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Name Elden Ring
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Relive the Myth

Fantasy Themed Action RPG

First ever action RPG in the world of Sword, Arrow and Forge that is based on the European fairy tale of the same name.

500 years ago, a powerful warlord and his army invaded a peaceful kingdom to expand their territory. In the midst of this terrible invasion, a human child was born bearing a series of fateful predictions and curses. Under the protection of the sword of the knight, the storm of the Arrows of the Archer, and the flames of the Forge of the Great Warlord, this child has grown into a young woman. For one hundred years, Tarnished has waited to redeem the destiny of the Elden, her ancestors, and the whole world.

Dawn of the Legend

A story of the chaos of a war, the tragedy of a tragic love, and the glory of a legendary hero.

The Dark and the Light

A tale of a pair of brave and beautiful heroes.



A warlord invades a peaceful kingdom and massacres its people in the name of conquest. An innocent child of a victim is born with heavy prophecies. Through the power of the sword, bow, and forge, the child grows into a young woman with the power to change the fate of the world. One hundred years later, the warlord has claimed the whole world. Can the young girl, Tarnished, save it?


A symphony of swords. A symphony of arrows. A symphony of magic.

The performance of the Elden is based on the tale of the legend of the Elden (The Lord of the land of Alsara) and the Elden Ring, which is the most powerful magic of the world. Tarnished, the descendant of the lord, has been born by fate, while it is the reward she will receive as a reward for the birth of the lord. She has been chosen as the savior.


A multilayered world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.

VACANT NOVEMBER – The coronation of an ill-fated monarch that will shake the entire land to its foundation.



Features Key:

  •            Explore an epic fantasy world in an exciting adventure!
  •            Raid dungeons full of challenges and enemies to collect loot, creating your own strategy!
  •            Climb the Dungeons of Power, a series of dungeons that will forever block your progress and challenge your brains!
  •            Challenge others in online Versus Mode, or form alliances and cooperate in online Co-Op Mode!
  •            In the world of Elden Ring, the nature of reality itself is in doubt. The shadows and darkness of the Underworld grow, threatening all creation and possessing those who linger in the Grid. Today, the tetragram force is aiming to secure the land and unravel the mysteries of the Underworld, and those who oppose them are striving to protect the land of Elden Ring from the shadows.

    About Developer                            &n


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    By Yuji Himukai

    As a veteran player of RPG games, I had played many other fantastic RPGs, such as Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and many others. So, I was attracted by the idea of an RPG that would combine elements of strategy and RPG genre with action genre. And the manly combat system and excellent map design matched my requirements.

    The first impression of Elden Ring Activation Code is its large 3D images when it comes to the protagonist. The protagonist, Reynn, is a dark-skinned man of high physique who is supposed to be the main character of the game. In other words, its visuals, as well as other aspects of the game, are of a unique sensation.

    The first thing to be done after installing the game is to create a character. First, we need to select a gender. I chose male. Then, we can choose from six different races. I chose the Human Race. Next, the basic elements of a character need to be selected, such as equipment and story.

    Next, the game begins. Our protagonist is a dark-skinned giant, a walking tank which, as if commanding an army, strikes down enemies with a single blow.

    Starting with a character named Reynn, we need to select his weapon first. We can choose from over 10 different weapons, such as an axe, a spear, a sword, a bow, and a shield. We can increase the strength of a weapon by allocating energy from our Mana Points. And you can also enhance the magical powers of a weapon by equipping runes and magic stones. In other words, you can create a diverse group of customized weapons.

    Let’s get started.

    Main Story : ‘A World Unseen’

    The main story begins when Reynn was kidnapped by the Elgen. It starts with a peaceful life on the surface, and they kidnap Reynn and transfer him into the Lands Between. In the Lands Between, the Elgen release him from their captivity. He discovers that the children of the two kingdoms are in danger because the Elgen intend to take the lands. The children of both sides enlist their sworn ally, and engage in a war between the two.

    Apart from quests, we are given the duty to help the children who are being kidnapped or to attack the Elgen. And when it comes to the battles, we can use a variety of different techniques for reaping an advantage. For example,


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    1. Tutorial

    -Welcome the player to the game.
    -Introduce the story and gameplay with a short introduction on the

    Elden Ring.
    -A brief introduction on the game’s mechanics, including basic actions like

    equipping items and attacking.
    -Show a basic outline of the game’s story.
    -Lead the player towards becoming an Elden Lord.
    -Introduce the game’s main scenario.
    -Introduce the game’s multiplayer.
    -Levelling up.
    -The battle action.
    -PvP, optional chat, and other social functions.

    As for the details, please look below.

    2. Battle System


    -Active counter.
    -When your health gets lower than certain threshold, a counter attack starts.
    -Attack range is adjustable.
    -Whether or not you can attack or not can be determined by your enemy’s level.
    -You can choose a target with the help of your action point and make a counter attack.


    -Choose a specified target.
    -Attack strength is adjustable.
    -Equip a certain status effect to make your attack stronger.
    -Repeat attacks work.
    -Attack energy is recovered at a certain rate after the attack.
    -Your weapon has an attack power that is even stronger than your attack energy.
    -Possess status effects give buffs of various types to your weapon or status effects.
    -All attacks can be fully activated when you have MP.
    -Hit a enemy while they are under attack status effects.
    -Possess status effects give buffs to your attack range.
    -Hit multiple enemies with the attack.


    -Active spell.
    -Can cast one time per MP.
    -Casting cost increases as your MP decreases.
    -Two kinds of spells exist: S, for less powerful attacks; and D, for powerful attacks.
    -S spells have a fixed attack power.
    -D spells have a fixed attack power and possess a high critical chance.
    -Hit an enemy with a spell and they get hit status effects.
    -Hit multiple enemies with the same spell and they get hit status effects.
    -Hit a target with a spell when they are under the same hit effect’s duration period.
    -Spell to status effect.
    -You can acquire new spells and hit status effects as you battle.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Key Features


    • An Island Fantasy World
    In its design, the world we have provided for this title focuses on various strong points. Various continents, islands, lakes, and mountains are referred to as home to the people of Sinbault, a chakra mangrove forest, and beyond. However, there are many other continents and beyond that are built in accordance with the player’s wishes. The chakra mangrove forest, which we have emphasized, is a world in which everything is interconnected through the Chakra’s positions, starting with natural and mystical powers of a lake. The land here also contains lakes and there are many interesting fish who help the player. The beautiful lakes and streams can be used to reach the other continents, scattered around the world, with how to swim floating in water or on the back of floating water. If there are ghosts present in these rivers, you can communicate with them by using it. Even if you leave behind the mainland for some time, memories of you will be left when you return. Will you be able to return to this world?



    What ornaments do you use when you go home? The characteristic ornament of each tribe. You can also use various ornaments that appear during your travels or adventures. You can freely develop the character, the equipment, and the items with which you equip by changing the appearance of characters and mixing the elements, all things related to your history.



    The school of love is a place where you can improve the strength of your memories. It is influenced by the beauty around you and nourishes you with love.
    And, they share the bit of laughter and tears, though you do not know how to communicate with them. The beautiful girls play with you while talking to you. They also give you a love offering when you pass the test. What will you do if you can?




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    All done. ELDEN RING is up and running. Save it on USB and use it for a few days. This way you could get used to new gameplay. After few days you should be able to play endless. That’s all.


    Note: You will need to have knowledge of how to add drivers to your system. You could follow my guide here. If not, follow this guide: HOW TO FIX – INSTALL OLDER DRIVERS HERE.


    1. Connect your computer to the internet and launch Windows Update.
    2. On the left menu select the Search for updates button.
    3. A window will open showing the results.
    4. On the left side of the window you will see an option “Update and security options.”
    5. Click on “Update and security” button to initiate a scan for updates.
    6. The Windows Update will try to install it’s necessary updates.
    7. Once it finished a message will appear notifying you that your system is up to date.
    8. If you see an update for your game you can either download it or you can press NO. The reason I say this is that you want the newest update or patch. You can never be 100% sure that there are no serious bugs introduced after patch. So it’s better to wait until update is out and find out what bugs the update brings. You will probably get a lot of bugs reported and you will be warned if one exists for your case.
    9. Sometimes there is a conflict with game and other software. If you notice this, you can either follow the guide listed below or you can read this guide if you want to download the game or software.

    (New in patch 2.5.7)

    Patched files install in your game directory, not in Windows directory.

    This is not bug, it’s just in this version the patched are installed. I can’t fix this one. If you have problems, or feel like the patch


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    System Requirements:

    2.7GHz Dual-Core CPU
    4GB RAM
    OS X 10.10 or later (e.g., Yosemite)
    PCIe Slot
    16GB or more of available storage (or a USB thumb drive)
    No Virtual Memory (e.g., VMware Fusion)
    Supported software:
    VMWare Fusion
    Microsoft Windows
    Note: Intel is providing drivers and system specific technical support to assist with compatibility and performance issues.
    To determine the right Intel platform for your computer, please