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In the near future, a war breaks out between the two nations of Balmung and Ullon. The two nations are at war over the lands. A map of the land, called the Lugu Lands Between, is seen in time, and is believed to be the key to a large scale war in the Lands Between.

In this war, players take the roles of a Tarnished, a place where the souls of warriors that died in battle are trapped. In order to battle a large scale of enemy, players can increase their character’s power by recruiting Tarnished after encountering them.

This is an online action RPG, wherein the focus is placed on the action battle. Players can freely move to the battlefield and battle in the online world via the “Transition,” which allows for seamless and fast-paced movement, in addition to the built-in map.

Players will need to strategically defeat their opponents, both in the battlefield and online. Please try to move up to the next level through the various missions and battles.

Please note that the game is in Japanese. Players need to consider that the game may not be fully understood.

(We will be providing details about the English version of the game following its release)

1-2 Players (local network play)

・2 to 4 Players (online play)

Local Network Play

2 to 4 Players (online play)

Published by ATLUS

Published by ATLUS (Tom Hino)

©2017 ATLUS Co., Ltd.

Fantasy, the names of the characters, places, things, weapons and

battle scenes, and the Elden Ring logo are trademarks of and

are the exclusive property of ATLUS.

©2017 (c) ATLUS Co., Ltd.

All Rights Reserved.

©2017 (c) ATLUS

Design: Naotake Murashige

Made in Japan.


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Features Key:

  • Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG. Come play on your smartphone.
  • Dream of becoming an Elden Lord. Unlock the storyline and build a powerful, character. As you grow stronger, you will rise as a Guardian and play out the action in battle as an Elden Lord.
  • Experience the Lands Between in a Unique Fantasy World. A vast world full of excitement.
  • Create and Customize a Hero: Become a Tarnished hero and level-up!
  • Accessible to Everyone: Easy to learn, easy to play.
  • Deep Multiplayer Battle: Play with like-minded people.
  • Starter Packs and other access features.

    Starter Pack 2 includes:

    • Adventurer Pack. Adventurers can learn new skills, strengthen their characters by assigning them to a class, and equip various equipment to prepare for intense battles.
    • Keeper of Heroes Pack. Wizards can fight alongside heroes, build their own stables, and start their own guilds.

    Some of the Starter Packs can be purchased through the store, but all of them can be purchased through a lottery. When a Starter Pack is purchased in a Lottery, the ladder ranking system will not be applied.

    Starter Pack 2 Packages

    • Adventurer Pack
      ・Purchase/Renew: Adventurer pack + Dukan + Weapon I
    • Adventurer Pack + Keeper of Heroes Pack
      ・Purchase/Renew: Adventurer pack + Keeper of Heroes Pack + Dukan + Summon Item
    • Adventurer Pack + Adventurer Pack + Keeper of Heroes Pack + Dukan and Summon Items
      ・Purchase/Renew: Adventurer pack + Keeper of Heroes Pack + Dukan + Summon Item + Summon Item II

    Adventurer Pack
    ・Summon Item: Summoner’s Orb and Monkey Chops


    Attributes are statistics on each class. The attributes and levels change depending on how


    Elden Ring For PC [Updated] 2022


    What you can expect from the Elden Ring.



    An overview of Elden Ring.


    Dec, 2018



    Elden Ring © Atlus Co., Ltd.

    Ceremony is a video game developed by Atlus and first released in Japan for the Xbox One on December 27, 2017. It was later released in North America on June 20, 2018 and in Europe on May 8, 2018. The game is a fantasy action role-playing game with hack and slash combat. Ceremony features nine playable characters, and incorporates a story about the protagonist’s past as he moves on in the tale. Ceremony is the first game from developer Atlus since 2013’s Catherine. According to director Akio Keresaki, the game’s story was inspired by classic anime, while its characters and environments were influenced by Renaissance and Victorian-era art.


    In a first-person perspective, the player controls a knight on a quest to defeat his evil half-brother who has usurped their father’s throne. The player fights as the hired assassin of a group of exiled nobles known as the Black Knights, led by the player’s character’s father. Ceremony features a hack and slash combat system in which the player can use light, heavy, and attack-focused attacks. The player’s health is indicated by a life meter, while the status of enemies is indicated by red, yellow, or blue sparks. Enemies can be combated in a variety of ways, such as using a wooden staff to block enemy attacks and then use heavy attacks on the staff to defeat enemies.

    In addition to the primary combat system, Ceremony features a “combat system” that can be used to perform special attacks on enemies. These attacks function similar to the slot machine-like bonus attacks from Atlus’s titles Catherine and Drag-on Dragoon. The system also features a “Craft” system that can be used to create new items such as armor and shields.

    The “Combat System” consists of 3 elements:

    First, a “Quenching” mechanic, which enables the player to use a certain amount of “qu


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    In the world of Tarnished there is no law, and the only way to obtain an item or weapon is by creating it from the items and weapons that you find in the world. Any item or weapon you find can be used, obtained, or modified to suit your play style.

    The world of Tarnished consists of multiple zones, from the open fields to the dark and complex dungeons. Explore each of these zones freely and freely develop your character, taking advantage of the tools you obtain to face the challenges of the Lands Between.

    Walk into the Lands Between, a world of fantasy, myth, and legend. Open your eyes to the vast world of Tarnished.

    In the Lands Between there are three “ideal worlds” (or “heavens”), where you can obtain items and weapons that are more powerful than those of the main world. Of these three, the Elysian Dream and Hades are more peaceful, and the underworld of Hades is filled with the mysteries of the pagan gods. The fate of the Underworld is a mystery that is passed on to the player as they progress through the main quests, so the world is not simply a place where you can amass materials.

    Until now, the endgame progression in the main world (Elysian Dream) has been the central focus. However, we have added systems that allow you to save and create your own content, and add content to the main story (Blood and Thunder) with your content.

    Battle System

    Battle System

    In the game world, a battle occurs when you enter a battle area. The battle is composed of a few battles between various monsters, and these battles are usually arranged in certain areas.

    When a battle begins, the following will occur based on the roles of the player and the monsters. In addition, battles that are part of the main story can happen in side quest areas.

    In addition to normal battles, there are three main types of battle:

    • Random

    • Instant Hit

    • Special

    Battle System Battles

    Battle System Battles

    1. Random Battles

    The battle mode of random battles will occur in the open world, but it is restricted to only a certain time after a specific event occurs. Because of this, it can be very difficult to play, and the battle contents are frequently changing. However, because this also involves combat against normal monsters, it is easy to


    What’s new:


    • A vivid fantasy RPG experience where you have the full freedom to create your own unique hero. Battle the brave armies of foreign lands and explore expansive dungeons with a variety of quests.
    • Customize your character by equipping a variety of weapons and armor and choose your own class and profession.
    • Create your own world by making connections among massive open fields and expansive dungeons.
    • Fight against rivals or gangs of fierce monsters in massive dungeons.
    • Enjoy online play through various mechanisms while maintaining a group alongside other players.
    • Jump into the story using visual novels that visually represent text.
    • Build long-lasting bonds with party members so that you can overcome rival armies.



    Offline Version:



    Online Version:

    Initially an offline RPG, you can now create your own world by connecting to other players seamlessly from anywhere in the world. No matter where you are, the presence of others will flood through the ether. 

    Enjoy an extraordinary story where you play through an exciting visual novel with your party members as you move among massive open fields and astonishing dungeons.

    Enjoy online RPG play through various mechanisms while maintaining a party alongside other players.

    Jump into the story through the exciting interconnecting text of an original visual novel. 

    Craft your own story by joining forces with other players. You will certainly encounter many adventures and surprises when you join in the fray.


    Features :

    • During offline, you can make extensive sword-enabled preparations and battle against fierce enemies with detailed character graphics.
    • Alter your equipment with mounting, paintings, and armors.
    • Create your own dungeon from the structures and chests that you discover


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      You can also use the various rings obtained by defeating enemies to augment your abilities. You can use the various rings to power up your attacks, change your character’s appearance, or even augment your character’s ability to maintain your health.

      Using the rings obtained in the game makes it easy to explore the world of Elden Ring. You can buy a variety of items, such as weapons, armor, accessories, and food. The more types of items that you purchase, the more powerful you become. As your level increases, you can easily connect with other players and visit party dungeons with them.

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista SP2
    Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista SP2 CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
    Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 RAM: 2 GB RAM
    2 GB RAM HD: 30 GB HD Space
    30 GB HD Space Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000
    Intel HD Graphics 3000 DirectX: Version 9.0
    Version 9.0 Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card with 7.1 channel(s)
    DirectX Compatible Sound Card with 7.1