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■ The New Fantasy Action RPG
Become an Elden Lord and enjoy the discovery of a vast world in an online RPG with an engaging storyline. Take on an unprecedented quest to uncover the mysteries of the Lands Between!
■ A Vast World Full of Excitement
Your journey will take you to a world full of things you have never experienced before: a variety of situations, huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs, and a dramatically different atmosphere from other RPGs. The combat system presents an action-oriented play style that leads to a high sense of accomplishment.
■ Create Your Own Character
Equip a myriad of weapons and armor to customize your appearance, as well as magic, skill, etc. You can freely customize your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.
■ An Epic Drama Born from a Myth
A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.
■ Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You to Others
In addition to multiplayer, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together, the game supports a unique asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others.

The Beginning

Little did you know that there lay undiscovered in the Lands Between, a region bathed by the light of the sun goddess Maimun, a legendary city of towering buildings adorned with unrivaled masterpieces, a land with a subsoil and firmament where the “glories of the celestial bodies” moved and dwelt.

Day by day, life in the city grows evermore colorful and curious, driving the people of this world from the safety of their homes to a region unknown to them. The time has come to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, the goal of your quest: to pierce the veil of uncertainty and rescue the townspeople.

• Play both a Light and Dark Hero
As a light hero, you will aid the adventurers and the citizens of the city in solving their problems. A dark hero may make you a tragic figure, but you will also be given many opportunities for conflict with your fellow adventurers and dark and light heroes alike.

• 4 Playable Characters
Are you a brave light hero, a cunning dark hero, a fiery elf archer, or a wise centaur? You will play as one of the 4 classes, each with their own


Features Key:

  • Engage with other players in a large-scale online game
  • Customize your own castle and create your own character
  • Vast world full of excitement
  • Engage in a multilayered story in this fantasy action RPG
  • Play via internet, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Discover a play style that fits you best
  • A fascinating online drama, where the multiple thoughts of the characters collide together in the Lands Between.

    Game features:

    • Online gameplay: Connect with multiplayer and engage in a large-scale online game
    • Character Customization: Customize your own character by changing your appearance and equipping various weapons, armor, and magic
    • Castle Customization: Construct your own castle
    • Encounter Creature Customization: Equip a massive array of armors, weapons, and equipment in order to maximize your moves and search for a legendary symbol in a massive open world
    • Fantastic Arts: Battle animals and creatures without sword or stick, and defeat foes and engage in fierce battles
    • The Lands Between Story: Play a multilayered story of events that takes place in the Lands Between and experience the unfolding drama
    • Online interaction: Enjoy rich online content and share special events
    • Battle alongside other players to obtain the Horn of Wargod
    • Explore a vast world with endless secrets
    • A vast world where the player builds their own world
    • Make friends, enter battles, solve puzzles, collect items, and trade resources.
    • A vast world where the player builds their own world
    • Build your own world and add things you find
    • Castle building
    • Communicate with other players and grow friendships
    • Fights creatures and rival Lords
    • Liberate the oppressed people
    • Create a story of a multilayered parallel universe
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      ✔ PvP BATTLES






      ◎The World of the Lands Between

      It is a world that goes beyond time. It is a world in which the essence of time does not exist. I think about time as being what we call time. Thus, it is not different from the world of the Lands Between. But those who do not know the world where the time does not exist say that the time of the Lands Between is always night. But that’s wrong. It’s nighttime that the time does not exist. The real time for the Lands Between is like a nocturnal dream.

      ● STORY

      You are raised by an old man, and he raises you to be a mercenary. You seem to have the eyes and ears of a cat, and you are feared by even the Zodiac Dragon. The dark prince (?) Liar’s Heart has sent you a long distance to the Lands Between.

      ● HOW TO PLAY

      • Utilize skills to attack enemies

      Utilize skills to attack enemies, and then strike them

      • Movement is easy

      Movement is easy

      • It’s not a role playing game

      It’s not a role playing game

      • There are only items to collect

      There are only items to collect

      • There are only dungeons to explore

      There are only dungeons to explore

      ◎About Me

      ◎ About the Game

      ◎ The People Who Worked on the Game

      ◎ How to Contact Us

      Thank you for reading this page.

      Useful Resources

      ● Contact Page

      ● License Agreement

      Follow our Twitter Account

      ● Facebook Page

      ● Game Website

      ● Overview Trailer

      ● (URL):


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      • Arena
      Battle with other players online.
      • PvP (Player Vs Player)
      Battle against players to become the king/queen of the Arena.
      • PvE (Player Vs Environment)
      No opponents in the Arena, just test your skills!

      • Real-time PvP (Player vs. Player)
      Battle against the players online with no restrictions or limitations.
      • Realm Raid
      Battle against rival teams in real-time and take over their castles.
      • Arena
      Vast fields and ancient castles await you. Battle against other players to become the king/queen of the Arena.

      • Battle against the AI
      Move your own units with a touch of a button.
      • No-lose Battle
      It’s a battle to the death.
      • Custom Battle
      Start custom battles that are different from the mass-battle system.

      • Dash (Obstacle Smashing)
      A dash attack lets you move faster than other characters.
      • Jump (Jump to the air and attack)
      Jump and attack in the air with strong melee attacks.
      • Support (Allies)
      Your allies fight alongside you with stronger attacks.

      • Save & Reload (Idle Level Up)
      Get stronger with life points.
      • Character Tweak
      Equality makes for a harmonious outcome!

      – Playable on iOS and Android.

      – A Tale of Gods and Men
      The world was created by the gods. War between the gods and men broke out, and a young human named Sho gained the power of the Pantheon. In order to stop the war between gods and men, Sho revived the dead gods.

      – Lords of the Underworld
      An old man named Eri is camping in an underground castle and recovering from the loss of his loved one. Or, rather, an old god has declared that he will cut the power source of the Underworld’s sealed gate and take over the Land of Gods.

      – The Land Between
      The Land Between is a place for materialized gods. There, a powerful story unfolds, and the amazing power of the Elden Ring is born.


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      * Bloodlines Empire Eorzea is available for only PlayStation 4 and on a disk format. We will announce the version for other platforms in the future.

      Bloodlines Empire Eorzea (PS4) USD 6.99 /
      Bloodlines Empire Eorzea (disk) USD 49.99 /
      Bloodlines Empire Eorzea (iOS) USD 6.99 /
      Bloodlines Empire Eorzea (OS) USD 6.99

      Please read the following sections before ordering.※ DVD is the only shipping method. We do not accept self-collection. Be aware of shipping costs.※ The PlayStation®Network download service will be set up via the internet connection at the time of purchase. We will accept the online service code through e-mail after purchase.※ Registration for the online service must be completed after purchase.※ For specific questions on your order, please contact our customer support center via telephone at 300-1500 or e-mail us atsupport.playstation.com/contact/inquiry/orders/.Learn more about Bloodlines Empire Eorzea here

      ※ We accept return only within 21 days from purchase. For details on our return and cancellation policy, please visit our return and cancellation policy page.※ Items on the mini storage will be registered into your PS4™ system in advance, the amount


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    • At the Welcome screen, Click/Download CHIP
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    Elden Ring Screenshot & Video:

    The best fantasy RPG ever built.
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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Works on: Windows 8 and later, Windows 10, Windows 7 and later, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
    Controls: Mouse/Joystick, Keyboard (DirectX, 360, WebGL, FreeType)
    Developed by: Muungi. All characters, story, graphic, plot and
    music are created by the development team. © Nexon. All rights reserved.
    Screenshot (from Facebook)
    Controls (from Twitter)
    In addition to a fully featured, yet easy-to-play sandbox