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With just one planet to its name, it’s no wonder that the Boid population has become a bit stagnant. Due to centuries of neglect and poor management, the population is slowly but surely failing to reproduce.
The BOID team has been working hard to rescue this endangered species, but the precious resource to achieve this – genetic diversity – is severely lacking. The mission begins with the discovery of a single, wandering drone on Kepler 42-C.
It’s time to take charge, but will you help protect the species or be driven towards extinction?
Fight to claim the planet in an 10-hour, single-player campaign
Available as DLC, the single-player campaign takes you on a journey to claim the planet and teaches you everything you need to succeed in multiplayer. Only the single player campaign is paid in BOID – everything else is free.
Part of the Multiplayer Package (free main game)
Join us in multiplayer matches featuring the full DLC suite.
Public matches are open to all players and can be played by 2v2, 4v4, and 8v8.
Private matches invite you to connect and play in 1v1 matches.
Enjoy regular updates with new maps.
Show off your hard-earned progress through leaderboards.
Create custom maps to share, and subscribe to your favorite creators.
A fully functional level editor allows you to create your own multiplayer maps
Color blind mode for heightened game accessibility.
Super easy to pick up gameplay, no base building to worry about – it’s all about mutation and classes
Rock paper scissors style class system. Do you go for the heavy/strong/slow units or for the fast/weak/rush ones?
Twitch Integration for multiplayer matches
About The Game BOID Multiplayer:
With so much to do, so many new challenges, and so much fun to be had, we can’t wait to see you online!
Grow your species by evolving in battles using powerful traits.
Decide if you will stick to the classic Boid formula or expand on it in new and interesting ways.
You are truly the commander of your own army and the only one responsible for the outcome of your matches.
While there are no base building and limited resources, base size and number of defenders is unlimited.
Strategize and recruit, build, mutate and evolve until you win or face extinction!
Free Multiplayer content
Available through update, new content will


ElecHead Features Key:

  • New Season Pass’ events.
  • Increase currency by participating in Season Pass events.
  • Respond to your friends.
  • Episode 3: Mission Cards that can be sent.
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    SMPXPSMPlayer – Season Pass Patch with SAZP

    SMPXPSMPlayer – Season Pass Patch with SAZP:
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    Support: 闊: 2008/6/28
    Patch Instruments: smplayer_upgrade_patch.py

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    Submission Links:
    2nd Episode –
    Character Level:11-13

    Season Content:
    4 Episodes = Titan-King-High-Dark-World
    Unlock all 4 Episodes:
    1. Go to


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    Kuroi Kakaru Nanako
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    2nd, The Hizaknori. Kuroi Kakaru Nanako.


    Re:Kuroi Kakaru Nanako – Kuroi|Hizaknori – Irozaru!

    Kuroi Kakaru Nanako
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    2nd, The Hizaknori. Kuroi Kakaru Nanako.


    Re:Kuroi Kakaru Nanako – Kuroi|Hizaknori – Irozaru!

    Kuroi Kakaru Nanako
    From the same series as Ichigo Kurosaki was based by using a collection of Vizard’s magic jewel. Through the weapon of his shikai, my hands will be able to wield any weapon


    Download ElecHead PC/Windows 2022 [New]

    Awesomenauts is a fast-paced, over-the-top action-brawler with a wealth of quirky characters, arenas and weapons. Meet other players online, battle against computer-controlled opponents in local or online multiplayer, or go it alone in the single-player campaign mode.
    Key Features:
    The Awesomenauts
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    Story Mode
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    System Requirements For ElecHead:

    – Adobe AIR 3.2.0+ (3.0.0 recommended)
    – Java SE 6 or higher
    – Microsoft Windows OS (32/64 bit)
    – Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
    – Other OS requires the installation of a VirtualBox/Vagrant image that contains the necessary software components for testing.
    – 10 MEGABYTES MEMORY FOR EVERY CORE (with the minimum of 2 GB RAM)


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