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Thanks to the clean and simple interface, you can easily master all the functions of the application within no time.
Being able to add the tasks to one of the five available contexts is a major plus.
And while you can definitely add as many tasks to the list as you need, you should know that the app does not support versioning and the creation of hyperlinks.
You can read the complete review in our iPhone App Directory.

iPhone Screenshots

iPhone Review

I first heard of jdotxt while searching for the best iPhone app for task management, and I can tell you that I am very happy with the result.
While it is best to keep an eye on bigger tasks, which demand more time and effort, it’s always easy to make a phone call, send an email or make an important note to yourself.
A superb app for organizing quick tasks
I found out about jdotxt when I decided to make use of the iPhone’s features more frequently.
Whether it is for work, or for playing around, jdotxt is an app that allows you to keep track of all your quick tasks without wasting time or breaking the rhythm.
Functionality-wise, jdotxt is as simple as it looks, so you can quickly get started with it.
Once the app is installed on your iPhone, it automatically opens up the main screen, where you can quickly create a new project and start jotting down your tasks.
That’s all there is to it, but there are some more features worth mentioning.
You can easily create a new project or add a task by specifying a name, a deadline and a category. In total, you can create up to 30 projects.
If you are a fan of an alarm clock style app, you will be happy to know that jdotxt features one, which can be turned on and off for the projects that you create.
Having a timer on all the projects that you create can come in handy, as you can easily see what tasks need to be completed when.
Then, if you would like to have a strict deadline for every single task, you can easily set that by double tapping on a project.
And last but not least, you can export your list in both text and HTML format for your iDisk, iWork or iLife.
Simple and well-organised tasks planner
I personally like jdotxt as a task organizer app, but I am sure it will also work

Jdotxt Activation

You should organize your activity by context, such as emails, calls, meetings and so on. A list of all the relevant tasks should be displayed. Each tasks will include a descriptive title and details about the individual tasks such as the time frame, priority, location and so on.
jdotxt Features:

Clean and well-organized interface.
Simple, straightforward task list that is easy to
Free to try as of version 2.0.
Free to download.
Directories of tasks within both projects and contexts.
Includes a timer that will inform you when a specific task
is about to expire or when a task is just about to be completed.
Organize your tasks in accordance with their priority.

The Wonderful Software

jdotxt is a quick and smart task organizer app, which is as easy as it looks. By creating projects, you can prioritize your projects, arrange them according to their deadlines and so on.

jdotxt is a fast, effective and friendly task management tool. It is perfect for people who work on multiple projects.

The settings include options such as colors, a custom font, a different appearance and more.

jdotxt is a powerful app that lets you organize your daily activities by project or context.

Weird2Go is a unique application that lets you organize your tasks and appointments within a few simple steps.

Weird2Go Description:
Weird2Go can help you to manage your to-do list and schedule your work. It features such advanced features as drag & drop functionality, text completion, addition of tags and more. The app’s built in calendar can help you to plan any activities better.

Weird2Go Features:

Create a project for a specific task.

Create a list of contacts to be added to a project.

View your tasks in a complete form.

Add tags.

Add a key for a task by pressing the same key as the task’s name.

Create a new project.

The Best Task Management App for Your iOS Device

There are a lot of task management apps in the Google Play Store that can be used to manage your task list easily. However, we think that none of them are quite as awesome as the Weired2Go. Here are some reasons why:

It has direct integration with Google Tasks. By doing this, you can simply create a new task directly from

Jdotxt Crack + For Windows 2022 [New]

jdotxt is a simple task organizer application that easily breaks projects into smaller, organized chunks. jdotxt was originally designed to help to-do list entrepreneurs follow their daily, weekly, or monthly tasks.


✔ Clean, intuitive interface
✔ Projects and contexts
✔ Individual tasks and detailed histories
✔ Detailed project statistics
✔ Time tracking
✔ Unlimited Undo support
✔ Customizable appearance
✔ Works offline
✔ iCloud backup (including auto-backups)

For example, if you want to create a list of all your projects for the next month, you can do so using the + symbol at the top right of the window. Similarly, the application automatically creates contexts according to the tasks that you add. The latter will then appear in a separate window, which is convenient for all you can also add the tasks to existing project via the @ symbol.
jdotxt Description:

jdotxt is a simple task organizer application that easily breaks projects into smaller, organized chunks. jdotxt was originally designed to help to-do list entrepreneurs follow their daily, weekly, or monthly tasks.


✔ Clean, intuitive interface
✔ Projects and contexts
✔ Individual tasks and detailed histories
✔ Detailed project statistics
✔ Time tracking
✔ Unlimited Undo support
✔ Customizable appearance
✔ Works offline
✔ iCloud backup (including auto-backups)

As soon as you are done creating your projects, jdotxt will automatically group them into contexts and projects, to which you can add tasks. To add a task simply click on the + symbol in the project’s context. The + symbol should also be visible in the task details, and you can create a list in no time.

Concluding observations
Although we have given a detailed outline above, if you have any further questions regarding the application or the application’s underlying technology, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.Karl Hernusch

Karl Alexander Hernusch (March 4, 1901 – January 26, 1949) was a German football and ice hockey player.

He was born in Berlin. The beginning of his playing career took him to the English football clubs Coventry City and Queens Park Rangers. He also played for the Hannover 96 and Berliner AK 1906. He was a defender or midfielder

What’s New In?

#1. Triggered Action: Add a task (Equivalent to Windows Start)

#2. Store tasks in plain text, (Equivalent to Windows Notepad)

#3. Store work log in plain text, (Equivalent to Windows Notepad)

#4. Duplicate tasks with completion time based on priority

#5. Multiple Tasklists

#6. System tray icon

#7. Task data backup

#8. Multiple projects

#9. No full screen

#10. No user-interaction

#11. Support for Windows 7

#12. Search by partial text

#13. Support for multiple platforms

#14. Fine-grained settings

#15. Disable/Enable Tasks

#16. Support for multiple languages

#17. Export tasks to CSV files

#18. Drag and Drop Supported

#19. Drag and Drop Support

#20. Task Progress Bar

#21. Support for Different Project and Task Colors

#22. Support for Different Project and Task Fonts

#23. Support for Various Projects

#24. Support for Various Tasks

#25. Support for Multiple Libraries

#26. Support for Custom Libraries

#27. Support for Custom Loops

#28. Support for Custom Projects

#29. Support for Custom Dates

#30. Support for Custom People

#31. Support for Custom String

#32. Support for Custom Objects

#33. Support for Custom Events

#34. Support for Custom Callbacks

#35. Support for Custom Variables

#36. Support for Custom Macros

#37. Support for Custom Logging

#38. Support for Multithreading

#39. Support for All Drag and Drop Events

#40. Support for All Key Events

#41. Support for All Click Events

#42. Support for All Move Events

#43. Support for All Double Click Events

#44. Support for All Drop Events

#45. Support for All Drag& Drop Events

#46. Support for All Drag Move Events

#47. Support for All User Input Events

#48. Support for All Keystroke Events

#49. Support for All Mouse Drag Events



System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9400M or AMD Radeon HD 2600
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 50 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible Sound Card
Additional Notes:
Windows Vista, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 aren’t officially supported by OpenFeint due to legal issues between OpenFeint and several of those operating systems’ creators.