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The second installment of the acclaimed fantasy roleplaying series, The Elder Scrolls®: Legends is coming soon!

Based on the popular The Elder Scrolls universe, Legends is an innovative, free-to-play, new fantasy adventure RPG that blends the timeless charm of The Elder Scrolls games with the familiarity of the Clash of Clans formula. Explore a vast world with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs.

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Founded in 2011, ZYNGA is a leading, independent video game publisher focused on creating and delivering games for game consoles, mobile, and PC, as well as entertainment and educational services. ZYNGA employs teams in Southern California, Southern Germany, and the Czech Republic. ZYNGA operates in North America through an office in Burbank, California, and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

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Square Enix, Inc. develops, publishes, distributes and licenses SQUARE ENIX®, EIDOS® and TAITO® branded entertainment content in the US and internationally, and owns and/or operates NBA® License Publishing Inc. and the NBA® 2KTM sports simulation publishing brand. Square Enix, Inc. also has a global network of leading developers and partners, and a variety of established entertainment brands which include: FINAL FANTASY®, which has sold over 100 million units worldwide; DRAGON QUEST®, which has sold over 59 million units worldwide; TOMB RAIDER®, which has sold over 53 million units worldwide; and the legendary SPACE INVADERS®. SQUARE ENIX® is a registered trademark or trademark of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. in the U.S. and other countries. EIDOS® is a registered trademark or trademark


Features Key:

  • A New Fantasy Action Game for PC
  • A Story Conceived From the Beginning With a Multilayered Plot
  • Randomly Generated Level-Up Maps
  • A 3D Environment Supported by Multi-Platform Fighting
  • Customization of Character Traits, Party Settings, and Enemy Types
  • The Unique Asynchronous Online Play System
  • Unparalleled Hearing
  • Muscle Training in the Body
  • The Tome of Living Spring
  • A Multicam Virtual-RING Effects
  • Dragon and Beast Pets
  • Faithful Staff Accessories
  • UNIQUE EVENTS ROLE MODEL (UVR) Depending on the player’s level in the game, the rules of the Event are different
  • Plus More Features, Benefits, and Progression
  • Basic Gameplay Information

    Choose one of the 3 main classes: Warrior, Thief, or Wizard.

    Upgrade your weapons, skills, gear, and other equipment.

    Learn a new weapon or skill from your comrades.

    Introduce your companion, a dragon or beast, to help fight against enemies.

    Content View

    Creating [SP]. You can enter the world of [YOU] and embark on an adventure that leads to an epic battle.

    The world of the game gets more open as you go up in level.

    A variety of stories and events await you at each level.

    You can level up and learn new skills as you progress.

    For new players, you will find your initial battle against enemies challenging.

    Cinematics and animation help you to feel close to the characters.

    The voice of the original director features in the event scenes.

    There are quests in this world. You can efficiently explore the environment and dungeons and fight monsters.


    Elden Ring Download For Windows [2022]

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring Free Download and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    The competitive online game
    ALORDIA Online
    by Cygames
    The newly announced title, ALORDIA Online, will be released for the PC platform on June 5, 2017. ALORDIA Online is a game of ARPG battling, which is a genre of online games that is becoming popular. In ALORDIA Online, players fight with swords and magic to compete in real time against others. Players can enjoy a variety of battles based on the real-time PvP combat system, and can take part in the battle by using strategies that are unique to each character to create more profound and passionate battles.
    The game that is the delight of many
    The successor to that game, MARUYA, is an RPG in which the player will use the power of the elements and the magic of the stars to carry on the story of a light spirit on the other side of time. The player character has been accepted into a school by virtue of his or her participation in a battle that took place in the lands where time fell apart.
    By giving the protagonist unique powers, the objective of MARUYA is to create a story of the power of friendship, love and a friendship based on loyalty.
    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring Activation Code and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    ALORDIA Online
    Release Date: June 5, 2017
    Running Time: 1 hour
    Pre-order price: TBD
    Total number of players: 1 – 6 (depending on the environment)
    Platforms: PC
    ◆The Overview of the Game
    In ALORDIA Online, the player will engage in battles one-on-one in real time with the other party members. In ALORDIA Online, the player will step into the shoes of a character who has become embroiled in a tragic incident and who battles in the form of light spirits. The game system is a combination of a third-person view and an over-the-shoulder view, and the player is able to freely move and turn. A variety of magical abilities, items, and weapons will be available, and the combat system will be simple, but the character’s actions will have an impact on the outcome of the battle.


    Elden Ring [32|64bit] [Latest]

    Character Creation 1. Select the character class [Warrior – Gunner]

    2. Select the Style of the Style that you want to adopt [1 = default, 3 = Warrior]

    3. Select the Style of the Full Armor [1 = default, 2 = Warrior]

    4. Equip additional Weapon [1 = Default, 2 = Warrior]

    5. Enter your favorite item [1 = Default, 2 = Warrior]

    6. Select the Class that you want to play [Warrior, Gunner, Monk, Sorcerer]

    7. Rank the race [1 = Human, 2 = Elf]

    8. Accept the fact that you have been Tarnished [1 = Yes, 2 = No]

    9. Chance to create a Hermit in the Tavern [1 = Yes, 2 = No]

    10. Chance to receive a white horse [1 = Yes, 2 = No]

    11. Increase the difficulty of the battle [1 = Easy, 2 = Medium]

    12. Change the location of the battle [1 = Boss Dungeon, 2 = Random Dungeon]

    13. Choose a Battle type [1 = Single, 2 = Duel]

    14. Change the name of the quest [1 = Adventure 1, 2 = Adventure 2]

    15. Increase the amount of the EXP that you are rewarded [1 = 1/10, 2 = 2/10]

    16. Chance to receive a Ticket to the World Cup [1 = Yes, 2 = No]

    17. Choose a World Cup team [1 = Your team, 2 = Another team]

    18. Enter the World Cup event [1 = Your team, 2 = Another team]

    Character Creation 2. Select the character class [Warrior – Gunner]

    3. Select the Style of the Style that you want to adopt [1 = Default, 3 = Warrior]

    4. Equip additional Weapon [1 = Default, 2 = Warrior]

    5. Enter your favorite item [1 = Default, 2 = Warrior]

    6. Select the Class that you want to play [Warrior, Gunner, Monk, Sorcerer]

    7. Rank the race [1 = Human, 2 = Elf]

    8. Accept the fact that you have been


    What’s new:

    4513606Thu, 28 Feb 2014 13:22:18 +0000
    we’re asking you things for the launch!
    -When is the launch?
    Exciting news: DARK MOON Online is coming soon to PlayStation Vita.
    So share our information with your friends and family and don’t forget to tell them to pre-register for the near launch!
    ◆What are the pre-registration items?
    Pre-registration items are:
    ○ A weapons-like Nendoroid DC-3 Darkfire and golems will come pre-registered with the game!
    ○ A silvery symbol ◾ (dark green slime), which is the official symbol of the in-game user, will come pre-registered with the game!
    ○ A special box of DARK MOON Online will be pre-registered.
    ○ Other items will also come pre-registered with the game.
    It will be pre-registered for on the date below.
    Pre-registrations will end on April 2, 2014.
    ◇What are some of the features?
    – Multiple-player battles!
    – On the spot battle with the other players! (Up to 10 players)
    – Boon Voyages!
    – The capability to rent a place, construct buildings, raise animals, fight monsters, and more.
    – A town and hobby shop
    – Town citizen NPC including a tutor, fortune teller and more.
    – DLCs will be available with expected to release before 2015.
    – Facebook integration
    – Friends/followers/Favorites/Mutual friends/Marked friends
    – Install other games or watch live play
    ◆What should I do after pre-registration?
    After pre-registration, go to the following URL and pre-register there.


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Playstation 4 System Software 4.20 – Playable on all PlayStation 4 systems.
    Supported OS: OSX Yosemite, OSX Mavericks, OSX Lion, OSX Mountain Lion, OSX Snow Leopard, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    Mac users: Please download and install the free Mac version of the software to your Mac.
    Windows users: Please download and install the free Windows version of the software to your PC.Not a member yet?Register now and get started.
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    Name Elden Ring
    Publisher Administrator
    Format File
    Rating 4.57 / 5 ( 779 votes )
    Update (2 days ago)


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