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The game world evolves as you fight through it. You are in control of the world, and your actions have a huge impact on it.
The sprawling world of The Lands Between is a wide-open battlefield where you can freely determine the story of your own Elden Lord. Fight thousands of monsters, acquire new skills and, once the last enemy is defeated, discover the thrill of a brand new experience entirely.

The story is told in fragments, with a special brand of game play that is online, where you interact with other players and communicate with them via a web browser based chat service.
The Lands Between is a fantasy world where weapons, spell, and armor all have unique effects as a result of the mana they contain. Using your brain, you can transform weapons, armor, and magic into powerful tools, and master over a thousand different battle skills.
As you explore, you discover numerous things waiting for you. Dungeons, monsters, shops, information that you can use to advance your story, and many other surprises are all waiting for you as you explore the Lands Between.

■ Characters
• Your Name: In possession of the spirit of an ancient god, you are known as Tarnished.
• What you do: A goddess and a mortal can’t exist in the same body. You must choose one.
• What you desire: The Guardian of Elden will guide you and help you decide whether to be a god or a mortal.
• Is it possible?: The Elden Ring Full Crack game is the legacy of a goddess and a mortal, and their paths have crossed. What will you decide to become?

■ Characters

• Auria: The goddess of magic and elven royalty who sacrificed her life to hand over her destiny to you.
• Leah: A young elf girl who lives in the town of Spar by the side of the vast rivers of the Elden Ring. She was once a guardian of Spar but lost her abilities.
• Flay: Leah’s reliable companion.

■ Characters

• Iron Golem: An avatar made out of the strength of iron.
• Dyna: A girl with powerful power that was created by Leah.
• Nai: The leader of Leah’s group of travelling companions.
• Dorn: An orphan who is incredibly strong.

■ Characters

■ Progression

※ In the beginning, there are 14 pieces in the character progression. Later, as you collect more pieces,


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • NOVA
    • NOVA is an action role-playing game similar in many ways to those of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. It does not follow the NP3D approach that sacrifices the exploration element for action-focused gameplay.
    • Open fields where battle on the front line and exploring the many islands off the coast.
    • System of magic, grace, and items.
    • Ability to equip over 200 types of weapons and armor.
    • Grace indicates the ability level of each skill.
    • Equipped items cannot be changed during combat, but they have extremely important effects.
    • Skill effects change as characters level up.
  • Game known for:

    • Crowd: Evolved
    • High Graphics: Created to make the scenes in the game as realistic as possible.

    Planning from the beginning

    Creating a Website for Elder Scrolls Online to explain what it is, and why it will be different from the other MMORPGs. This is important because of the complex history of the Elder Scrolls Series and its different territories…

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    - Brainstorm based: Brainstorming a new game concept and shared between the team.
    - Concept Development Based: Only a specific development team does the research and designs the game
    - Research Based: Only a developer does research on the game concept and other areas of which they want to learn about
    - Game Rules Based: The team develops rules based on all the previous information and guidelines

    2. Describe the genre using a comparison chart.