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Awesomenauts is a fast-paced action game where players pilot fantastical weapons-grade weapons-grade robots known as “Awesomenauts” in cooperative multiplayer combat. Take control of 7 original characters, each with their own weapon-based powers and heroic action combinations. Using the intuitive touch screen-based controls, players can master the powers of each character and string them together to create devastating attacks!
* 3 Missions, each with 4 objective-based levels
* 7 original characters each with unique skillsets and combos
* Fully customizable controls with achievements
* Online leaderboards
* Combos and special moves that build up characters’ power and skills
* Special game mode at the end of the game
* Due to the nature of DLCs, you can only use this DLC after the game is complete and the post-game is complete, and after you have already unlocked the DLC character (if applicable).
* You should purchase the DLC for the game. This DLC cannot be purchased separately.
* Due to the nature of DLCs, the price for the DLC may go up after they are released.
* This DLC and other DLCs will not be available for purchase on PlayStation Store. This DLC is only available through the publisher.

– Fixed issue where CP cost would not update.
– Fixed a mis-labeled region.
– Fixed some models.
– Fixed some weapon textures.
– Moved default equipment option so it’s more effective.
– Updated Private Match Menu UI.
– Added a few more unlockables.
– Fixed gameplay issues (Thanks to ApoclypsePizza!)
– Updated Private Match Menu UI.
– Updated the save system to be more effective.
– Updated the save system to be more effective.
– Added a few more unlockables.
– Added a few more unlockables.
– Added a few more unlockables.
– Initial release.Host

Host may refer to:

Host (biology), a biological entity that provides a suitable habitat for a parasitic organism
Host (cattle), the animal (e.g., a cow or steer) being raised
Host (computer architecture), part of a computer architecture that communicates with other hardware
Host (computer science), the entity that runs an application or


Features Key:

  • Custom robots

This simple game contains robots made
by the user, and those found in the online user gallery.

To create your own robot, press the Make a robot button and
use the menus to select a default robot. You can then easily change
its features, by manipulating the widget properties.

At the bot moment, robots have some basic attack capabilities,
but they do not sense and respond to the players actions.

There are four bots options in the game (choose between them from the AI

  • Attack: Bot will locate and attack a specified robot or player
  • Assembler: Bot will build a specified bot from a kit of parts
  • Collector: Bot will store everything it encounters in the jungle (or
    the game can be played with no jungle) and send them to the collection
  • Sentinel: Bot will report all bugs and discoveries


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You think you know what you feel? Then the ticket. You feel? then the ticket.
About The Game:
You think you know what you feel? Then the ticket. You feel? then the ticket. And so on.
With the addition of the Ticket Original Soundtrack to your game experience, you will no longer only see the world, you will hear it. With the exciting impact of the synthetic sound, you will have your attention caught, the same way Japanese and Asian electronics manufacturers do. This is one of those rare, joyful things that can only be experienced.
The Original Soundtrack for the 2010 Japanese visual novel Ticket to Heaven, featuring music by the incredible Yuzo Koshiro.
About “Yuzo Koshiro” music:
Yuzo Koshiro created music as far back as the early 1980s. He is an expert in the use of melody to stir the soul. His pieces are like natural viruses – always new, always proliferating. Like in a great director’s film, each song is its own little masterpiece.
Even though he has released over three hundred full-length CDs, he still has a way of making each song stand out from the next, like a new recording session. His unique style, characterized by the mastery of both classical and popular song, has had a large impact on pop music throughout the world. Since his first solo album in 1990, his work has been well received in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the US and Europe.
With this album, SEGA brings out four of his most recent compositions, and two from earlier. There are rock songs, too. Even though they may seem simple, they’re extremely emotional, and will provide a profound impact on the heart. There are also full orchestra arrangements that create an exhilarating atmosphere.
The songs have been faithfully recorded in the original format by the original musicians. Furthermore, they are the absolute highest quality. This is a Koshiro album that you will enjoy.
About the Developer:
The company SEGA and the sound of Yuzo Koshiro have been the centre of JRPGs and 2D RPGs, particularly in Japan, for a long time.
SEGA is renowned for creating numerous franchises with classic titles such as Yakuza, Yie-Ar Kung Fu, and the more recently launched Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.
The Yuzo Koshiro name, however, has a history all


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A possible future world where you have been murdered by three alien beings known as Anunnaki and who are after a blue glowing orb left behind by the previous hero who save the world 50 years earlier.
Ghost of Tomorrow is a horror adventure with time travelling aspects so it appeals to fans of Lovecraft and similar indie horror games.One of the most unique aspects of Ghost of Tomorrow are the aliens that kidnap you in the game. They are humanoid figures and some may be related to the Lovecraft story.
Also in the game you will be able to rescue the atmosphere of the world as well as freeing the townsfolk from the Anunnaki and other antagonists that want the orb.
The graphics are simple and minimalist but this fits the game perfectly, leaving you focus on the atmosphere of the game with the occasional alien stepping out to scare you.The sound design is another strong point of Ghost of Tomorrow. The voice work sounds professional and the soundtrack is great, setting the mood for the game perfectly.
There are a total of nine chapters in Ghost of Tomorrow with the ninth being a sort of epilogue to the original game, where you play as a ghost of the protagonist. As this happened 50 years after the game starts you are free to explore and move around as you wish, making it a pleasant diversion.
Ghost of Tomorrow ends on a good note and with some simple things to try out and some missions for you to complete. By the end you will have experienced a horror adventure and a sequel should come eventually for those who enjoy the genre.
Ghost of Tomorrow: Chapter 1 Gameplay:
A possible future world where you have been murdered by three alien beings known as Anunnaki and who are after a blue glowing orb left behind by the previous hero who save the world 50 years earlier.
Youve been murdered and now its time to investigate the world you were in. But what you find is an entirely different world. Strange folks, a crazed tanuki, a place full of ghost towns and bizarre monsters. As you go on your quest you get sucked into a weird time travel experience.
You will have to rescue townsfolk being held captive by an alien mob, use special powers to fight and escape while also playing as a lost ghost.
During your travels you will encounter anomalies that will direct you to new locations.
The gameplay is simple. You have a jump button to allow you to jump between times and an attack button to initiate attacks.
In the early game you will spend your time simply jumping


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