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Lanic Cracked Accounts is a tool for voice communication between computers connected to a Local Area Network and its operation is comparable to a classic intercom.
The initiating computer can select the computer to which it wishes to make a connection in a list displaying all the currently connected machines on which Lanic Torrent Download is running.
Lanic is a software that allows you communicate with other PC from the network.
Though Lanic makes use of the TCP/IP protocol, it is not intended to be used as an Internet Phone. Doing so may crash the local and/or the remote computer.
Communication by voice is limited to PC connected to the same network, Lanic does not allow you to make a telephone call to the network and not directly to the other side. Lanic can connect computers running under Microsoft Windows 2000/XP (Microsoft Windows 95/98 is not supported).
Lanic can be used to communicate between computer on the same computer and between computer on the network. It does not allow, however, to communicate between a computer on a local network and one on the Internet. Lanic makes it possible to communicate between two computer within the same network without requiring the connection to the Internet.
Lanic supports one to one and two to many audio communication. Users can specify the nickname, which must be unique within the lanic application.


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This part explains Lanic Crack Keygen, which is composed of several modules.
To date, the user interface for Lanic has not changed since its first version.
The menu is accessed by clicking on the icon of the system tray, where the messages appear, if any have been received.
Each message received is displayed in a tabbed window, and by clicking on the corresponding tab, the user enters its panel, where he/she can read the message in progress.
The two main modules Lanic are Lanic Manager and Lanic Voice. Lanic Voice comprises up to six channels and each channel has a voice mail box.
Lanic Manager consists of the system tray icon. Once activated, it allows you to add a new user, to manage the currently running sessions, including the channelling, and to edit the various parameters of Lanic.
Lanic Manager windows:
The “Users” window (Figure 1) displays the list of the currently active users. Each line corresponds to a channel and contains the user profile, the voice mailbox and the status of the voice mail.
Figure 1: List Users Window
In the fields indicated above each line, you can add a new user or modify the content of a line.
“Edit User”:
To modify the default values of Lanic, you must access this window. The various user preferences related to Lanic are here controlled.
Users window:
In the “Connexion” window (Figure 2), the user can control the telephone numbers for all the channels.
Figure 2: Connexion Window
Click on the button of the “New” which serves to add a user profile.
In the “Channels” window (Figure 3), you can manage the list of the channels already created.
To create a channel, click on the button of the “Add”.
Figure 3: Channels Window
To edit a channel, click on the button of the “Add”, and then on the field “New channel …”.
To delete a channel, you must click on the button of the “Cut” (first column of the image). The Remove button serves to remove a channel but its remains on the list.
After confirmation, you must click on the “OK” button to close the window.
Figure 4: Channels Window
The “Lanic Configuration” window allows you to modify Lan

Lanic Crack Torrent (Activation Code) [Mac/Win]

It is a network-based communication program and it can be used to connect one computer to another directly over the network, and it does not require the presence of a server computer.
Lanic implements Sockets, so it can also be used to create a cross-platform application server and/or a Windows-based peer-to-peer network application.
Lanic can be used to talk with two or more computers on the same network and thus allow remote control and monitoring.
Lanic brings your computer together with others on the same LAN.
It also allows one computer to watch all conversations that take place on the network.
Software Requirements:
Lanic does not requires special programs such as Winamp.
The application works under Windows 98SE, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
The application installs and runs silently and it has no runtime requirements.
Lanic does not require administrator privileges in order to work.
Installing Lanic:
Before installing, Lanic has to be configured.
To configure Lanic, just click on the “Configure” button on the main menu and then click on Lanic’s configuration parameters menu that will be displayed.
Configure Lanic:
Clicking on “Configure” is displayed the configuration menu of Lanic.
You can also use the configuration guide that can be downloaded at the official website.
It will allow you to configure Lanic manually by editing the Lanic.ini file located in the application folder of Lanic.
Configuring Lanic:
In order to configure Lanic, you should select the preferences tab and then configure the required entries.
In the first window of the preferences tab, the Log tab, which is displayed on the left window, allows you to specify the directory where the logs and the list of recently connected computers will be stored.
The second window in the preferences tab allows you to specify where the prefs are saved.
Configure Lanic:
In the next window, you should specify the information and settings that you want Lanic to use when connecting to new computers.
The “Use system proxy settings” option allows you to configure the proxy setting of your network.
You should also specify the IP addresses of the computers to which you wish to make a connection and their ports.
The “IP address” window allows you to enter the IP address of the computer to which you wish to connect.
The “Port” window allows you to specify

What’s New in the Lanic?

Lanic is a software for computer (server) system which allows communication to other computer system (clients) through the local network.
Lanic file operation system uses the data-communications commands such as “sending” and “receiving” bytes or data between the computers.
Lanic software allows you to communicate with a computer from the same network.
The file system used by Lanic is identical to that of the PC operating system.
Lanic does not have any security on the information you are transmitting.
Lanic allows you to browse the menu of your PC and to start and stop or to re-start the LANic service.

To run the LANic server, you need to download and install the program on the server computer and the LANic client on the other client computer.
The Lanic server stores a list of the operating system and a list of clients on the servers LAN.
The operating system list facilitates the connection of PC on the local network to the server, and it is displayed on the Lanic client, allowing you to choose the desired computer.
The other list contains the name and the operating system of the other computer and allows you to choose what to do with the connection.

2 files have to be configured when installing Lanic Server (LanicS) and Client (LanicC).

Network: the LAN network address (IP) of the local network is needed to be configured in the configuration file of LanicC, and also the file LanicServerLogs will be created at LANIC directory and must be configured.


Name: The sound needs to be placed in the “SOUNDS” folder of your computer, to check its sound name (TODO) You will be able to choose which sound should be used to the LANic client. In this way, you can have several sounds simultaneously.
Number: The number assigned to your sound needs to be configured in the configuration file of LanicC (TODO)

The sound must be saved as.wav
The number assigned to your sound needs to be the same on the server.
A max of 16 sounds is allowed in the sound folder.


Sound Description:

Note: If you choose to use the “TODO” sound, you will have a lot of “flavor” on it. It’s very important not to use this sound to type in the main screen

System Requirements For Lanic:

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or newer.
Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7.
1 GB of RAM or higher.
2 GB of free hard drive space.
DirectX 9.0c
An Internet connection.
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