0, 3] interval.
    scale = scale.toFloat(); = toFixed(pointCoords[0], scale);
    this.color = toFixed(pointCoords[1], scale);
    } else if (scale > 1) {
    scale = 1 / scale;
    // Convert the scale into a [0, 1] interval.
    scale = scale.toFloat(); = toFixed(pointCoords[0], scale);


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    It’s a simple game, with dark and light rooms. You can play in either 2D or 3D view. Game aim is to pass through each room without dying. Game will be updated frequently.
    The project consists of various formats, such as:
    H.264 movie format [avi][mov][mp4]
    wmv movie format [avi][mov][mp4]
    wmv video format [avi][mov][mp4][m4v]
    xvid (mkv) movie format [avi][mov][mp4]
    H.264 RAR format [avi][rar][zip][mov][m4a][mp3][srt][sub][mkv][flac]
    MJPEG sequence format [avi][img][jpeg]
    WebM video format [avi][mov][mp4][m4v]
    xvid (mkv) sequence format [avi][img][jpeg]
    It supports up to 4 tracks.
    Small demo video ( 480×320 pixels ) :
    web version : [avi][mov][mp4]
    3D version: [avi][m4v][mp4]
    Load a.avi file in the playback, or load video from URL or file system.
    Scenes can be added and removed, or can be modified (edited). You can clip the footage.
    Save the movie.
    You can play the movie (in a file or embedded).
    See Download Page for the latest version, and update page for the latest version. (you can still download previous version)

    Added support for file/folder move, or drag to move between scenes.
    Added option to Clear the picture in timeline.
    Added scale of the scene objects.
    Added option to scale the image in scene.
    Added parameter to set scene parameters.
    Added option to recover to previous scene.
    Added option to save scene as HTML5 (experimental, should work OK).
    Added automatic start scene play when saving/loading a file.

    Added support for H.264.
    Added support for WebM.
    Added support for number of video tracks.
    Added animation.
    Added animation transition (auto-play).
    Added timeline markers.
    Added save options for scenes and files.
    Added revert to previous scene and reverse playback option.
    Added protection to movie save (to protect the movie


    What’s new:


    But it is not working, When i open the.html file in any editor it has something to do with encoding issue.
    When i open the.html file in any editor i get error

    “Windows can not open the file because its in the wrong format.
    Try to open the file with OpenReadStream – Line 4”

    i tried all the encoding methods available on stackoverflow but it still not working.
    In windows 10 i am able to open the file manually using notepad.


    You need to save the file with both the text encoding(UTF-8) and BOM(Windows codec for all computers).
    There are different methods, but you should make sure your text editor can save with UTF-8.
    Many programmes like Notepad++, Sublime Text, Notepad etc. etc, and they all have an icon next to the file they are working with which is for the encoding used by the file. eg Notepad++ has the little padlock symbol in it’s status area telling me i am using the UTF-8 encoding and that my file uses the UTF-8 BOM.
    After saving, you need to select the save option again to see the BOM/UTF


    System Requirements For Brix VR:

    PlayStation®4 (PlayStation®3 sold separately)
    Internet Connection
    PlayStation®Network Subscription
    DLC Available
    Please contact your local PlayStation®Store if you have any questions.
    Cloud Storage [Online]
    Account system functionality and game save data is stored on PSN. In order to play the game, you will need to have an account