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The tale of the Elden Ring begins during a time when magic thrives. The Elden Ring was created at the time when a legend was born. Tarnished was born as an uncontrollable magic that disrupted the order of society. You can control Tarnished’s power to defy your fate and form a triumphant destiny.

Play as a Lord of the Elden Ring, Rise up as an honorable hero, and be guided by grace to do what is just. Fight in the battle that will decide the fate of the Elden Ring.

STORY: Rise as a Lord of the Elden Ring

In the Lands Between, a young man, Tarnished, who was born as an uncontrollable magic, dreams of becoming an Elden Lord.

In the former Elden Kingdom, the ruler, Ronan, who is blessed by the Elden Ring, disappeared 10 years ago, and the future of the world is on the brink.

At this time, Tarnished journeys into a land hidden from the world. But, what will happen when he encounters the dark power that is looking for a strong victim?

STORY: The Dark Magic of the Elden Ring

A young boy from the noble family, Gavin, is trapped in a dark land. Gavin is the first victim of the dark power of the Elden Ring.

Shortly after, a young man, Tarnished, who was born as an uncontrollable magic, dreams of becoming an Elden Lord.

Tarnished, who was trapped in the dark land where Gavin was caught, was the one who lead the search of the Elden Ring.

What will happen when Tarnished opens the portal to the unknown world, takes control over the Gates of Oblivion, and opens the door to the dark magic of the Elden Ring?

ACTION RPG: Fight your way through a vast world

In the Lands Between, an open world where you freely explore the world, there are great monsters of every level and they will challenge you. Use strategic and quick thinking to defeat the terrible beasts.

On the battlefield, your active skills, Rage and Battle, have effects that are stronger than normal, as well as the ability to freely use weapons, armor, and magic.

Build your own party, then summon a powerful ally, and quickly take on great monsters in the battlefield.

If you master the skills of your allies, you will enjoy greater


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A great story boasting a variety of new elements and cutscenes
  • A huge world where you can freely customize your own character
  • The joy of discovering enemies while on a hunt
  • Fun scenarios that offer reminiscence of the best RPG game experiences
  • Characters:
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    Overall: This game is pretty fun, and the interesting characters and events are fun to watch unfold. It isn’t complex, and it’s a pretty easy game to play, even without any guidance, which means it’s a great game for new players and people with a short attention span. If you’re a jaded veteran though, this game won’t be for you, as it’s rather simplistic and repetitive.

    Gameplay: The gameplay is generally pretty simple, but sometimes there are areas where you must carefully examine a situation. It plays the way you expect it to and, while the combat system isn’t anything special or particularly deep, it’s simple and easy enough to begin with. For example, spells are cast by the use of the mouse, so moving the mouse to the right brings up all your spells, and if you move it to the left, you can attack, dodge, etc. It’s easy to get a feel for what happens in a fight, and the game tells you when you become stressed, when you’ve hit someone, when you’ve done enough damage, and when you’ve accumulated enough experience.

    Visuals/Audio: I’m not going to go into specifics because the characters and the game play are all pretty basic, but the game looks good and plays well. The art isn’t anything special, and the character models are kind of simple, but it all works well. The music is nothing special but fits the game well enough.

    Content: The content of the game isn’t very deep. There’s a story, and there are six main characters and about thirty side characters. The story is fun and all, but there’s nothing amazing about it. You’ll encounter each main character at various points throughout the game, and as you play through the game, the main characters will get stronger and more powerful as the story progresses. The side characters are all fairly simple. Their purpose is to deliver a message, and most of the time they feel like tools that you can use at various points throughout the game to help you advance and to do minor tasks. The side characters and the main characters always have their own quests, but it’s often very simple stuff, like moving a box to a new location, or poisoning a well. I found that the main quests, while they help the story move along and are generally enjoyable, after a while you’ll have seen all the main characters and their quests, and you’re left with nothing. Because of this


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    PLAYSTORY – Prologue

    The worlds of of fantasy and science fiction world combine in this mythical tale. Worlds born from a myth become real in a reality between the two worlds. It is said that as the world is born, the darkness is born with it. But mankind lives on, after the destruction of darkness. In the world where life and death are meaningless, the followers of the light called ‘Elden’ that fight the darkness, are beings born with unlimited strength.

    Gameplay ELDEN RING game:

    1. Playing ELDEN RING game

    Elden Ring game allows you to customize your character in the world created for a myth on the Earth. The system has a wide range of functions and your playing field is vast. Through countless hours of playing on the field, you can take on the role of a perfect king, or an excellent hero with great skills.

    2. Display your Achievements.

    When you complete certain tasks in the game, you can enjoy a special screen that displays the details of your achievements. Your achievements will also appear in the title page of the character creation screen in the future.

    3. Create Game Maps.

    After you create a game map in the game, you can share it with players on the Steam Cloud. The map you create and the player with whom you share it will be able to share their own maps.

    4. PvP Battle.

    In addition to creating a game map, you can play against other players who also want to create their own game maps. PvP Battle mode allows you to take on those players on a temporary basis.

    In addition, PvP Battle mode also features a character creation system for characters that you can take on a temporary basis. The PvP Battle is only available for a limited time, so be sure to enjoy it!

    [ESRB: M for Mature]

    [Players can exchange in-game items with other players using the Steam Trading Service. Please note that trading items can be prohibited in your region.]

    The Elder Scrolls Online® (ESO) is an original, free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set within the universe of The Elder Scrolls, giving gamers access to a rich and extensive world to explore. The game is currently live on PC, and will launch on Xbox One worldwide at a later date. The Steam® version is targeted for a


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    System Requirements:

    1. OS: Windows 7
    2. Processor: Intel Core i5 760 (2.8GHz)
    3. Memory: 8GB RAM
    4. Hard Drive: 10GB available space
    5. Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon R9 270X
    6. DirectX: Version 11

    A release window has not been announced.

    Stay on the lookout for more details about the game. For more information about Tarnished Soul: The Elder Scroll, please visit the official site:

    Related Links: Official Site / Steam

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