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It’s finally here! Tarnished, a massive open world fantasy action RPG, is here!

This is the official website for Tarnished.

Tarnished, a fantasy action RPG being developed by High Grade Games, is available for iOS and Android.

Please check the “Game Information” and “Contacts” sections for more information.

In Tarnished, a vast world, massive dungeons, and exciting quests await!

1. The Lands Between – Your world where destiny awaits

• The Lands Between – A vast world full of exhilarating adventure
• A variety of dungeons – Check out a variety of unique and different dungeons
• Items of all kinds – Protect yourself from wild monsters with weapons, armors, and magics!
• Dungeons filled with variety – Discover a variety of different dungeons in the Lands Between

2. An epic fantasy drama –

• A multilayered story where the various thoughts of the characters intersect
• A band of adventurers whose actions will lead to a final confrontation
• An “RPG at a glance” style of play where players can play alone or with friends

3. Stronger enemies and a variety of scenarios that transform and surprise!

• A variety of new enemies and surprises created by the various developers from around the world

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Tarnished, high quality action RPG by High Grade Games, is slated to release on July 27, 2016 for iOS and Android.

● Scenes from Tarnished

■ The Lands Between – A vast world full of exhilarating adventure
■ A variety of dungeons – Check out a variety of unique and different dungeons
■ Items of all kinds – Protect yourself from wild monsters with weapons, armors, and magics!
■ Dungeons filled with variety – Discover a variety of different dungeons in the Lands Between

■ Full-Length Videos from Tarnished

■ Illustrations by the creators!

■ Frequently Asked Questions about Tarnished

● About the game

○ What is Tarnished?

Tarnished is an action RPG for iOS and Android. The game is set in a multilayered world in which the main character has been tasked with a mission.

○ What’s the premise of the game?

The event is a transition between worlds. As the main character, Alethia


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Newly Updated and Enhanced User Interface
  • Improved System Visuals with Various Unit Recolorings
  • Riftstone System: Who will make use of the powerful rift stones that the elder race of Tarnished had known about in the past?
  • The Construction System: Make use of rift stones and materials you find to build your own castle
  • A Fragment System: Present a variety of fragments for your player character.
  • Advanced Item Shop: Guarantee the highest quality in items, equipment, rare items, and synch materials.
  • Elden Lord Training: Put your newly gained skills to good use on hardened specialties in the item shop and world.
  • Burst Skill Improvement: Guarantee that your skills reliably jump to new levels with the reward of acquiring new synchronization pieces.
  • Daily Quest: Enjoy a new story in the Lands Between every day. Enjoy countless fights where you can meet new characters and enjoy the colorful offensives that result.
  • * Players who purchase items from the PlayRhythm Shop will receive the following benefits up until the final construction of the Elden Ring:

    • 10 % discount on RhythmMonster items
    • 20 % discount on RhythmSynch items
    • 10 % discount on KissXbox.com items

    * The Seventh and the Fallen: The time has come to seize the Elden Ring and the fate that awaits you will become clear.

    Prepare for the Gathering of the Elden Ring Update in November.

    Update Details:


    Date Added: September 29, 2018



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    #8/09 “RPG-KING”

    #22/07 “The Best RPG of This Generation”


    #20/07 “I’m very excited because I thought I’d be finished by now”

    The fantasy RPG genre of games has become more and more popular over the past few years. But I have had high hopes for many games that never came to fruition… A year or so ago, Nintendo released Skyward Sword on the Wii, and I was instantly won over by this game. Its system of the blade and the shield, its open world, and the unparalleled gameplay… it was everything a fantasy RPG should be. But sadly, due to reasons out of their control, development was halted on this game. I remember wondering if they would ever release it and then one day I received some bad news: At E3 2014, the development team revealed that they were turning Skyward Sword into a Nintendo 3DS game. And then when I found out it was being released on November 20th, I was incredibly disappointed. Of all the games that could have received an enhanced version of this kind of system, they decided to bring a game that almost no one would ever want to play. But I guess they released it as an apology to all the fans of Skyward Sword. As of right now, there is no concrete release date for the Nintendo 3DS version of Skyward Sword. I can only hope the game turns out just as well as the Wii version and that Nintendo can at least release the game on the U.S. market so I can buy it.

    The story of Skyward Sword is about a young elf named Link who is chosen by the Goddess in the form of the Goddess of Time to go to the sky to slay the evil dragons, Geist and Halt, who have awakened from their slumber for one final strike. Before he leaves on this journey, his brother, Fiore, gives him a mysterious blade called the Skyward Sword, telling him that it is his destiny to wield it to destroy the evil spirits. Throughout this journey, Link will acquire various weapons, armor, spells, and upgrades, as well as meet a number of characters. During the journey, Link will have to perform a series of tasks that must be performed in order to allow him to pass through various gates. When he has completed all the tasks, the gates will open and he will be able to travel through


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    ■ Debuting Spring 2017
    ■ PS4
    ■ PS Vita
    ■ Unity (Open platform)
    ■ Supported languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish

    ■ PST 9/21/2017 ~ PST 10/12/2017

    ■ 1.5 times growth limit per week.

    ■ May increase a maximum of 4 times during the 1.5 times growth limit.

    ■ Slow growth period: 1/6/2018 ~ 2/8/2018

    ■ Separated by the growth period, even if the limit has been exceeded, it will be possible to log in within the game and experience the work in progress.

    ■ After the growth period, there will be a period when it will be necessary to purchase additional game discs in order to play in additional content.

    *The maximum number of user who can play via the same account once a week is 4.

    *The maximum number of user who can play via the same account twice a week is 4.

    ■ Marketing Campaign
    ▪ May 3rd limited edition including a code for a digital download of the game.
    ▪ Available for pre-order on Amazon.com

    ■ Quotes:

    “A game where your travels take you to a variety of places where you can meet and play with others.”

    “It’s been seven years since the release of Final Fantasy XIII. We’ve been working on the process of developing a new Final Fantasy title over the past year. During this time we experienced various ups and downs. At the moment, we are heading towards the release of our new title, Tarnished Labyrinth. We are making every effort to create a Final Fantasy that is both an excellent game and a full-fledged Final Fantasy title. We hope that we can provide a new experience to Final Fantasy players in addition to ‘Final Fantasy’ to those who like games like it.”

    (Producer: Nobuaki Komoto, Director: Yuuki Hayashi)

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    [Japanese version only]


    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Jump in the midst of the action.
    During the daytime, prepare to take on giant monsters, explore mysterious dungeons, fight a slew of enemies, and even soar through an overhead view of the lands.
    At night, experience a different side of the game: delve into dungeons filled with vast lakes of blood, and explore the Spirits’ Library, where maybe you will learn powerful secrets about witches and demons.
    Look and summon anyone. Customize your equipment in over 800 combinations!
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    System Requirements:

    Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit), Windows 8, and Windows 10 (32-bit & 64-bit)
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    Intel Pentium Dual Core CPU (2.8 GHz)
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