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Legend says that in the time of chaos there existed the so-called Paleon. They lived and developed peacefully, without the interference of the gods. If you were to find the treasure of the Paleon, you will be able to build your very own time machine. Go back to the stone age, to the ancient kingdom, or even further. Find relics of ancient civilisations, dig in order to create all sorts of useful structures. Be careful. You are not in the real world, you are in a simulation.

Power Up the City!
You’ll have to build a lot of useful structures to survive your adventure.
Start with your warehouse, to build first it’s simplest buildings.
Befriend other players and join forces!
Create a Scenario in the game! Create your own Singleplayer or Multiplayer scenario in “Survive the City”!

Paleon: Rise of the Humans
This is the official and official version of Paleon: Rise of the Humans. It’s the final and finished version of the game.
This is the paid version.


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Always Sometimes Monsters (Soundtrack) Features Key:

  • This add-on contain 20 tiles. – including 2 background, 5 type of crates, some train life signs, and many other tiles
  • MV => "M' v Avatar", refers to Manga V Avatar, a popular OVA (Original Video Animation) and Sound Novel series.
  • KEY is shortcut of genre, add-on alias and Movie Source are 2.
    • or
  • Example: 040SKVY-0='MV,Train,Academy Town,5,5'
  • Although it is very easy to use, it may not work for everyone so please carefully read author's note.
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    Yes, yes I will! And can I use the credit for the donation in the game?

    Considering the stream of community weapons, release them slowly throughout the summer to everyone that has ever won the IJC, regardless of points. And donate more of the rewards to charity, of course.

    Yes, yes I will! And can I use the credit for the donation in the game?

    1. The IJC is not giving out free gifts anymore, so there is no incentive to spam your friends into buying the IJC. But you can still get some really nice items,


    Always Sometimes Monsters (Soundtrack) Activation Free For Windows [2022-Latest]

    published:04 Feb 2018


    Welcome to the Odd-Adventure-of-Chub, Color, 23 and You game.
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