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The Dark Elden Ring, the Holy Order of Destruction, has been making its way through the lands destroying everything in its path. Though they’ve been displaced from their former dominion, they have now returned to reclaim their former nation. While still seeking revenge, their aim is to destroy the world and change it into a new world.

Lurking in the shadows, lying in wait for their chance to strike, are the seven Blood Knights: the Archfiend, Numskull, Lucid, Bow, Mudgut, Sleet, and Tenk.

Blood Knights will be the centerpiece of New Fantasy World, a new fantasy world where you can create your own character, embrace the body of a blood knight, and be forged into a new Tarnished Knights!


We’ve added a little something extra to our roster.

Along with two new heroes for you to play, we’ve added a new casino card game and a new online music game!

We hope you like them.

■Casino Card Game

Aim for the higher numbers!

Each Casino Card Game allows for players to enjoy the challenge of increasing player point totals while they play, while removing the frustration of being terminated or outplayed.

The free-for-all modes can play in three different modes: Attack, Balance, and Pass. In Attack mode, players attack one another and defeat them to increase the point totals on their respective cards. In Balance mode, players must choose to attack or decline by tapping their cards when they are challenged. If the player declines, it will not happen. The highest point value, regardless of who won, will be made it to their card. If the player chooses to attack, they are given the chance to become the victor by defeating their opponents and winning the game. In Pass mode, players work together to pass their cards until there is one single winner who is made it to the highest point value.

In Attack mode, players only fight and attack until their victory is assured, meaning that they can win at any time and they will still accrue points. The highest scoring player wins, regardless of who won the round.

In Balance mode, players choose to fight or pass and gain points. This is a low interaction game that you can enter as many times as you want.

In Pass mode, players must pass and not take any actions until their opponent passes.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Crossover of weapons, armor, and magic appearing in the fantasy RPG, Dark Souls
  • A variety of enemies and bosses that are easy to get a grasp of but challenging enough to excite your attention
  • To reach the goals beyond your imagination with elaborate design to produce an immersive experience
  • Elden Ring’s Key features*:

    • 2 to 4 players can play the game at once
    • Divided into two teams, a player can play as either Tarnished or Saved in multiple local or online multiplayer modes
    • Elden Ring Online Play allows you to interact with others and form a party
    • You can chain together the weapons and armor you equip to develop your character according to your play style and improve your combat ability
    • A multitude of interesting characters will be seen along your journey
    • Online play allows you to form parties with other players and experience the thrill of intense battle together. In local play, you can watch and listen to battle scenes made by other players

    I will try to close this report with Tarnished having the opportunity to gain the glory for being the first Prime Lord. This will be an absolute honor, as he has a burden to add to the fate of the lands between. Will Tarnished be able to surpass his brother’s memory?

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    The player, a dark, dreary, young man with a powerful magic, is a descendant of such a person.

    The game has an action RPG reminiscent of the famous Vita JRPG, Fate/Extra. The game has an action RPG reminiscent of the famous Vita JRPG, Fate/Extra. The game is a genuine action RPG, and has many elements unique to it. During battles, you are guided by the Story, where you control from the Battle Screen.


    In the game, the player embarks on his journey as a dark, dreary, young man with a powerful magic, “The Wand of Infinite Potentialities”.

    He’s a descendant of a truly great person of the era of the Japan Buddhist era, a person who’s name is written as a Japanese word which is sung every day,

    One day, the young man called a strange woman, an Elden Ring Witch,

    “A woman of elegance and grace, with the unblemished radiance of the Heavenly Maiden, Tsukuyomi of the Righteous Rites.

    The Story of a Woman who changed Japan forever – ” Tsukuyomi

    “It’s the tale of a woman who changed Japan forever, Tsukuyomi.

    An Elden Ring Witch has appeared, and the Moon Maiden has appeared in the sky of the skies of the Earth.

    The young man has no other choice than to fight.

    You have gained the power to handle the Sword and Magic, the highest form of technology, and the greatest power in the Land Between.

    You meet ” Tsukuyomi, and she appears to help you.

    What will you do?


    The young man who embarks on the adventure of a lifetime as an action RPG.

    He can freely change his class, gender, job, and face.

    While all his classes have their own characteristics, the most powerful class, the Class of the Sword of the “Harmony” Art, is equipped with a special function.

    In this class


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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Best iPhone Games for Christmas 2014: Codename, Final Fantasy 15 Details

    codename Christmas 2014

    Christmas 2014Publisher: Heyzap Games

    In 2012, Heyzap released their t…

    Christmas 2014Publisher: Heyzap Games

    In 2012, Heyzap released their top-rated RPG, Final Fantasy 15 for the iPhone (and iPad)!
    Heyzap has several new titles set for the holiday season including action-rpg games Shadow Sword and Challenge Mage. The Christmas lineup concludes with a touch-centric RPG called Codename.

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    In a call with Tim, he spoke about the next version of Final Fantasy 15 coming to the Nintendo 64 and Playstation, Square’s PR and marketing
    officials downplayed the importance of mobile game releases, so much so that the actual market numbers aren’t impressive.

    Windows 8, “there was a sense of ‘we tried something that was sometimes a little bit
    controversial, and it was good, maybe we should stick to that,'” Kane told
    reporter Evan Lahti
    for The New York Times.

    Kane says he was a little worried about some
    of the special effects, but “the game is really great.”

    Final Fantasy 15: Sacrifice

    Final Fantasy 15 with demos to come out later this year

    an interview with The New York Times
    , producer Yoshinori Kitase
    spoke about game controls and multitasking in Final Fantasy 15. “If you try to fight two monsters, you will not be able to.”

    Kitase says the team could not use the
    because they feared they would get into trouble.

    Dragon Quest X

    It’s an RPG for the new generation

    Square Enix has released Dragon Quest X for the 3DS [North America, UK and Australia]
    at $35 USD [€32.99 or £29.99]. Square Enix confirms the first stable Japanese release date for Dragon Quest X is scheduled for September 26, 2015.

    The game


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