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Elden Ring Cracked 2022 Latest Version is the second title from the new development studio NPS INTELLIGENT, behind the success of TARNISHED TRINITY. Elden Ring Crack Free Download is a fantasy action RPG that will be released for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system. Its story takes place in the Lands Between, an alternate fantasy world with its own distinct history. You must risk everything to get to the Land of Dawn, where your character is trapped. It is a story full of romance, mystery, and the thrill of adventure. You will learn what it means to be an “Elden Lord” who wields the power of the Elden Ring.


NPS INTELLIGENT is a new game development company founded in 2015. We have a strong sense of vision and are determined to create the most exciting games. We will continue to evolve as an independent studio, creating game content in the fantasy genre, building the company and nurturing new talent.

NPS INTELLIGENT’s first game TARNISHED TRINITY was released in 2016 and has been hailed as a spectacular achievement for NPS INTELLIGENT and as a must-play RPG for western fans of JRPGs.


The Paragon family of companies is comprised of Paradigm Interactive, Inc. (“Paradigm”), Paradigm Interactive Japan, Inc. (“P-GI”), and Paradigm Interactive Europe, S.A. (“PIE”). We are focused on creating new types of games and pursuing new hardware products for new platforms and genres. Our stories usually involve heroes or villains who play by their own rules and are willing to take risks to get what they want. We look forward to sharing our worlds with you.

For more information, please visit


POWERTELE is a joint venture company of Nintendo and DeNA Co., Ltd.

The company was founded in 2013 to promote content and services for entertainment, mobile, and wearable devices.

Its offerings include game platform maintenance and improvement, game publishing, and game distribution.


NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. is the video game publisher of various interactive


Features Key:

  • The Soul of an Elden Lord: Create your own custom character.
  • Commitment to a Style of Play: A game that uniquely challenges you, yet rewards you with the satisfaction of the victories you obtain.
  • An Epic World: A vast world seamlessly connected across a variety of settings and conditions.
  • Developer’s Message

    We have made Elden Ring for you, the player, since we believe that the player should not have to live with the boredom of solo play.

    We hope that you will enjoy the excitement of online, asynchronous play as much as we enjoyed creating the game. Please check out the “Gameplay” section below for details.


    Elden Ring

    The Archetypes of Elden Lords

    We wanted to create an RPG for the age of Brave New World, driven by the desire for freedom.

    However, we also wanted to implement a style of RPG that satisfies those who want to fight and challenge themselves. When creating an RPG that celebrates those who grow stronger with every defeat, it was natural to pay attention to the archetypes of Lord/Giant, Monarch, Archer, Fencer, Mage, Monk, Warrior, Swordmaster, and Blood Knight.

    We are grateful for their birth, and would like to invite you all to find the strength to become a Lord!

    Rebel against Prohibition!

    At the moment, we are putting out about 400 possible bosses, and hope to be able to give each boss a difficulty setting.
    Additionally, if it becomes clear that the difficulty of the bosses is too high, the game will include their variations. We are also making a hurry-up feature to allow you to customize the difficulty.

    You can select the difficulty at any time before you start playing the game.

    Explore, Discover, and Conquer!

    We are putting together a world where each place and all


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    “You should definitely give this game a try! It is an awesome game, and this version is really nice.”

    “It’s a game with a lot of depth and very, very beautiful. The world and graphics are incredible.”

    “This is a very good game, even though it is a bit too simple for an action-RPG. Even if it has a slow pace, it is well worth the money. The only problem I have with this game is that it is well made.”

    “This game is a lot of fun. The game overall is very fun, and the only problem is the slow pace.”

    “The game is very intense and difficult. You should not give up.”

    “What are you playing? This game is amazing.”

    “I love that you play as a woman. I love that you’re no princess. I love that you fall in love with somebody. I love that you go in to a dungeon and do battle with enemies.”

    “This is a very well made game with a lot of depth to it.”

    “The graphics are amazing and the story is very detailed.”

    “I can’t really complain about anything, because it’s an awesome game. But I did leave my account on so I could try to find a download for it.”

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    Elden Ring Free Download Latest

    This is the most advanced action RPG featuring a full-fledged battle system, characters, and classes built from the ground up with the most up-to-date features. What’s more, there are eight classes to choose from, including Warrior, Mage, Thief, Assassin, Valkyrie, Ninja, Female, and Male.

    Each class is endowed with its own combat skills, powerful magic, characteristic class items, and unique features.

    Into the depths of the map, you can advance to explore dungeons, vistas, and fortresses while pursuing your epic adventures. At the same time, you can enjoy a variety of exciting story battles with other players.


    ① Full-Fledged Battle System
    The popular action RPG combat engine is turned to its limit to make the game the first of its kind to feature an RPG battle system that combines a normal attack, special attack, special attack, guard, defensive moves, and an action move.

    In addition to the default style, you can access the advanced combat motion with the Slash, Slash, Slash Attack as well as the Ultimate Slash and Ultimate Slash Attack. Moreover, a variety of suitable skills are attached to a wide selection of different weapons so you can use them as desired.

    ② Huge World Map
    Dive into a vast world that stretches from the sun to the stars with its hundreds of maps. Open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs that are seamlessly connected.

    Explore the thousands of square miles of the game world while you are on the move. Whether you are in danger or not, you will encounter other players in the online game mode.

    ③ Unique Combinations of Characters
    In addition to the eight classes, you can freely combine four customizations, including weapon, armor, clothing, and auxiliary items. You can develop your character according to your play style. If you like to play as a powerful class, then you are good to go; if you prefer to take on the role of a light class, then that’s okay too. Each class has its own characteristic skills as well as a variety of class items that can be equipped.

    ④ Full-Scale RPG World
    The world of the Elden Ring is a place of grand scenery and lavish cities. A wide variety of events take place as you travel among these lands, and many people are sure to meet. Moreover, you can gain


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Greetings, Savians. On behalf of the Rooster Teeth® Digital Arts crew, I want to let you know that as of today, the latest and greatest episode of ​Inside the Game: Overture has been posted!

    With ​Inside the Game: Overture, we’re returning to the territory we’re most comfortable in: the world of CHIPS and Rosie. Our main title is a familiar sight in game stores. It’s also promoted in bookstores and other media. We’re proud to be going back to this well-worn stage.

    We hope you’re as excited about our latest project as we are! For Xbox One and PC we’ve assembled a talented cast of production veterans, plus artists and animators. Join us as we create this trippy series!

    Hopefully you’ve picked up Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and are keeping an eye out for the DLC that’ll be out soon! Now, in anticipation of its release, you’ll get a chance to check out a trailer for it!

    Once you’ve finished the DLC you’ll be granted a music video, but in case you’re wondering, all the songs are in the Japanese version of the game.

    Gundam 00 is known as the anime that started the GUDAM die hard fans.
    After 30 years, we get to see its followup, Gundam 00 me 2.
    In the game, we take the role of Asuka Langley Soryu, the female version of the character.
    She has a young heart, but has a complete set of knowledge.
    She wears a sexy dress in super mode, so we get a sensation just by looking at the character.
    She’s so pretty in short…

    “Darling, I was played at! How many times has this girl appeared in anime?” – Before the gameplay

    Beside the usual Level Cross and some special missions, on the “Battle” menu you’ll find 2 new games, “ShotGun Game” and “Deathmatch Game”.

    Shotgun Game (Deathmatch)
    1 piece of equipment of 2 kinds, 2x and 10x power. Basically, it’s a Deathmatch Game where you aim from a position and it be waited for someone to come… Wait for him and BOOM.
    You can play up to 4 players in any of the 8 modes.

    “This is a weapon made to kill, It’s the quintessential weapon.” – A blood-thirsty


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    Installation methods:
    * If you would like to download the executable, please make sure you have the latest version of Antergos Stable Release.
    * To install the executable, you must have a working internet connection, preferably on a fast network. You can use this guide to get online.
    1. Download the executable by using the links above or in the comment section.
    2. While the program is downloading, continue with Step 2: Compile the code.
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    4. If it worked correctly, the game should load. If you want to add mods, follow the instructions provided below. If it isn’t working, update the program to the latest version of Antergos Stable Release.
    5. To start the game, click the Start button. If you want to run the game under wine, do so by opening a terminal and typing “wine *path to ELDEN RING game*”.
    6. Enjoy the game!
    Enjoy Playing ELDEN RING!
    Supported download location:
    If you would like to download the executable, please make sure you have the latest version of Antergos Stable Release. If not, you can try to download from official sources.

    Other apps of ELDEN RING:


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