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The next generation of virtual tours, Hadrian’s Villa Reborn is a powerful PC/VR/tablet app that lets you explore the reconstructed complex to your heart’s desire. Find out more about Hadrian’s Villa Reborn, one of the only on-screen tours of Hadrian’s Villa to be reconstructed as accurately as possible. You’ll be able to see all the reconstructed structures, all the new rooms and all the new scenes inside this incredible, still-undiscovered archaeology.
About the Author
Professor Bernard Frischer is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Ancient History and Classical Archaeology at the University of Arizona in Tucson and a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He is a specialist on Roman architecture and the ancient Roman Empire and has taught the subject for 40 years. He was at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and has participated in excavations in Rome, Italy.

► A virtual tour of Hadrian’s Villa, the greatest complex of its kind ever built in the Roman Empire
► Fly over Hadrian’s Villa at a dizzying speed
► Select: To see one of the reconstructed structures, the North Garden, or the North Hall
► To go up into the air, to the top of the reconstructed aediculae, or the entrance to the South Hall
► To see the Emperor’s dining room lit by lamps, torches, and candelabra
► To hear about the social life of the Roman elite, the imperial court, and the emperor’s private banquets.
► To learn about the Praetorian Guard and see 16 Herms (models) in the “History and Myth” scene.
► To see the wall paintings in the South Nymphaeum
► To see all the statues of Hadrian’s Villa.
► To see the Cupid and Psyche group
► To see six famous statues from Hadrian’s Villa: Endymion, Cupid and Psyche, Pasquino Group, Sandal Binder, the Corsican Hunt, and the Little Hercules.
► To learn about the atrium and the entrance to the South Hall
► To see exactly where the sculptures were found in Hadrian’s Villa.
► To see the reconstructed Roman aqueduct and the reconstruction of the riverbed in the Borghese Gardens
► To walk around the reconstructed Stadium


Features Key:

  • Takes Care of the Oven!

  • Lots of Firepower!

  • Easy to Use!

  • Calorie Counting Function!

  • High energy Input!

  • Suitable for Kids ages 3+


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In 1998, the highly creative mind of “Cowboy Pizza”, Matthew Sweet, released the celebrated runner, RUN1 for Nintendo’s NES. RUN1 was a true classic of the runner genre, and remains a must-have for any NES collection.
On April 4, 2010, Matthew released RUN1 AM on multiple formats (Wii, PSP, DS, etc.). Runners of all ages are talking about this game, and we could not be more pleased with the reception this game has received.
RUN1 AM is a refined, highly polished version of RUN1. What starts as a no-frills experience quickly opens up into a highly addictive, challenging runner that will consume you.
The game play is updated to include the “Classic Mode” and the “Time Trial” modes, which are available through the menus. Pacing has also been changed to allow for more speed. The game now has over 25 original and licensed music tracks that are all beautifully arranged by the game’s brilliant composer, “George Brummel”, who masterfully combines all the original music and sound effects for a truly memorable experience.
The visuals and presentation have also been updated to make this game shine on the new Nintendo Wii platform. A new addition to RUN1 AM is the “Sticker” mode, an entirely new concept that allows you to unlock new content and music by popping stickers.
The entire game takes place on one large, beautifully rendered level, and the game features a fully customizable runner. The runner’s speed can be adjusted at any time, and the gameplay can be made as easy or as difficult as you prefer. While your characters can be re-capped by returning to the “Back” screen, the runner can only be un-capped by finding a medal. This feature enables you to send your runner’s leg to the hospital for necessary repairs, and gives you access to special, alternate routes.
*NOTE: On May 13th, RUN1 AM will be on Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS; however, the Wii version will be available for the low price of $5.99.”

About This Game:
“What’s it like to play a game that runs at speeds so fast that you barely need to think about what you’re doing? If you’re ready to kick your heart out, get ready to leave behind all of your patience and


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Gain extra lives and improve stats in this two player online duel. This recreation of a classic Japanese arcade game from the 1960’s pits two players in a two-dimensional battle against their opponent. You play a Neo-Japenese player trying to survive an onslaught of hostile Tiger soldiers and hold onto your weapon. Play solo or online.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Online duels have a different set of rules and the game can not be paused.IMPORTANT NOTE: The screenshots may differ from the final version.
About This ContentNewton is the friendly, helpful angel in this cute puzzle game about Newton’s laws of motion. Help Newton reach his goal, go out on the street, and help his neighbors to grow vegetables by answering simple questions.Feature:2 worlds for 23 puzzles, each puzzle has 3 variationsBristol Speech in – Ireland, Derby, Guildford and Sussex

His client is delighted with his performance in the Criminal Proceedings at Bristol Crown Court.

A solicitor says:

“Stephen was on top form in this complex trial and his meticulous preparation resulted in the jury believing him – there was no attempt to deceive or mislead the court and the jury acquitted the client.

“It is difficult to get all the details right and the real test is to see if there is some spark of doubt which the judge doesn’t believe because the accused is on trial and Stephen is able to avoid a conviction by performing as he does.”

Speech / Humour

The Judge’s ruling on our case caused quite a stir in the media and amongst some of our peers. If you find yourself caught up in a police investigation, the best way to avoid facing it is to have an experienced solicitor on your side.

Don’t be put off by the simple idea of giving your speech in the dock: Stephen has overcome that fear by practising extensively. He was particularly pleased with the Judge’s ruling on our case, as it left no doubt in the jury’s mind that the accused was not on trial and not guilty of the charge.

Stephen is one of the best professional speakers in his field and has set records for his spoken and written reports for the Court of Appeal and High Court. He regularly appears before the jury in trials for the Crown and, in a recent case, the Trial Court in Christchurch. He is adept at ‘clearing’ suspects and assisting the police, as well as defending their officers. He has


What’s new:

.net has been my online meeting place with other Trufflepigers since about 1983. A small American website, we were the first people in the world to write about Truffle Hunting. It is where I found my community. We have been chronicling the rediscovery of truffles since 2002.

The Forest of Temptation. Photo: Alistair Cox

Alistair Cox, my colleague and author of The Truffle Hunt, is to be commended on his efforts in tracking down the dozens of restaurant owners in the exclusive Truffle Triangle of Puglia that have been more than happy to serve truffles to Grand Prix visitors (and so much more). He managed to get something like 50 invitations to these restaurants.

Is this madness? Or a crapshoot?

He has inspired me to blog the experience, on my own time, on my own idea, with my own comments.

Before we go any further, let’s be clear about what this is:

It is an extended trip to Italy and Puglia. Part of the itinerary is an extended stay in Trani, Corleone, Monopoli and Cesenatico in southern Italy.

The Restaurants.

As is well known by now, Alistair got invited to a terrific truffle lunch at the genial Amatriciana restaurant in Cesenatico.

He went with me and my wife Franca on August 14. This is an extended stay in Cesenatico, a better hotel (for a little over $200 vs. $150 at the Hyatt), and some great truffles to be served. I went to the truffle restaurants with Mark Wetmore, who was also invited on the trip.

We were there at lunchtime, which was no bad thing at all. In Puglia, truffle is mostly served at lunch.

Table for 6 at Amatriciana in Cesenatico. Photo: Mark Wetmore

Alistair had a Michelin 1 or 2 Star lunch at 3:30 at Amatriciana and more than he and Franca could handle. So we landed on a buffet lunch where he could taste a sampling of truffle. The feast was all set up for him, ready to go.

Two menus went out to the many, many restaurants we visited, and the Benedettinese food was a very popular choice.


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The Saxon Empire, early 4th century, just after the beginning of the Roman invasion.
A “Summer Breeze” summer!
While the roads are empty, Saxon clans are meeting each other and sailing out to tournaments.
Join the clan battle frenzy!
The first game from the Battles of Norghan Franchise!
Live the glory of a battle, fight and defeat the rival clans to earn the glory, gain fame and money!
About the Battles of Norghan Franchise:
Battles of Norghan is a ruleset for an historical 4th Century era free-to-play strategy game.
Each year, rival clans compete in matches of three to seven clans.
Compete with other players to see who has the greatest players and the greatest armies.
Each clan is placed on the map according to a specific theme, for example on the grassland or in the snow, in Europe or in Asia, across the ocean or in the middle of the sea etc.
The rules are very simple, but ensure that the battles are close, fierce and frantic.
You play for gold, and ultimately for the glory of your clan!
You fight against other clans and fight to win!
During the battle you play as one of the mercenaries who fight for that clan.
The player can either command a unit or stand on his own, but he can also contribute to the clan with the abilities of the other mercenaries.
Mercenaries are used in this game as reinforcements.
You can choose to support your clan with any weapon you want, you can say “I fight with Axe” or “I fight with Rapier”, you can support a specific unit or make them do nothing, you can even command a specific mercenary!
Your clan can form a good army, and you can adjust their attributes and fighting equipment to suit your needs.
You can manage the clan’s equipment reserves, and you can send out the mercenaries to gather equipment or attack enemy units!
The clan menu is also part of the game. You can switch units, you can view and see the plans of the army, the clan selection is available, and there are also the statistics like the total win percentage.
The money you earn from the matches is used to build the army, to order the equipment, to train new units and to hire mercenaries!
The more your clan takes part in the tournaments, the more gold you earn, which you can use to hire mercenaries, raise your characters, unlock additional abilities, create


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