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The Badlands are not the lawless place they were thought to be,
in fact, it’s possible for the law to provide a man with protection…
until it’s no longer there. In the wake of the death of Honest John,
where law and order begin to break down, and for every man, woman and
child, there is a price to be paid for that lawlessness. This is the
world of Martin Hart & the Outlaws, starring Steven Strait, including
Cast (storyline) (series), fresh blood, a thirst for revenge, a
brutal attack on their homestead, and the appearance of a mysterious
woman from the past.

The solid, dependable
involves teaching a group of young delinquents from a previous
childhood in the ways of crime, and ultimately to discover what life
is really all about. Praktik follows a number of very different
approaches, varying from being a straight, no-nonsense bank-robbing
movie, to a more intellectual approach. Praktik has three different
themes: Truth, Crime, and Survival.

are proud to present:

Academy Award® Nominee
for Best Costume/Makeup

(2010 & 2011)




for Best Fantasy Film

(May 4, 2010)





Winner of Best

Best Picture

Best Animated Feature

Best Composer

Best Cinematographer

Best Director

Best Editing

Best Production

Best Supporting

Best Supporting

Winner of Best

an epic adventure set in a faraway world of exotic locales and rich
cultures. When a cosmic event known as the Awakening disrupts the
balance between the magical world and the human world, it triggers a
series of miracles, cascading events, and self-sacrificial choices
that bring a fragile peace between the two worlds. Over the course of


Choice Of The Petal Throne Features Key:

  • High quality graphics and gameplay (3D RTS): starfighter commander, colony battle.
  • Solid gameplay (RTS game): build economy, resource extractor, protect production, attack resource-plentiful player.
  • Multi-player (team and online): 12 player matches.
  • Implemented strategy gameplay. The maps are diverse – from political situation, to historical background and aesthetic beauties.
  • Up to 36 units (players) on 4 player map.
  • Angular orthographic projection (map view no Cylinder).
  • Spectacular, dynamic, modern implementation for game events during the game.
  • Especially important is the battle for resources.


Choice Of The Petal Throne (Final 2022)



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A new game engine with a lot of new features, compared to version 4.
What is CopperCube?CopperCube is a game engine for 2D games, based on the Unity engine, but it is Open Source, built by a small team, in their spare time.They are passionate about games and programming, and their goal is to create a game engine that is user friendly, fast, and light-weight. They have achieved this goal, and it is easy to use for all types of people, from the beginner to the expert.Lets start by creating a new project, with CopperCube:
1. Create a new project
2. Select “CopperCube 5 – Professional Edition”
3. Select “Empty Game”

How to use the engine in multiplayer games (one computer running the engine and the other running the game)
The engine is normally used in a single-player setup (one computer running the engine and another running the game), but it is possible to use it in a multi-player setup, where one computer will be the engine and the other will be the game.What you need to do:
1. Download the Multiplayer Engine
2. Unzip the folder and rename it “MultiplayerEngine”
3. Move the folder “MultiplayerEngine” to the game’s root folder (the folder where the game’s executable and assets are), select the multiplayerEngine folder and double-click “MultiplierSetup.unity”
4. Open “MultiplierSetup.unity” with the game and select in the inspector all the objects (e.g. the Log), and then select “New Game”. All the objects should appear in the game, in their default settings.
5. Play the game with the engine’s settings, as configured in the multiplayerEngine.cfg file. You can also use multiple keyboards and multiple controllers with the engine’s controller settings.

How to use the engine in multiplayer games (two computers running the engine)

In this case, both computers will be able to control the game. What you need to do:

Download the Cross Platform Engine

Unzip the folder and rename it “CrossPlatformEngine”

Move the folder “CrossPlatformEngine” to the game’s root folder

Double-click “CrossPlatformSetup.unity”

Open “CrossPlatformSetup.unity” with the game

Select in the inspector all the objects (e.g. the Log), and then


What’s new in Choice Of The Petal Throne:

‘ for you, Delilah.

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In PAYDAY 2, you play as a professional criminal, who is loading up with weapons and health to complete a series of armed robberies across the city. As you make your way through the massive and ever-changing environment, you use the stolen cash to purchase new weapons and equipment to aid you on your way to a successful heist. The heists are carried out in four environments – Moscow, Chicago, New York and the banks of the fictional Caribbean island of Payday.
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Agent 47
Meet Agent 47, an ex-Secret Service Agent turned professional criminal. He’s the leader of his own crew, they call themselves The Ghost, and his main weapon is the classic Desert Eagle.
Armed with an array of firearms, the detective uses a variety of different tactics and weapons to carry out his heists.
Frequent flyer
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Anna is the main accomplice of The Ghost. She’s the brains of the outfit and helps with the planning.
Penny is a kindergarten teacher and a good friend of the team. She’s also a mentor and an educator, she’s always willing to lend a helping hand whenever possible.
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    System Requirements For Choice Of The Petal Throne:

    OS: Windows 10
    Processor: 2 GHz or faster
    Memory: 3 GB RAM
    Graphics: DirectX 12 with Nvidia
    DirectX: Version 11
    Storage: 2 GB available space
    Additional Notes:
    1. Download the standalone installer from the game page on Steam. 2. The standalone installer supports all the same Linux/SteamOS platforms that are supported by the main game. The standalone installer does not install any graphics cards.
    AMD GPU Minimum specs:
    SteamOS Recommended specs:


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