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In the lands between, Elden & Thelden, the armies of the dark and the light have battled against each other for generations.
The armies of the dark, despite being defeated, continue to rage on and now plan a final assault on the light.
Meanwhile, in the lowermost reaches of the Abyss lies an island, a place called Elden. This remote land was once a refuge for the savages, where they no longer feared the enemy’s might. However, that peace soon disappeared after a dark prophecy foretold an unknown evil that would someday rise from this island.
One day, a figure of unimaginable power emerged. The handsome and charismatic Lord Marc was the first one to lead the armies of the Elden Ring, breaking the deep bonds of the people in order to safeguard the lands between.


It is a time of rebirth for a world that has fallen into chaos. An evil force has risen from the darkest depths, and the world is in danger.
In this time of darkness, who is going to rise, and who will fall?

Rise, Tarnished.
As a Tarnished, the leader of the Elden Ring who has fallen into chaos, you are the one who will protect the Elden Ring with the power bestowed upon you. And that is what you must do.
• Robust Character Customization
As the leader of the Elden Ring, you are free to create your own character and change the appearance and attributes of your hero.
Combat strength, magic, weapon skills, and more are all available to create an incredible hero, or give your hero a hard time in the online battlefield.

PUBG-like Operation Battle

The battle between the two opposing parties is being engaged on a live server that is open to all players.
This online multiplayer mode provides you with the opportunity to experience an online battle, and to observe the strength and weakness of your opponent in real time.

Matchmaking & Leaderboard Online Mode

This mode provides players with the opportunity to look up the standings in the battle server, and to see the strength of players with whom they have made new connections.

Online Battle

As a leader, you must use your power to pull your allies together in this online multiplayer battle. Battle online with up to 8 players in this strategic online battle.
Participants in the battle can use a variety of tactics to


Features Key:

  • A large, epic world of fantasy
  • Three types of class systems to customize your character
  • Dynamic questing
  • An asynchronous online play that lets you explore and meet other players who link to you
  • Chromatically beautiful graphics
  • A light and free-moving interface
  • A wide range of online features available with optional additional purchases
  • Quick Look

    With the new fantasy action RPG Elden Ring, prepare your heroes by training them, create a menacing future world, and defeat the powerful forces of old or raid the rich realms of other players.
    As the leader of his people who restored the Great Kingdom and defended the realm from the demons, Soren roamed the Land Between, seeking the answers to the mystery of the end of times.
    He noticed a certain kind of person in the seed of ill-gotten power with hopes of power, who had risen among them, corrupting the weak, as he thought.
    As he stared at the situation and if he could rebuild the ruins and depart peacefully, then he planned to rekindle the Sword of Fire and Lead the people to the land of the Elden Ring, but he could not tell the people that the Oath that they are the Lords of a Great Kingdom will be this kind of a big conflict.

    The Story of the Elden Ring

    With the return of the people to the Elden Ring in 1487, the chaos of the ancient times began to unfold, as the once peaceful times turned into a turbulent time.
    As the once stable and peaceful modern-day imperial nations are enveloped in confusion, there are people who vie for power.
    Among them, stands the mysterious group of youths who have gathered near the forbidden land, as they meticulously prepare for what awaits them.

    A Vast World of Fantasy

    Enter the dazzling, vast world of Elden Ring, where the undulations of the sky are the ocean.
    The paths of the adventure, which so far was a seamless continuation, are now stepped on, as the characters explore the world belonging to someone else.
    More so, not only it is a


    Elden Ring Free


    “The new fantasy action RPG is definitely worth of those with a few days’ time. The battle system is simple and a game that is easy to get into.”


    “A new fantasy action RPG surely enjoys the fun battle system and good graphics.”


    “The new fantasy action RPG has a unique online element, though it doesn’t look good, it is very enjoyable.”

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    Elden Ring Keygen Free


    ■ An In-depth Customization Option
    Create various looks for your character to suit your play style and evolve your character further
    -Play Styles

    -Choose what kind of adventure you want to lead your character on, and develop yourself as a person
    -Colorful Settings
    A wide range of events happen in the Lands Between. Choose to turn the story to whichever path you desire
    -Customize Your Character

    -Equip weapons, armor, and magic with the design that you want

    -Create various Looks with A Variety of Accessories
    -Add new accessories that you discover while exploring the Lands Between

    ■ Character Development

    -Develop your character to experience new personality and style. Choose to increase your strength as a warrior to increase your combat power, or master magic to increase the power of magic.

    -During level up, experience a variety of events to explore your character further. Use your efforts wisely to find a variety of methods to level up.

    ■ The Role of Skills

    Skills are the key to winning battles. They open new avenues for the character development of your hero. Upgrade your basic skills to make your character unique.

    During character development, learn a variety of skills from your exploration of the Lands Between.

    -Open Feats

    In addition to basic skill systems, open feats are developed. They will show new ways to play with the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip.

    During character development, open feats are unlocked at certain points. Some open feats even require you to defeat a certain enemy that you only encounter in the Lands Between.

    ■ The Role of Passive Skills

    In addition to open feats, passive skills are developed. They improve the skills of your equipment. They are a vital part of any well-balanced system.

    Use the passive skills to improve your equipment at the same time as the open feats

    -Support System

    While the various events happening in the Lands Between will develop various triggers and effects, it’s hard to maintain constant flow in the story. To make sure that you’re playing the game with sufficient support, various triggers are developed.

    Here, you will find a variety of content that will support your playing experience.


    The battle system of TARNISHED features depth and a variety of methods to approach the battle.

    There are numerous types of skills that support battle.


    What’s new:

    The Frostborne is a unique fantasy action RPG where players enter their avatars into a vast world full of excitement. A sense of mystery dissolves as you forge your way and discover that the Lands Between is filled with exotic traditions and customs that you cannot find in other fantasy RPGs. Create your own character and then engage in battle.

    The ACTIVATOR PRO is the original Nintendo Switch gamepad with Rumble function. Players can experience a unique sense of freedom in the game, as the gameplay does not force them to remap the face buttons during battles, and to conduct missions by pressing different functions of the Joy-con. For example, instead of returning to the menu screen and inputting a game cheat to lower the EXP required to gain a level, you can simply press the face buttons during battles in the Active Mode. However, you need to explicitly set the face buttons for pan and scan on the Joy-con. And you can enjoy the maximum performance if you run the game on a TV with a great screen and with the game rotated. For this reason, it is suggested that you purchase an HDMI cable for connecting the Nintendo Switch to the TV.

    The game also provides various other features.
    – Experience the ambience of living in a fantasy world
    · Dynamic deep atmosphere that accompanies you
    · Game music that matches the emotion of the surroundings
    · Spectacularly animated scenes
    – Choose your own Adventure
    · Thousands of items in the world to collect
    · You can develop your own character that has a particular elemental affinity
    · You can create powerful warriors, magic users, and elven servants
    – Play your Story Through quests, new dungeons, and more!Glomerulopathy in diabetes insipidus.
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    How to play:

    PLAYER 1 : Click the “Start Game” button in the menu to start.

    PLAYER 2 : Click “Join Game” in the menu to join the game.

    PLAYER 3 : Click “Load Game” in the menu to enter the game.


    Enter the game from the menu to play.


    Click “Play Guide” in the menu to play the guide.


    Click “Load Game” in the menu to enter the game.


    Click “Join Game” in the menu to play the game.


    Click “Choose Job” in the menu to select your starting weapon.

    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    How to play:

    PLAYER 1 : Click the “Start Game” button in the menu to start.

    PLAYER 2 : Click “Join Game” in the menu to join the game.

    PLAYER 3 : Click “Load Game” in the menu to enter the game.


    Enter the game from the menu to play.


    Click “Play Guide” in the menu to play the guide.


    Click “Load Game” in the menu to enter the game.


    Click “Join Game” in the menu to join the game.


    Click “Choose Job” in the menu to select your starting weapon.

    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Uninstall current version

    Extract the contents of the archive to “Elden Ring

    Run the setup program or Start the game.

    Press Install button

    Wait until the installation is complete.

    Click “Yes” to automatically register the game.

    Once installed, go to Games and enter the main menu. Click the Play Game button to start the game.

  • Run the downloaded crack file for the activation

    More Online (Full)Installer2.0.exe

    Then click Run!

    There will appear the windows at the end of the program, click on Continue to start the installation. Remember to choose the option Install option on the first step.

  • Insert in the original cd game and click on play to start the game.

    Online (Full) Installer2.0.exe

    Note: You do not need to buy the original cd to play online. The online is included for free.

    Then go to “Games” and click the “Play Game” button to start the game.

  • Online (Partial) Installer2.0.exe

    If the original cd game you insert is loaded with Online (Partial) video you can download the game patch to run in offline.

    Then, click on the “Games” and click on the “Play Game” to launch the game.

  • Offline (Full) Installer2.0.exe

    Click on games and then click on the play game button. Insert the original cd game and click on play once again.

    After this, you must copy the DLL files 32bit from the folder <font


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 7 64-bit.
    Windows 7 64-bit. CPU: Intel Core i3 processor or equivalent.
    Intel Core i3 processor or equivalent. RAM: 2GB.
    2GB. Video: Nvidia GTX 650 2GB or ATI HD 6670 2GB or equivalent.
    Nvidia GTX 650 2GB or ATI HD 6670 2GB or equivalent. DirectX: Version 11
    Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Broadband Internet connection Sound: DirectX Compatible sound card
    DirectX Comp