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The Elden Ring Free Download is a new fantasy action RPG where you, the world’s only Protector, take on the role of a Tarnished Lord as you battle monsters using items, weapons, spells, and people. In this world, the Elden and the goblins are living as enemies, but the personification of grace, the Protector, has accepted both sides, and the balance of their conflict is the key to restoring order to this world.
Your adventure begins with the construction of an Elden Expedition in the Lands Between. In pursuit of new items and monsters, you explore, train, and battle against monsters, as well as build up your base. By taking on jobs in the wilderness or the City of the Elden, which are both viewed as separate worlds, you can increase your materials, buy equipment, and even recruit new people. You can also battle monsters and be strengthened by your allies.
Your base is your base of power, which you can freely develop and build. It can be used to train your people or explore the world, and you can add new facilities and raise the abilities of your base.

■ What are Shadows?

Shadows are the secrets that have been passed down to us since the beginning. In the Lands Between, there are three shadows: the Shadow of the Elden, the Shadow of the Goblin, and the Shadow of the Land.
The Shadow of the Elden has been a gate to the world of the goblins, where monsters guard the gate. There is also the small amount of monsters in the goblin city of Elden and the hunting grounds.
The Shadow of the Goblin is where the goblins are hiding, such as on the goblin trade route, in the castle, and in the forest. The Shadow of the Land is where the goblins who are fleeing the Elden are hiding in the forest.

■ The Revival of the Lost Power in the Lands Between

In the past, the Elden, which was protected by the goblins, was deeply troubled. The goblins were sealed in the City of the Elden, but even there, they would randomly appear during certain times of day. The Elden could not prepare for these sudden appearances, and when they fought with them, they were forced to retreat.
With the new era of peace between the Elden and the goblins, the Elden have now been able to recover their true power. However, a small amount of goblins have been able to continuously appear in the Lands Between,


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Glorious Graphics
    Elden Ring is a 3D action RPG that features amazing graphics and synchronized music and effects.

  • 3 Unique Classes and Six Difficulty Levels
    ◆ Classes
    ◆ Holy Man
    A character who uses the power of the mercy of the gods to heal others.
    ◆ Gladiator
    A character who fights with the divine power of his weapon to slash his way through enemies.
    ◆ Cleric
    A character who holds a charm that attracts the gods to them and becomes the bearer of their benevolence.
    ◆ Blood Knight
    A character who fights with the power of his honor and hand to slash with his sword.
    ◆ Warrior
    A character who combines power and strength as they wield the edge of their sword to cut enemies.
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    ■ The Lands Between — The Great Land and the Stolen Land

    • The Great Land.
    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.

    ▲The lands between the Great Land and the Stolen Land

    From the Great Land to the Stolen Land, you can discover countless different events. Your character will develop in a different way based on the events you participate in or the actions you take. The fields, the dungeons, and the towns in the Great Land will be used as story settings during the game, where you can interact with other characters and help them in their troubled situations. Also, the Great Land is connected to the Stolen Land through a great river that flows between the two.

    ■ The Stolen Land.
    An area where you cannot go into from the Great Land, but you can freely enter from the side of the Great Land. In the Stolen Land, various rumors and stories about the Great Land begin to leak out.
    ■ The Elden Ring
    A high-level group of skilled adventurers made up of members across all of the lands. They are in contact with the person who holds the destiny of the world. In the game, the Elden Ring will be made up of members who are in contact with said person. Those who take on the responsibility of the Elden Ring will have to make a decision that will affect the future of the Lands Between.
    ■ Runes.
    A system where the world is written with runes. You can explore the maps, areas, and dungeons by typing in a rune, and furthers your progression by using runes of the same name. Runes appear in various places throughout the game, and you can also take them out of containers or find them by exploring.
    ■ Skills.
    A system where a number of skills are displayed on the top and bottom-right of the screen and you can use them to perform actions in real time.
    ■ Mitigation.
    A system where your character’s status will fluctuate according to the timing of actions, and you can use it to increase your character’s level.

    ——Character Creation——

    ■ A Choice Between Fighting and Magic
    Players can choose whether to develop their character’s physical strength to become a strong warrior or their magic to become


    What’s new:


    While fleeing from the evil Inquisition, a young orphan girl, Alz, is found in the mad Realm of Madra. She is adopted by the mysterious Shaolin Reclamation Temple. During her training to become a powerful warrior, Alz unleashes the grave power of her own inner being. Unfortunately, Alz’s joining the Shaolin Reclamation Temple has caused the death of those who were most important to her. Now, Alz has embarked on a path of retribution and a desire for revenge. With her two faithful swords Loken and Cosme and the power of Tamaros, Alz wages an epic struggle toward fulfillment.
    • Endlessly Challenging Online Play
    A one-to-one online battle system that makes you sweat and, as you gain experience, makes you become a more intense player.
    • Controlling Adversaries with a Strong Story
    As the story evolves along with you, you will be able to control the character of Alz and the ability to summon Tamaros. Through these actions, you can shape history in various ways. You must adapt to changing circumstances, and every decision you make will influence other characters, even your opponent. Your actions will be reflected in online battles and other elements, so that the entire world of Alz will become endlessly challenging.

    ■ Vast Maps and Enormous Dungeons
    Experience the vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons are seamlessly connected.
    In addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely select weapons, armor, magic, equipment, and other items. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscles to become a strong warrior.
    There are tons of items that will change your character’s appearance, and you can also go beyond the material level to a world of magic.


    When facing great adversity, you will be faced with another great challenge. Tamaros, the legendary guardian of Alz, will guide you from behind. Tamaros is your ally and your savior, and you are Tamaros’ steed.

    ■ An Epic Game with a High Difficulty Setting (AOTS-FiMF0ss)
    The epic action RPG game that tempts you to constantly raise your level, with a high difficulty


    Free Elden Ring Activation Key

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    Player First launched in the English version of this game on the 26th January, 2012.
    After approximately one month’s operation, the game was patched in Japan, which is initially not supported in the English version.
    In the Japanese version, until the end of March 2013, it was gradually updated using a patch to improve the game’s English version version.
    If there is a problem with the English patch, I will give the changes used in the Japanese version as an official patch.
    If it is impossible to patch, I will declare a moratorium on the issue of the English version.

    Only the contents of the English version are applied to the Japanese version without any changes.
    If you would like to patch the Japanese version, please contact me.


    “Da Vinci’s Workshop”



    With a high-resretzel scan, a new collection of the “Beethoven” boxes in the game has been announced on the official English website.

    It is the compilation of the tracks including the pieces that have not been released yet. However, the order will be randomized, so it is quite difficult to prepare the playlist for sure. We are planning to give the release of a playlist depending on the timing, but it is unknown whether the release will be possible.

    Note: In order to identify the song, there will be a confirmation page like the one in the “Gavin” boxes. The confirmation page will be sent to the registered email address for one time only.

    The final version of the “FOCUS” mode has been released on the official website.
    It is the level where the game becomes more difficult than the usual way.
    The difficulty level of the normal FOCUS has been increased to E from D+ in order to reflect the difficulty of the level.



    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • SteamLBA
    STEAMLaunch the Steam application and then Sign in if you haven’t done so already.

    GOGDownload (or find) the zip file at Gog.com at
  • Click the Key button on your keyboard.Select Browse to yourSteam/GOG installation directory.Select the ‘My Games’ directory.Select the elden_ring_START.exe file.Click Install.
  • Finished

    That’s it!


    Add-ons are items that give special bonuses to certain classes of units or enhance their effectiveness. For example, add-ons might offer a level boost to certain classes of units, or allow you to use higher-level versions of certain items.

    Here are the current add-on packs: 
    Gadget Lore


    Gold is used as a currency in the Lands Between.

    You can incorporate it into gold coins, <a



    System Requirements:

    An 8-bit/16-bit/32-bit computer or compatible graphics card
    8-bit/16-bit/32-bit computer or compatible graphics card Keyboard
    8-bit/16-bit/32-bit computer or compatible graphics card Mouse
    8-bit/16-bit/32-bit computer or compatible graphics card
    1.1 Notes for 32-bit Operating Systems:
    1.2 Notes for 64-bit Operating Systems:
    Terms of Use
    If you decide to use any of




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