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Download Setup + Crack


The Elder Scrolls Legends is a free-to-play collectible card game set in the fantasy realm of Tamriel. It is developed by the renowned RPG developer Bethesda Game Studios, led by Game Director Zsolt Nyers. Elder Scrolls Legends is the first card game in the series.


100 Card Transmutation
Transmutation is a special ability that allows you to change any card in your hand to any card in your deck at the cost of any number of destroyed/drawn cards. Transmutation is a great way to change up your play style and shift to a new strategy for the new meta game.

Scenario Update: Norse Mythology
In addition to the main story, Scenario updates are events that show off some of the game’s existing mechanics and mechanics that are still in development.

New Artwork
The new artwork in the game will introduce new cards, visual quality improvements to previously released cards, and additional locations with new environments for players to explore.


New Scenario: Norse Mythology
Scenario Update #1: Birth of the Gods
Scenario Update #2: Gods & Heroes

New cards:

New card art

New layout and environment art

New in-game map screen artwork

In other news, we have the following fixes and optimizations for this update:

Localization fixes

General performance improvements

Map fixes

Bug fixes

In other news, we have the following changes for the upcoming Patch 5.0.0 patch:

The Darkmoon Faire
New Faire Event: Showdown in the Wilderness
New Faire Items: The Sifka’s Medal and The Mithral Tarnished Ring
New Faire Locations: The Cave of the Dead and The Gallery of Evasion
New Faire Map: The Millstone
New Faire Glory: Forge yourself a Legendary Item

Holiday Event: Winter’s Harvest
Holiday Event: Hearthfire’s Eve

New in-game map screen artwork

New Daedric Devices from The Dark Brotherhood

* Please note the following changes and fixes for this upcoming patch:

New Faire Event: Setup a Connector
New Faire Items: Dragon Brooch and Dragon Perch
New Faire Locations: The Battered Quarrel and The Deserted Shores
New Faire Map: The Landing
New F


Features Key:

  • Low Evolution
    Elden have been extinct for a long time, thus the battlefield is still a battlefield with little difference from its past
    Elden Ring is the only MMORPG with a fast pace in which you can easily move around a dynamic world
  • The Fantasy Setting of the Dark Moon
    In this world, all the characters reside in the vast and red-colored Dark Moon. This is a fantasy world that is not covered by excessive light in stark contrast to lush and colorful daytime world.
  • Upcoming updates to updates
    You will be able to experience the game’s main updates as they are being released
  • Training and training party system
    You can quickly summon an endless number of extremely-powerful trainees to experience the enjoyment of combat.
  • Protagonist character form system
    Revolutionary class feature that allows you to freely use your weapon and magical skills
  • Crown Armor System
    Takes a step forward to rebalance the importance of equipment and combat the crown armor system

    • A slot system
      Equips weapons and armor don’t have a limit
    • Selective enhancement recipes
      It’s just like a combination of the mountable mount equipment and enhanced weapons.
    • New formation
      Highly-customizable and flexible formation system
    • Defense Style
      You can adopt your own defense style from the high degree or immunity of personal status.
    • New game record
      Earn great rewards by conquering hundreds of dungeons and winning the number one rank.
    Stunning and beautiful backgrounds, animation, and graphics.
    Raises the level cap to level 100.
    Increases the number of followers.
    Increases the number of followers per inventory.
    Increases level & accessories of followers.
    Increases the number of followers per party.
    Increases level & accessories of followers per party.
    Adds new followers.
    Increases equipment by multiple times.
    Adds items at the expense of gold.


    Elden Ring Torrent X64

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    Elden Ring [Updated] 2022

    ▶ Action
    – A lot of basic actions for every character- High-tech and high-class multiplayer support battle with other players- Skill level and user level- Adds unique skills- Ability to increase and develop your skills- Ride on the back of a massive pterodactyl and earn rewards- Equip items that can increase your stats- Different types of crossbows to shoot magic in all directions- One of the coolest features in the RPG genre- Starting battles and the ability to withdraw from combat


    ▶ Action
    – Implemented game play specifically for mobile users- High-tech and high-class multiplayer support battle with other players- Skill level and user level- Includes unique skills- Ability to increase and develop your skills- Ride on the back of a massive pterodactyl and earn rewards- Equip items that can increase your stats- Different types of crossbows to shoot magic in all directions- One of the coolest features in the RPG genre- Starting battles and the ability to withdraw from combat

    Elden Ring game PC:

    ▶ Action
    – High-tech and high-class multiplayer support battle with other players- Skill level and user level- Adds unique skills- Ability to increase and develop your skills- Ride on the back of a massive pterodactyl and earn rewards- Equip items that can increase your stats- Different types of crossbows to shoot magic in all directions- Ability to fight side by side with other players at the same level- Optional to eat meals during the middle of battles


    * “Fantasy action RPG” is an approximation and is in no way the official name of the game.

    * Crafted by customers and Team Io- no company costs have been abused

    * Rights to the name and trademark belong to the Korean management team and Sogom.

    * IP of team IO belongs to Sogom. It’s possible that the data here is limited in some regions. If so, they will be informed at a time when the data is corrected.


    • Offline-release in Korea for Android and iOS
    • Catalog number: 2017SP05-0005

    Further information:

    – Regarding online play:

    * There is a system where players who successfully log in can freely talk to each other.

    – Regarding free items:

    * Free items can be received based


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    Dragalia Lost starts on a dark and darkening continent! In a world where dragons once ruled over humanity. A dragon, the Amal, has finally awoken. At the same time, a deep darkness spreads through the Planes of Knowledge, and monsters called the Duredead appear!

    As a dragon of Destruction, be prepared to take on a large portion of the Le Blanc city…


    DRAGIAL!S: Hollow Flames

    Jeingl Sagell’s DRAGALIES Hollow Flames is a proposed addition to Drakalie: The Lost Scrolls role playing game set in the world of Dragalia Lost. In Hollow Flames players will find themselves as a might hero thrust into an epic quest where nothing is as it appears.

    DRAGALIES are the legendary Dragonzines said to have been inscribed with Dragalia Lost’s Prophecies by an Archmage known simply as “V”.

    Players are not as they appear at first glance, and that mystery doesn’t stop there! Throw other players into the picture and start trading secrets while uncovering hidden identities with your social circle. Only with the use of magic, and the collaboration of your allies, will you be able to defeat the evil forces shaping the fate of our world.

    DRAGALIES, on the other hand, are created when the Archmage Fires a Dragon in a bowl of Wild Hyracanth’s blood. The result of the Drakalie instillation is a small, solid-feeling object imprinted with countless Dragalies recorded in the spirits of the dead dragon’s arcane power. Drakalies can


    Free Elden Ring [Win/Mac] [Updated]

    *First: Click the link below to download the installer.

    *Next: Run the downloaded installer to install the game.

    *After that: Go to the directory where you had installed the game. Run the crack.

    *Third: Run the Crack.exe to decompress it and enable the crack.

    *You can run this application from any directory. To start the game:

    *Double-click the shortcut file, which can be located in the Start Menu or StartUp

    *Next: You need to choose a character and a location.

    *Using the controller or computer keyboard:

    **Choose the location.

    **Choose the character.

    *Now: After you choose your character and location, you need to select the Room, Dungeon, and Object.

    *You can choose a Room or Dungeon on the map.

    *Choose the object.

    *Choose the object, and press ENTER to move to the next location. You can select to go to the previous location or the current location.

    *Try entering an invalid location for a room or dungeon, but you can leave it blank. When you enter the Room or Dungeon, you can change the room and dungeon to upgrade it.

    *You can also change the position of the Room or Dungeon, but it takes more time than before.

    *You can trade objects with other users.

    *You can look for a friend in the Friend List.

    *When you stop at an object, you can look at it to learn more about it. You can press the? or. key to learn about the object’s details.

    *If you press the F key, you can choose an object to equip to your character. You can choose to equip it or decide to equip it in an alternative way.

    *When you are done with the object, you need to choose a room or dungeon to equip it in. You can choose to equip it in an alternative way.

    *You can also use the cheat to save time. You can press SHIFT + (number key).

    *You can walk in the zone, and enter the default program.

    *When you enter the default program, you can move to the current location using SHIFT + number key.

    *You can enter


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Install Game the download from the given link…
  • Open the zip file to extract all the contents to a folder of your choice
  • Start the Run… and type or copy paste the “Crack” file from the downloaded folder and click on the [OK]
  • PCMgr will start and will auto-start the crack
  • Select “Menu”
  • Select “Setup”
  • Select “Custom”
  • Select “Add”
  • Select “Cracked Game” from the folder where you have extracted the game and select it
  • Select the “Finish”
  • Game is now installed and you can play it…
  • Enjoy Elden Ring Full Game Game…

    The freedom of choice exists only in freedom. The simplicity of choice exists only in simplicity. Achieving simplicity is not easy. But I decide not to make the games easy. Games are entertainment, there is no goal or victory or loss. We enjoy them for the sake of enjoying them. No different from the sun’s radiance “the day of our lives.”


    Editor Comment: The Elder Ring has its own API that registers war efforts in the database of your rune space. Issue a distant token, and you will have the option of liberating the area by sending war efforts. You can also destroy several cities for free as long as you are not using war efforts.


    Enjoy your time on the game world!


    Elder Ring GO! Build your village! Uphold the law! Protect your land!


    Install OS




    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 7 64-bit
    Processor: 2.2 GHz Core 2 Duo
    Memory: 3 GB RAM
    Processor: 2.5 GHz Quad-Core
    Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    Additional Notes: DirectX 8.1 or higher required to run the game
    Additional Notes: Graphics card ATI Radeon HD 2600 or NVIDIA GTX 460 or higher is required to run the game
    Download: B


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