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Space Fox Kimi – The Battle of Mochi Prime is a single player, web browser, 3D, free to play, strategy game set on an 8X8 field. There is a time limit before the invasion begins, so the player must take action and clear objectives before it is too late. The game has 3 game modes: Campaign, Time Attack and Free Play.
Campaign: The campaign lets you play through the Space Fox Kimi storyline, including key missions, and twists in story that are not revealed in the Space Fox Kimi main game.
Time Attack: Clear objectives in 3 minutes or less and you will receive a Time Attack medal to show that you have conquered the objectives in an impossible amount of time.
Free Play: Pick and choose the objectives, and clear them in whatever time you wish!
Space Fox Kimi – The Battle of Mochi Prime is developed with Unity 5. It will be released as a web-browser title, but is intended to be ported to Android and Windows as well. There is a public and private beta available at
Space Fox Kimi is developed by me, Fabian Blank, and run by Fabian Blank and Alex Sejer of Desktop Publisher. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us and participated in making this game possible.
Game Features:
– Free to play strategy game
– Time Attack, Campaign, Free Play mode
– Free to play on PCs and Macs
– Wide range of game modes available in both Campaign and Time Attack
– 8X8 field, including floor tiles and interactive objects (buildings)
– 90+ units, and more will be added in the future
– Tech trees, with 8 unique technologies that need to be researched
– No microtransactions or pay to win
– Play the story, or try new game modes
– Play with or without music
– 12 playable enemies, and more will be added in the future
– Various story elements and cut scenes
– Dozens of plot twists
– Historical events from the Space Fox universe
– Public and private beta available to play!
– Rewrite base code to align to unity 5, and structure/clean up code.
– Re-open features such as Mods, ads, in-game collectibles, etc.
– Open source
Content Warning:
– Story elements that are not suitable for younger children
– Violence, nudity, sexual content (not enough to be considered a sex game


Features Key:

  • 7 different battle-capable tables featuring
    multiplayer mode!
  • Playable PS2™, Xbox™, PC and mobile
  • Nebula-class transport freighter and C-3PO™, the
    robot valet!
  • Separatist and Alliance player characters
    (two at once!)
  • Work your way through four challenges, each
    featuring at least one table
  • An exciting campaign mode!
  • Port your score over from Planet Pinball to FX3

  • All game keys / DLC already activated.

    Wed, 31 Oct 2012 17:12:41 +0000Duel / Star Wars Pinball:
    Duel / Star Wars Pinball: Dual Fire Arena

    Fiery duel on tables as iconic as they are determined!

    GEN CON® 2010

    Pinball FX2™ returns in April of 2011, and this time with something a bit different. Not only do you play the tables that were created in 2009’s very successful update, you also get the chance to play the new tables – tables that are been specially created for this game!

    These tables will take the game to the next level. The most iconic room, the AT-AT, along with several other great tables from Star Wars™ and other sci-fi and fantasy settings are available!

    The tables are:

    • AT-AT• This fearsome battle cruiser features a model known from the 1980s game
    • The Bugatti• A vehicle in need of a mechanic’s skills, this game plays with the classic world of vintage cars!
    • Droid Droid•


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      – Tropical, colorful, fun, and relaxing game with a pirate theme.
      – Solve puzzles of a certain number of pieces with rotating pieces.
      – Have fun while travelling in time and space.
      You will find yourself on the ship searching for a hidden treasure. Collect a lot of items, solve puzzles and find the treasure. Solve different types of puzzles (like: find the sea animal, find the picture in a certain frame, find a hidden picture in the puzzle), make your way to the treasure and find the loot. Uncover secrets and play strategically against the opponent.
      Key Features:
      • 8 different puzzle types to solve
      • High quality pictures
      • Small pieces and large pieces
      • Puzzles can be completed to the end, and to find a secret
      • Stylish and shiny pirate theme
      • Customisable game difficulty level to suit your own style
      • Save game at any point
      • Unlocks when the puzzles are completed
      • Multiple puzzle modes and hours of gameplay
      • Hours of non-stop puzzle solving fun for all
      * Game screenshots are not at actual size#ifndef HEADER_CURL_MULTIBYTE_H
      * _ _ ____ _
      * Project ___| | | | _ \| |
      * / __| | | | |_) | |
      * | (__| |_| | _ , et al.
      * This software is licensed as described in the file COP


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      Waves of Death!ScreentimeBonus of the game are the Game Center achievements available for the player.The first player to reach the end of the game, get the 2nd (Longest wave) and 3rd (Highest score) achievements.Easy to use.• Support for 7 languages.• Support for multiple platforms (Android, iOS and PC)• Support for multiple resolutions.Premier Carey, who originally signed off on the $18.9 billion budget, said late Tuesday that the State Revenue Department had advised it that the official business income tax would be increased by 3 cents to $1.38 per $100 of income.

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      Premier Carey said the increases will be “the hardest cuts we’ve ever had to make.”

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      It was Finance Minister Tardif, who announced the budget on Tuesday, who suggested that a full quarter of the deficit was the result of the revenue shortfall.

      The premier has refused to provide details on the deficit


      What’s new:

      A sailing simulator for Android devices, Sailaway aims to be a fully playable sailing sim with smooth graphics and intuitive controls.Tue, 03 Mar 2015 20:30:07 GMT2015-03-03T20:30:07ZSailaway – The Sailing Simulator
      Sailaway has gone through many changes with updating. With game updates and key fixes, we are now finally ready to present to the community!Thu, 06 Aug 2014 19:29:35 GMTSailaway – The Sailing Simulator
      As many of you may know, Drunknoodle is the development studio behind some very well known classics such as Stämpfer Universum and StarSailor. In early March 2014, we were approached by the team at Jungledymeriks to help them out with some…Tue, 04 Apr 2014 22:28:57 GMTSailaway – The Sailing Simulator
      In early March 2014, the team at Jungledymeriks approached Drunknoodle Studios with a very special idea. The game for sail is in development, designed especially for mobile phones and tablets. The development team is named Sailaway. They have numerous years of experience in the sail industry. You can…Mon, 17 Mar 2014 20:03:30 GMTSailaway – The Sailing Simulator
      In early March 2014, the team at Jungledymeriks approached Drunknoodle Studios with a very special idea. The game for sail is in development, designed especially for mobile phones and tablets. The development team is named Sailaway. They have numerous years of experience in the sail industry. You can…Sun, 09 Mar 2014 09:13:20 GMTSailaway – The Sailing Simulator
      In early March 2014,


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      OMSI2 – MAN Citybus is a game engine for the PC which allows you to travel in man´s fast and steady transit bus. To install the MAN Citybus Series, simply click on the “VirtualDriving” tab on the main menu of the game engine and download it. Once downloaded, install the game engine and simply launch the game – your bus will be connected directly to the engine. Please contact the developer if there are any questions regarding installation or the driving of your virtual bus.

      Version 3.7.63 – May 10, 2019

      Patch notes v3.7.63
      • Fixed vehicles with an incorrect wheelbase. This fix is retroactive and affects all vehicles with incorrect wheelbase.
      • Added GPS localization.
      • Fixed the camera position when the player drive a bus on the LAN.
      • Fixed various visual bugs.
      • Fixed numerous bugs.
      • Slightly improved the performance.

      We are now preparing the transition to next major release: v3.9 (30th of May 2019).
      In the next major release you will be able to travel on a MAN bus in multiple cities, from the West to the East (HAMBURG, BERLIN, DÜSSELDORF).
      During the next few weeks we will be working on the following:
      • Road network: roads will be paved with special materials
      • Traffic simulation: traffic will come by from different directions
      • Artificial intelligence: more cities will be added
      • MAN vehicles: new types will be added (mostly articulated buses)

      We can see you waiting for the next major release of OMSI2 – MAN Citybus! Please don’t hesitate to give us your opinion or suggest some wishes!

      Version 3.8.48 – April 9, 2019

      Hello all,

      This patch is based on user requests, and it provides more accurate selection of bus stops, it solves problems when bus driver is to busy to stop in traffic.

      Release 3.8.48
      • Improved UI: bus stops list now displays bus stops in order of arrival.
      • Improved the AI: when the player approach bus stop, bus now stops in some defined area without other vehicles in direct proximity.
      • Fixed the rear-view mirror: it is now displayed correctly.
      • Fixed the rear-view mirror: bus has now a correct position when the player enter the bus.
      • Fixed the rear-view mirror: it is


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