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Since the beginning of the game, the music and illustrations have been created exclusively by an artist, aiming to create an aesthetically pleasing world of joy.

The original developers, who are responsible for the compelling gameplay, are a company specializing in software development and have a history of consistently creating games that have proven to be valuable. We are fully aware of the stigma of coming from a small company. This company is not one that relies on a lack of financial ability to create games; on the contrary, we employ many talented artists, and we are proud of that fact.

You can pre-register for Elden Ring here:


> Music by:

> Images and artwork by:

> English translation by:

> Story translation by:

> Item confirmation by:

* If you have a request for translation, please contact us on Twitter at @x_elden.

> Translation(s) may be shared with the original team.


Features Key:

  • All of the new features you can expect from a modern fantasy action RPG.
    • A Character Customization Function
    Get your hands on the equipment, skills and weapons that you want to use in multiplayer from the start, and make your character stand out.
    • An All-in-One Party System
    The characters in the party join together in battle in a single party, or each fights alone if only one is around.

    • Various Action Maps: Open Field, Dungeon,
    For each map, you can enjoy various action styles.
    • A Cinematic Storybook
    You can visualize the story of the Land Between outstandingly in the cut scene.

    • Unique Online Play
    We support fast internet with Gbit speed, and a voice chat function.

  • Various Item Enhancements: Earn enough EXP to level up your equipment, and combine a lot of different weapons and armor for a varied appearance. Achieve a solid balance with your status and advantages by maxing out all of your items while leveling up.

  • User Customization: Change how you play using the control functions, character customizations, and actions to create your own play style.

  • A Powerful Tool to Establish Groups: Use your character’s status to achieve great things with your friends.

  • A Mythical Queststory: In which each character’s thoughts are colored together in the Lands Between, and which cuts to his or her story.

  • The Game System and Party System Features Implemented: Create your own character with straight forward operations using a character creator from the start. It’s easy to play and implement party system and character customization features.

    » Know more! We have more special contents coming up so keep your eyes on!

    Contents of the Republic of Empires

    The scheduled contents below will be available for the next release.

    Mercenary Application

    The mercenary application has been set up at Get


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    Elden Ring

    Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG game where you need to investigate all kinds of people to gain treasure, power and the various races using your peculiar skill set as a god who is subjected to a lot of ordeals and traps. You can freely switch between a party comprised of up to 5 characters and create a battle strategy with your allies.

    Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG game in which you need to investigate all kinds of people to gain treasure, power, and the various races using your peculiar skill set as a god who is subjected to a lot of ordeals and traps. The game has come to Vita in a shorter window than the previous console version, but it features a newly designed combat, a wide range of gameplay in addition to the original console version, and a lot of new contents.

    Main Features

    ■ Overhaul of Combat: As the class abilities of multiple characters are connected, the resolution of struggles in and out of battle improves. The enhanced character creation feature also allows you to freely modify body shapes and facial features.
    ■ Unique Battles
    Wield various weapons, armor, and magic to create a myriad of battle strategies. When you stop channeling the power of the elden ring, however, your character will be in a coma and unable to use weapons.
    ■ Change the Course of History with Your Alliances
    Elden Ring belongs to a fantasy action RPG series that features various alliances based on turn-based RPG games, such as an early role-playing game in which you can form teams composed of multiple characters and a swordfighting game in which characters with non-human-like features can team up with other characters to fight against monsters. In Elden Ring, you can also form alliances with NPC adventurers, with the intention of forming an advanced party.
    ■ The Fanciful Fantasy World “THE LAND BETWEEN”
    The Lands Between is a fantasy-type world in which an ancient goddess ruled over many nations, and many kinds of creatures and monsters inhabit the world. Elden Ring is in the Lands Between.
    ■ High-end Graphics
    The graphics, including the various monsters, characters and landscapes, have been overhauled to higher resolutions compared to the console version, with the aim of providing the best environment for a fantasy action RPG.
    ■ Better Systemization of Enhancements
    In addition to a user interface overhaul, enhancements have been added to the game system, including “Four Players,


    What’s new:

    Adventure & RPG.
    A design philosophy emerged with the concept of EVOS, which refers to Eva(Eva Station/Lifeboat, Eva Green, Evangelion, Evangelion). It aims to create a vast world, in which each character has a different background and story. Personalize the characters you explore and embark on an adventure with them.
    •• An Epic Science Fantasy World
    An adventure in the universe between Ultra High School Girls and Nobody.
    • A 3D Fantasy World That Overflows with Color
    A three-dimensional fantasy world created with lush graphics, combining the two layers of land and water and their relations.
    • A Stunning Interior
    Welcoming you into a wide-open world via a country town with a bright feel, through fields where ducks are enjoying the sunset and small fishing boats pass through the waves.
    • A Fantasy World You Can Experience in Person in The Epic School Drama

  • 【1】Subtitle Section 1

    【2】Subsubsection 2

    【5】Subsubsection 5

    I’m starting to feel right at home in this subtheme. I’ve been drawing a lot of people and foliage at the same time, a strange new area.

    Some of the artworks other people sent really brightened up my mood during the dark winter. Though its hard to beat this anime scene for comedy!



    Download Elden Ring Crack + With Serial Key PC/Windows

    Close every other program and restart your computer.

    Download game files in the CRACKING section.

    Unpack all files, do not use archive extractor or 7-zip.

    Run setup.exe and install game if asked to do so.

    Close game if it is running.

    Open the game with an appropriate emulator if the game has the option to do so.

    Play ELDEN RING game.

    Game can be played fully in offline mode.

    Game only requires internet connection to download new content (like new classes, new spells, new items,…).

    How to play:

    WASD or Arrow Keys for movement, use your mouse to aim.
    Spacebar for action, use it to click on things like locks, chests, crates,…
    Scroll Mousewheel for scrolling screen up or down
    Cursor keys for changing your viewpoint
    Z for general menu
    M for Magic
    C for Classes
    H for Actions
    Use the diagonals to toggle your equipped weapon:
    – (Z) Toggle the last equipped weapon
    – (X) Toggle the first equipped weapon
    – (Q) Toggle the second equipped weapon
    – (E) Toggle the third equipped weapon
    Use the arrow keys to toggle between equipped weapons:
    – (Up) Toggle between the first and second equipped weapons
    – (Down) Toggle between the last and second equipped weapons
    – (Left) Toggle between the last and first equipped weapons
    – (Right) Toggle between the second and first equipped weapons
    You can have up to 3 weapons equipped at once, the first equipped one is indicated by a white border on the edge of the screen.

    NOTE: Please note that the diagonal key, if you press up the first weapon, then it does not activate the second weapon. This simply means that the first weapon is used for equipping new items and you cannot equip new items if you are using the rightmost weapon equipped. In this case, it is better to equip a new weapon with the leftmost weapon equipped.
    All items are dropped by monsters while you are fighting them.
    Items are locked and the use of a specific item is required to use the locked one.
    Before using an item, you can combine it with the item in your inventory by pressing m.
    You can interact with the object, press the spacebar to stack it on other


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

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  • How To Activate Elden Ring:

    • Run the setup.exe file and follow the instructions
    • After completing installation, don’t start the game.
    • Run the Crack.exe from CrackEn Zip folder and accept the EULA.
    • Start the game and enjoy!


    • Works only for Windows XP
    • You should always logoff when not using the game.
    • The latest version of the game is better and support Windows 9 & Windows 10



    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows XP SP2 or later
    Processor: Intel® Pentium® II or later
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Graphics: 128 MB DirectX® 9.0c compatible video card (minimum system requirements)
    DirectX®: 9.0c compatible video card (recommended)
    Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or later
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: 128 MB DirectX® 9.0c compatible video


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