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Elden Ring Full Crack (also known as Elden) is a fantasy action role-playing game developed and published by Hiroi Yasui. Elden Ring is the culmination of his love of fantasy games such as Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger, which he began in high school.

Currently, Elden Ring is available on the Windows PC.

The action role-playing genre experienced a revival thanks to games such as Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest X, but Elden Ring is something that stands apart from these games. More than simply a new fantasy action RPG, Elden Ring boasts a unique atmosphere, and is a unique adventure that you won’t find anywhere else. The player decides the fate of their character through multiple paths, exploring various worlds and participating in battles against monsters.

In the game, players can change their gender, race, and class. You can develop your own character with a deep variety of weapons and armor, as well as a variety of spells. The battles in Elden Ring consist of four different stages: attack, defense, magic, and job. You use your attacks to defeat monsters, use your defensive skills to survive and recover HP, use your magic to deal more damage, and use your job to increase your stats or unlock better weapons.

There are five jobs in Elden Ring, based on the four main aspects of a class: Magic, Armor, Sword, Axe, and Shield. Each job has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it is easy to specialize in one skill with a lot of practice. For example, the Sword job specializes in magic, and the Axe job specializes in physical attacks.

In addition to the five jobs, there are also a variety of sub-jobs that you can gain once you use your job skill (such as increasing the area of effect of your spells). Each sub-job can be used even if you are switching jobs during combat. There are approximately 30 sub-jobs.


In 1980, Hiroi Yasui was born and raised in Osaka. At the age of 15, he began to play video games and played RPG games such as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy on a computer. Subsequently, while still in elementary school, he started contributing to the development of the Dragon Quest series of games as a programmer at the Nihon Falcom Corporation. Yasui received his degree from the Tsukuba University Faculty of Engineering and was employed in the gaming department of Nihon Falcom Corporation


Features Key:

  • 2nd Career: Designed with Total Freedom in Mind
  • Battles Get Spectacular.
    By upgrading the number of hits to deliver to a boss, the battles begin to show the spectacular togther that harmony and total freedom of fight are before you.
  • Build a Castle 2nd Career
  • The Well-Crafted Skills: Each of the weapons, armor, and magic has a strong reputation as well as a high base skill.
    Rely on your character in skillful combat, allowing you to enjoy the unprecedented freedom of wangyu.
  • The Rise: Your character is not born on a battlefield, but carved in the world of war and develops through his or her struggles.
    During the process of learning, your character experiences a variety of sense of satisfaction along with frustration due to conflicts and change, and there are many possibilities in the detailed way of history development.
  • Run the Game: In a digital version, listening to a large number of voices shouting their attempt to perform the most difficult battle to win the glory of their own Heroes. You should fight for your name to be scribed on the history of a series of battles, and utilize all kinds of lethal wangyu in that process.
  • Challenging 3D Battles through the world of war.
  • New Combat Spaces
  • Action Spotted or not?
  • Navigation of Shuriken
  • Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime, and enjoy being Tarnished with grace.

    Online Features:

    • International Adventure: When you adventure with other people, even time zones get crossed. You can enjoy a world where the distance between people could be as far as the sky.
    • Motion Sense and various motions: The theme of motion is being demonstrated in various ways, from the viewpoint of gesture recognition to motion sense, and “Wiggle Raid” that is corresponding to your motion.
    • Gunplay: Move your finger in any direction to change the camera, and auto-aim with the change in motion. You can also carry out powerful control.
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      “Disgaea 4 keeps the classic formula, but feels significantly more polished than its predecessors. More than just having the same parts over and over again, this installment has plenty of new ideas and details for players to enjoy, and even some places left to uncover if you’re looking to completely discover all of the side stories.”

      “An exemplary role-playing game that has truly succeeded in bringing back the fun of old, with an absolutely stunning presentation and a full package that just feels like a must-have for a gamer who loves classic RPGs.”
      Gamer (Japan)

      “The secrets of the Arcane beings are such a fascinating part of the storyline, as they are very different from the other characters. A brutal fight between your Tarnished and the rival Arcane.”
      ViaPlay (China)

      “The characters are cute, the setting is interesting, and the music is enchanting.”
      Gameforum (Germany)

      “Look. If you’re looking for an overall improvement over Disgaea 3, you won’t be disappointed by Disgaea 4. It doesn’t look as good, but the gameplay has evolved dramatically and it’s improved over its predecessor in every aspect, not only in terms of mechanics, but in terms of depth and variety of available content. The battles are even more fun now and a new town has been added in addition to an almost completely overhauled battle system.”

      “Disgaea 4 has a lot to say, mainly in the form of grotesque humor and cheeky one-liners. But its greatest achievement is its 3D dungeon design and world-building which makes the English text stand out as a particularly engaging and lengthy supplemental tale for the main narrative.”

      “The music in this game is… AMAZING. Really good.”

      “A surprising and well-made addition to a series that had me hooked from the beginning.”

      “A lot of people say they’re tired of games like this, but Disgaea 4 shows that it’s a dying breed. The land of Disgaea has finally reached its final resting place, and the next new world has been prepared.”
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      Explore a vast world
      Enter a vast world with boundless fields and gigantic dungeons.

      Fight against mighty enemies
      You will have to go against legendary monsters in a magnificent and amazing world to clear fields and save comrades.

      A rich world with a variety of situations
      In addition to routes that simply move along your field maps, there are also routes that branch into multiple subroutes, which give you the choice to take them to unlock different sub-events, allowing you to access different maps.

      A vast world with complex and three-dimensional designs
      You will be able to safely explore and experience a complex and astounding world with countless possibilities.

      The presence of other players
      While looking for a plot, a dream, and a chance to fulfill your destiny, you will be able to feel the presence of others.

      The World Map
      Can be tapped in different directions to enter regions that have previously been cleared, opening up new storylines and adventure.

      A large number of dungeons that contain monsters that are surprisingly powerful, giving you a great challenge.

      Pick up tons of loot
      Relic and treasure chests from the dungeons will give you an abundance of items that can be equipped to your character to refine your equipment.

      A multilayered story, in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect. It is an epic tale set in a fantasy world.

      A sci-fi Action Adventure
      Set in a futuristic world that is packed with strange and devious life forms. In a post-apocalyptic world where humans are about to run out of resources, you will face a life-and-death battle against a powerful enemy.

      It is a non-stop action battle multiplayer game where you can challenge others through the online functionality.

      The powerful items in the game are composed of the blood and strengths of the Heroes of the Elden Ring, and can be developed through research and synthesis.

      The power of the Elden Ring
      The power of the Elden Ring, an unsightly object that was found with the purpose of ending the myth of the Land of Sephora, was taken into the hands of the Most High, the God of the Elden Ring. It represents the leader


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      What is the Adventurer Mode?

      The Adventurer Mode is for the players who wish to battle against formidable monsters with their teammates, but not join the world of online players. They will be able to enjoy single-player content only.

      The words “Rain,” “Thunder,” “Ruby,” “Sunset,” “Rising,” “Lakes” appearing on the main menu screen are a reference to the character cards presented in Shadowverse, a card game developed by Sword Art Online and Fate’s Chinese publisher Rising Star Games.

      The words above are taken from the story of Sword Art Online and Fate, as well as the artist’s comments on anime visual novels.

      「このゲームでは、通常のゲームとは異なり、キャラクターの装備ではお馴染みの美術作品にアップグレードを適用される『フェザー』の機能を活用する。これで、美術の機能を使いこなすのは単なる器画に比べ当然! 今回は参考にされたのがまさにその『フェザー』です。」(オリジナル版のキャラクターデザインコストスルジー)

       “In this game, you can enhance your weapons and equipment to look like artworks as you become accustomed to normal gaming, which is merely a simulation of art. It’s normal-play, but using a feature of art. In this case, it’s exactly like Fairway’s art feature. ”



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    System Requirements:

    As for CPUs, anything with a minimum of 2 cores and 2 threads will work. That being said, 3.6 Ghz is probably a reasonable starting point.
    As for memory, 8 GB is probably the absolute minimum you should have. 16 GB will be ideal, and 32 GB is preferred. 4 GB of VRAM is good too, but I’d still recommend 16 GB over 8 GB.
    As for GPU, anything that has DX11 or higher support will do.
    As for screen resolutions, I’d recommend anything between 1280×720 and