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QuickChangeResolution Cracked Accounts is a free program for windows that allows you to set up your display resolution. Changes applied by the program can be permanent or temporary.

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How to use shortcuts to quickly switch between desktop layouts

How to use shortcuts to quickly switch between desktop layouts

How to use shortcuts to quickly switch between desktop layouts

First, use the keyboard shortcut keys to switch to the desktop you want to customize.
Next, press and hold the windows button on the keyboard (Show desktop shortcut in the Start menu) and use the arrow keys to move the windows around. Press the Enter key to lock the windows in place. Finally, using the keyboard’s keys, drag the windows around to the new desktop you’d like to set as the desktop to your account.
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You can also resize the desktop itself on Windows 8. Hold down the windows button on the keyboard and use the arrow keys to resize the desktop. To lock the desktop on the current window, use the windows button on the keyboard

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QuickChangeResolution is a simple application with only one window interface, which helps you easily change the resolution settings. The application is portable, as there is no need to go through a setup process, and the download size of the executable file is just a mere 996 bytes. If you need to change the resolution on your PC on the fly, this is the right solution for you.
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System Requirements For QuickChangeResolution:

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