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You’ve just been summoned to serve as the firstborn son of the Overlords. Your task? Build up the family business and bring honor to your family. Become an Elden Lord and rise to the challenges of an extraordinary world!
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01. Equipment
02. Take the True Step
03. Summon
04. About the Game
05. Map
06. Monsters
07. Features
08. Game Data
09. Map and Quest Log
10. System Requirements
11. Game Introduction

An unknown force has begun to emerge in the lands of the Elden Ring Cracked 2022 Latest Version, and the devastation could ruin the whole of the Elden kingdom.
Threat of a Taint in the lands between:
The plains of Elden…
• Find and defeat the Taint
• An Ancient, Huge Mythical Creature Returns
• Use them to your advantage
In the Forest of Elden…
• Find and defeat the Taint
• An Ancient, Huge Mythical Creature Returns
• Take them on in a battle
In the Plains of Elden…
• Take them on in a battle
In the Tower of Elden…
• Battle the Elder, a Legendary Defender of the Elden Kingdom
• Defeat them all before they awaken
• Earn the legendary item Guardian’s Eyes
The Elder…
• Defeat in a single-player mode
• Can only be defeated with the Guardian’s Eyes

Explore the lands between where you live and the lands between, and encounter familiar and unique monsters. Use your methods to slay them, and then find valuable equipment and materials.
• Marvelous Item World
The item world is a world in which large-scale battles are often fought and rare items are traded. The items are freely and rapidly traded between you and other users, and the item world is constantly growing.

• Incomplete World
Explore a vast world, where the world has been forcibly inseminated by the seed of the spirit of the ancient world beyond. There are many routes and areas in the world, such as ruins, stone fields, lakes, towers and the like. Let your imagination run wild, and explore the vast world to your heart’s content.

• Crazy Item World
The item world is a world where many materials and items are distributed in a central position of the world. The item world is densely populated with rare items, such as


Features Key:

  • A world full of faith and fantasy, filled with Tarnished Heroes, mythological beasts, and chosen demons.
  • An easy-to-use interface that supports beginners who want to enjoy the game.
  • A battle system that enhances the drama of battle by allowing characters to attack in quick succession.
  • Special features:

    • • A Continent so Wide and Mysterious that it has Lost Its Name and Name-Tag
      • A History of Strong Elden Lords who ruled this Strange Continent
      • A Play Style Change called the ‘Fantasy Field’
      • A New Play Style called the ‘Countryside Battle’ can be optimized for the multiplayer feature

    Content Highlights:

    • Large Forest Dungeons
      Large Forest Dungeons will be your favorite parts, as they will offer thrilling battles by offering the unique element of a country setting.
    • Enormous Dragon Lair: A Wild Dungeon that will be a part of the game!
    • Large Calpheon Castle in the West
      You can step inside a large castle, built in the historical Calpheon Empire, an important city in Garen.

    Can I Install this Game on my System?

    Yes. This game has been adapted to Windows OS or a system that is capable of running the Unity engine.

    If your hardware is incompatible with the Windows edition, this will be made available separately.

    • Day 1 Edition – 1,000 yen!!!

    Content Restrictions

    • This game does not have any content that is harmful for minors.
    • The following content will be restricted:

      • Sexualized content
      • Discord and Chat channels that encourage the above

    Pre-registration Recommended


    Elden Ring X64 (2022)

    Replays by Kanetan Aoi (also known as Kanetan, \360\Chinese, and That Man)


    Replays can be found at the bottom of the page. These are part of review, where I’ve uploaded several Replay files, so be careful when clicking and downloading files.


    [Useful resources for Replay files]

    Tarnished Knight’s Guide (Replay)

    “There is nothing more delicious than that which you have eaten, nor is there anything sweeter than what you have touched.”

    Replay by Alan Commander (also known as Alan Commander)


    Replays can be found at the bottom of the page. These are also part of review, where I’ve uploaded several Replay files, so be careful when clicking and downloading files.


    [Useful resources for Replay files]

    Digital Eclipse (Replay)

    “I’m the one who decided to run this route, let me keep my strength.”

    Replay by Irie-Tasty


    Replays can be found at the bottom of the page. These are also part of review, where I’ve uploaded several Replay files, so be careful when clicking and downloading files.


    [Useful resources for Replay files]

    • [Irie-Tasty’s English Character Creation Guide](

    • [Irie-Tasty’s English Main Map](

    • [Irie-Tasty’s English Monster and Item Locations](

    • [Irie-Tasty’s English Skills Guide](

    • [Irie-Tasty’s English Job Guide](https


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    The Elden Ring is a Fantasy Action RPG developed by EIRI, Inc. In this game, a hero called Tarnished Beast will be born and face the threat that the world faces. In the Lands Between, a vast, mysterious world has been created as a refuge. An ancient order rules the world, an order that seeks to protect the Elden Ring. It is their hope that you will become an Elden Lord, a hero of the order that fights for justice with powerful magic and battle skills.


    Chapter 1. Prologue

    Chapter 2. Tarnished Beasts

    Chapter 3. The Lands Between

    Chapter 4. City of Dungeons

    Chapter 5. When Roots Attack

    Chapter 6. “I, Tarnished Beast, am Summoned!”

    Chapter 7. Meeting with the Elden Ring

    Chapter 8. Between Worlds

    Chapter 9. The Elden Ring on the Move

    Chapter 10. The Elden Ring Head to the North

    Chapter 11. Why are You Here, Tarnished Beast?

    Chapter 12. Tarnished Beast, the Leifung Galaxy—Do You Know Where It Is?

    Chapter 13. Tarnished Beast—The Grassy Plains of the Elden Ring

    Chapter 14. Warriors of the Elden Ring

    Chapter 15. The White Haven Tribe—Barbarian Tribe of the Elden Ring

    Chapter 16. The High-Ranking Elden Circle

    Chapter 17. The Elden Tree

    Chapter 18. Child of the Elden Ring

    Chapter 19. A Masculine Elden Ring Rival Appears!

    Chapter 20. Tarnished Beast, the Changing World

    Chapter 21. A Daring First Adventure!

    Chapter 22. An Elden Ring Battle!

    Chapter 23. “The Look in Your Eyes!”

    Chapter 24. The Elden Ring on the Move—Continued!

    Chapter 25. Memories in the Dark—Journey Beyond!

    Chapter 26. A Secret of the Elden Ring Revealed!

    Chapter 27. The Exciting Travel Mission!

    Chapter 28. Elden Ring Mystery—The Ghostly Eld


    What’s new:

    Tell us a bit about the game.


    We are developing a FREE MMORPG game set in the world of RuneScape. Players will be able to explore huge worlds and fight with players from around the world, eliminating their rivals and raising their rank in the game. We plan to bring this adventure to our fans in one of the most immersive gaming experiences ever made.

    What are some of the larger changes in terms of content that you have been integrating?

    MMORPG: We have huge changes with the design of our world, our gameplay, and the visual design. Players will be a united race living in harmony with one of the four Virtues: Anger, Healing, Wisdom, and Strength. This matches with the theme of the Lands Between in which Magic has overtaken the World of the Living. In the game, the Campfire fires across the land, allowing you to walk wherever you want, but at the same time, mysterious items that you might find useful in your struggles can be carried along, letting you unlock new content as you go along.

    With improvements to immersion by the overall art design, we hope to create a world in which players can become our main characters, following a personal story across, letting them immerse themselves in the game. For example, in addition to visiting beautiful cities and vast, well-designed areas, players will be able to fight their way through complex themed dungeons, carved with designs containing an amazing amount of depth. Also, featuring the action RPG modus, players will be able to customize their class according to their play style, such as enhancing their strength by continually equipping weapons, to create a character with varied skills.

    MMORPG: If you look at our trailer, the game seems very dynamic and chaotic. This is because we wanted to avoid the typical MMORPG boring dungeons and only focus on story. The action is extremely dynamic and we want to make sure that players will have a lot of heart-pounding moments even if they aren’t fighting.

    MMORPG: We know that people are hungry for something new, so we also plan to develop the game with a completely new coat of paint from the beginning. We decided to change our color palette from the common grey-blue of other games to the bright and shining orange of a wild raging fire. Since we want to make the game a complete game from beginning to end, we want to make sure the design is a perfect fit for the world that we are creating and


    Free Download Elden Ring

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    How to install:

    How to activate/crack:

    You are playing on the 64-bit operating system.

    1. Install the game and copy the files in the folder “My documents\My games\Elden Ring”.

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    Game folder:

    Elden Ring is a novel fantasy action RPG action.

    It is a game in which the main character of the game is a Tarnished Lord. He lives in the Lands Between in order to obtain the command power of the Elden Ring and prepare for a grand quest.

    The action of the game takes place in the vast open land that is partitioned into countless small villages.

    The main character encounters with a series of characters, each of which has a story. For example, monsters appear along the way and the main character is able to gain the command power of the Elden Ring.

    The main character has the ability to send people away from him and use his character’s strength to deal with the monsters.

    The first chapter of the game is a prologue in which the story will be hidden.

    It is free to play and there is no item or power necessary for the main character, so it can be played at any time.

    To play the game.

    1. Play to the game icon.

    2. When the screen comes out of black, select the “Reset” button.

    3. Select the “Next” button.

    4. Select the online “Settings” button.

    5. Select the online “Await…” button.

    6. Find the online “Online Status” button.

    7. Select the online “Online Status” button.

    8. Select the online “Online” button.

    9. Select the


    How To Crack:

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  • Enjoy!
  • Disclaimer

    This may not be a game for everyone. Players who have a weak constitution will not be able to handle the stress of the game.

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    4GB RAM
    Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4030U 2.4GHz or equivalent processor
    300GB of free hard disk space
    Dependable internet connection
    Video Card:
    DirectX 11.0 or equivalent
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 or equivalent
    GeForce GTX 1060 or equivalent
    GeForce GTX 1070 or equivalent
    GeForce GTX 1080 or equivalent
    AMD Radeon HD 7850 or equivalent
    DirectX 12.0 or equivalent




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